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DisneyWe’re a household of HUGE Disney fans.

And when I say HUGE fans, I mean owning the back catalogue, able to recite all the lyrics and possessing a secret crush on Aladdin (hey I was 10…don’t judge!) kinda of fans…

Growing up, I was obsessed with Disney.

Back in the 80s and 90s, the blonde, fair skinned Barbie reigned supreme and there were very few ethnic minorities in the media.

Role models were far and few between.

Thanks to Disney, it was incredibly inspiring thanks to see more kick ass darker skinned, dark haired heroines on screen who I could relate to as the daughter of Greek Cypriots immigrants.

Before Beyonce, there was Pocahontas…and she was every bit as fierce 😉

Disney truly is timeless.

My 2 sons, Oliver and Alexander are huge fans of Dumbo, which was also a favourite of my parents when they were kids, as it was mine and Peter’s too.

Few other films can span three generations (and a globe too as my parents grew up in Cyprus until their tweens and Peter’s in South Africa).

That’s the magic of Disney!

So to celebrate the subscription service bursting with Disney content titled DisneyLife, we have been asked to share our own cherished Disney memories, the ones that we now enjoy with our two kids.

And it isn’t just films that are available through DisneyLife, as it offers different media through its streaming service including books and music too.

For us, Disney is all about snuggling up on the sofa when it’s cold outside, a bowl of freshly made popcorn at the ready as we re-watch our favourite classics.

Here we enjoy Peter Pan, Return to Neverland (2002) and we equally love the 53 and 1960 versions too.

I actually went to the cinema to see this movie aged 22 with some uni mates ones afternoon, us and the kids! You can still be cool and love Disney in your twenties-or any age, that’s the beauty of Disney!

But first things first…lets get the popcorn ready!

making pop cornsweet boyfamily film timePopcorn

Let the movie begin!

disney lifewatching disney films

Peter Pan


In this sequel, Wendy is grown up with two children of her own-one of those is Jane, a girl who refuses to believe in magic or her mother’s own childhood experiences with Peter Pan.

When the treacherous Captain Hook mistakes Jane for Wendy and abducts her to Never Land,  Jane must believe in the magic of imagination to return home safely.

Yay for Disney adventures!

And the boys’ love for Disney doesn’t stop at films.

They are both huge fans of the Disney magazine.

watching TV

Disney magazine

I love this photo of Xander brandishing his magazine!

DisneyLife, Disney’s recently launched subscription service will cost £9.99 and is a wonderful way to start creating new Disney memories with movies, books, TV shows and music to enjoy together. You can even read books and watch movies in other languages such as German, French, Spanish and Italian! At the moment, DisneyLife is only available in the UK.

 Do you have any treasured Disney memories of your own be it a film you watch religiously on rainy Sundays, a song you still remember all the words to, or a book you loved as kids, you now read to your own children?

If so, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.

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