Ooh la la-the husband’s modelling debut on my blog! Wit woo! You’re welcome!

So the lovely people at Polaroid Sunglasses not only sent me a pair of shades (check out my post) but also my husband Peter, below. These are the pair he’s rocking, titled ‘Ambition’.

Check him out working it for the camera (he’s an amazing photographer and actually took these pics of himself).  Hello? Wow! Some men can multitask then!

If only he was so good at reuniting socks with washing basket! Pete was actually once stopped in the street once and asked if he wanted to join a modelling agency a few years back but never fancied it.  I.T. (and photography) were his calling. I think he would have been fab though, don’t you! Enjoy!


peter swoon 2

Photographs ©Peter Broadbent 

P.S. As a photographer Peter loved the fact being Polaroid glasses, they photograph so well!


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32 Responses

  1. sharcasm

    Wow, stunning, Peter looks very handsome indeed and he actually took those pictures themselves, incredible. xxx

  2. Kate

    Ditto all of the above. Hey do you think he could make me look that good in a picture? (not look like a man I might add lol). Very nice and I think its about time I find me a man who can multi task – does Mr. P have any single brothers, cousins…. 😉 lol xx

  3. SAHMlovingit

    Swit swoo! He’s really rocking the Top Gun look there…you are blessed with a very talented (and good looking) man my dear xx

  4. Samantha Hadadi

    What a handsome hubby you have! No wonder O is so gorgeous with you two as parents! Stunning family 🙂

    P.S The sunnies look fab too! x

  5. honestmum

    @A Modern Mother-that really is. My Prada shades are totally scratched so I’ll be working the ones they sent me this summer!

  6. A Modern Mother

    I’ve got a pair of Polaroid sunglasses and they are pretty stylish! AND they are sturdy, had for three years and not broken or lost. An achievement on its own.


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