I know, I know, clickbait-ey title or what (!) but what I’m going to impart is 100% candid and true…And life-changing to boot.

Walking has been a game-changer for me both physically and emotionally.

Moving to Windsor and walking all the freaking time has honestly changed my life.

You often don’t realise quite how stressed you are until you stop being stressed for a sweet minute or remove yourself from a stressful situation altogether. That’s how moving to Windsor felt for us as a family.

Last year was incredibly traumatic for many reasons and a change of scenery aka moving to a brand new city and starting again was just what the doctor ordered. Literally. A psychologist I used to see when life felt overwhelming encouraged me to move when I mentioned it, and it was absolutely the right thing for us too.

The relocation arose primarily from me needing to be in London frequently with my career (commuting from Yorkshire three times a week wasn’t pretty) and we collectively felt ready to spread our wings and return back South anyway. Peter and I get restless if we stay somewhere too long.

Now, with the move to Windsor came walking every single day and absolutely everywhere as well. We live near the centre and walking 15k steps and some days even 20k+ is a walk in the park for me, literally. Walking, and releasing those vital endorphins has meant feeling 1976469357054 x happier day in and day out. Even on the PMT days.  I’m also leaner than I was before despite the indulgent Christmas and half-term holidays stuffing my face, and most importantly, my mental health is stronger than ever.

Pounding the pavement lets me process my day/ said stress and gives me greater control over the toughest of situations. It allows me to breathe.

I received a Fitbit for Christmas too which keeps me accountable and motivated, and we’ve even decided to sell our car for a smaller run-around because we walk so much so barely use it!

And here’s the thing, we can ALL find time to walk. We just need to make it a priority. I look at exercise now as a means to safeguard my mental and physical health, something I must do every day as a means of self-care. It’s never something on the back-burner and in turn helps me become more productive as I’m not running on empty. Exercise like nourishing food is what keeps the motor running.

Walking also helps me deal with the on-going grief of losing my auntie and helps me let off steam when life feels topsy turvy. There’s nothing like some Japanese style Forest Therapy to help me unwind.

You don’t have to walk towards a crazy number on your Fitbit either, you just need to commit to getting out and about and moving that body of yours and ideally in a fast or power walk to get your heart rate up. You need to fill your lungs with fresh air and smelling the roses whilst you’re at it. Today, tomorrow and every single day. Once you get used regular exercise, it becomes your default and luckily that endorphin-release is addictive too. I smashed 3 walks yesterday, did the school-run and made two deadlines.

I promise you, regular, fun exercise is possible and furthermore, you owe it to yourself.

Go treat yourself to some new trainers (I’m obsessed with my new Nike Pegasus ones) and hit the streets. You won’t be sorry!

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19 Responses

  1. Jane

    You are COOL, Vicki! I take my dog for a run along the river tracks below our house. Most days. Summer and winter (right now it’s winter). If I’ve no energy to run I fast walk, arms swinging. Ahhhh. Love it! Congrats again on your book. And your bounce back to health. Jane xoxoxo

  2. lisa pomerantz

    You are spot on! When I don’t move, I get down and downer… I just took a walk, the first real one since the car accident and the foot felt pretty good! Just being in the sunshine, with the wind in your hair — it all seems a little bit better. TY! #brillblogposts

  3. Laura Breslin

    We got Fitbits in out house too and we love them. My oldest has asked for one for his birthday. They really do force you to be more aware of how much exercise you are getting.#brilliantblogposts x

  4. Laura Breslin

    We got Fitbits in out house too and we love them. My oldest has asked for one for his birthday. They really do force you to be more aware of how much exercise you are getting.#brilliantblogposts

  5. Kirsty Hijacked By Twins

    I so need to get walking again. Since returning to work time is even more stretched but I do go out at lunch (weather permitting, you know what the northern weather is like!) and have a bit of a power walk to get out and escape the office for a bit. Fab post huni and keep stepping, I will keep trying to catch you up on Firbit xxx

  6. Michelle Frank | Flipped-Out Food

    You are so spot-on with this. Walking is everything to me, even though I do run quite a bit for cardio. I find that walking lets me slow down and appreciate everything around me—not to mention that it’s a good bit gentler on the joints! I’ve become addicted to the “me time” that walking affords. I’m reminded that I received a fitbit as a gift for editing a friend’s dissertation—you’ve just inspired me to figure the darned thing out!

  7. jenny walters

    Completely true and one of the most effective things when you’re feeling down.Getting out of the house when you feel like you want to hide away is the absolute best.I try to walk five days a week and always feel soooooo much better for it.

  8. Liberty Henwick

    YES! I prefer to walk my girls to school, although they always have a little moan about them being the ONLY ones who don’t get a lift. The little boost of oxygen to the brain really puts us ll in a better mood, even if I have to carry the school bags as persuasion! Sounds like you made the best choice to move and Windsor is beautiful. #brillblogposts

  9. Jo Allison / Jo's Kitchen Larder

    Big high five from me! I absolutely adore the effect that walking or any physical activity has on our bodies and most of all our well being. It didn’t come to me very naturally though and there are days I need to force myself to go out but then I do and feel fantastic for it. Working from home I knew I had to make it my priority or I would literally not get out some days. The fact that we live 10 minutes walk from the beach also helps and there is nothing better and more de-stressing than beach walk and the sound of the sea. xx

  10. Michelle

    This is so true. I love walking, but recently I haven’t been as much as my partners knees are really giving up. Hopefully he’ll have a wheelchair soon for when he needs to do the distance, so we can get back outdoors together and leave the car at home #brillblogposts

  11. Clare

    So agree! I walked so far in 2016 i lost my big toenails! I’m trying to get into the groove again and waiting for some sunshine ….. so I totally agree such an amazing stress buster – MUST DO MORE CLARE
    Big love Cx

  12. Suzy Turner

    The only time I walk a lot is when we go on holiday. We tend to walk about 20,000 steps every day then, probably because it’s all so exciting. We come home and I get back to doing …. almost nothing physical, apart from my daily yoga first thing in the morning. But I know I need to move more during the day. I really need to give myself a kick up the backside, don’t I?!!
    Great post, Vicki <3
    Suzy xx

  13. Martina Robinson

    Oh I am such a big fan of walking! And now that both kids are at school, I can walk quickly, which I LOVE.
    ….I think if I buy a Fitbit, my life will be complete!
    Also, thanks for hosting #brilliantblogposts – it’s my first one today. I’ve posted a review of a new restaurant in Windsor, Bluegrass BBQ & Smokehouse

  14. Kirsty

    I totally connect with this. For me it is running. I needed some space for just me away from the 4 littles and running is it. Great for mind, body and soul.

  15. Eb Gargano

    I so agree with this! I live in a village, so unless there’s a darn good reason (giant Shakespeare scene in a cardboard box homework project I’m looking at you!), we always walk to school – for me that’s 3 miles a day just like that! And then on top of that I run 3 times a week too – which does the exact same thing…I often set out for my run really NOT in the mood and stressed up to my ears, but the effect it has is incredible – I get 30-60 minutes away from my problems (there’s something about running that totally distracts me and I don’t think negative stuff at all) and when I come back I am always happier, less stressed and have a much better perspective on things…it’s like therapy (only cheaper!) Eb x

  16. Alice | Letters to my Daughter

    What an inspiring post. I love what you said about making it a priority and seeing it as a necessity to keep you healthy. I think so many people, including myself, often see it as a chore, but if it becomes a natural, necessary part of your day then the stigma disappears #brillblogposts

  17. Katrina

    I love walking. We just love being outdoors in general. I’ve been wanting to move for so long and I think this is the year (or at least go on the market). I also love my Fitbit, although been contemplating an Apple watch. But I love the fact the Fitbit keeps me on track. Walking is such a great opportunity to do some mindfulness too. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday lovely. Xxx


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