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Oliver Turns 5

Ralph Lauren KidsOn Saturday, my eldest son, my floppy haired, bright eyed boy, Oliver,  turned 5.

I actually can’t believe I’m typing out the number 5, wow, it sounds so, well, grown up and (ha!) I feel too young :)!

Seriously, I know all parents say this, but it really feels like yesterday he was lying in my arms a newborn baby (what a shock that was hey-for both of us I imagine?!) and now he’s this little lively person, who can, most days, outwit us all.

My first born, my tiny best friend, the one I practiced and made up what it means to be a mum with, the one who taught me unconditional love and not only how joyous but quite how tough raising a child really is….

…Here, I wanted to share some special photos in one small space, from his birth to now, in celebration of his special birthday. I welled up uploading these!



1st birthday



sweet toddler

beautiful Oliver

Toddler dressed as Santa

cute santa

baby santa


American style hair on a toddler

baby builder

Child running

baby baker


horse play

5 year old…Oliver was born an old soul really, mature beyond his years, a loveable little guy and one who has become such a sensible, sweet and caring child.

So smart too, it’s a little bit scary really, the endless questions, the depth of what he yearns to know, the clarity of this thoughts.

His exact words the other day (I quickly scribbled them the moment they tumbled out) as I wrestled with building a lego car was, ‘You must be brave Mummy, concentrate and build the car. It’s called perseverance. Don’t worry you can do it’.

Counsel from a 5 year old is quite unreal and testament not just to the whole family (my former teacher Mum is invaluable) but also his brilliant primary school teachers who nurture and inform in equal measure…

There’s a downside though-Oliver is often regarded as older than his years which I worry can sometimes be a burden.

Others can confuse linguistic skills with emotional maturity- of which I might add is exactly where it should be for his age!



My Mum tells me I was the same as a child, saying my first word at 6 1/2 months, and those who know me can attest, I never stopped!

Talkative, serious, a sometime worrier and over-thinker, and more than anything, an excitement-seeker, Oliver so far, seems more me in character than his chilled out Daddy!

I have to note too I was a little romantic from an early age too! I clearly remember ‘dating’ twins at primary school, strutting proudly around the playground hand in hand with both brothers as I couldn’t choose between them and didn’t want to disappoint!

Talk about being mature for my age!

..Oliver is yet to showcase little girlfriends but we do call him The Fonz as he’s got this cool, confident charisma and appears to be a mini magnet when it comes to school friends (the girls love him too) and it’s always been that way come to think

Too cool for school (almost!)

cool kid

-I remember children running to the door when I used to drop him off at nursery too shouting out his name, and it’s the same at primary school. His mates gather round him and it’s lovely to see how settled he is at primary school-

I think the kids there,  admire his confidence, and his kindness too, he’ll drop anything to help anyone-wait, I say anyone, that does often exclude his younger brother Xander that is!

brotherly love

Oliver and Alexander, 2,  fight a lot, which I know is normal formative behaviour,  particularly for same gendered siblings but it can be pretty frustrating. Oh boy, can it be frustrating!

They compete for my affection, usually both piling on top of me fighting for kisses (I love it really), they tussle over their toys and even the clothes on their backs (we’ve resorted to the same coats to stop arguments)- but their bond, that unbreakable connection between them has never been stronger, the love they have for one another, is heart melting to witness and luckily we’ve been on hand to capture those special instances together, camera in hand.

You know those times you’ll always treasure, those lightbulb ‘meaning of life’ moments like the ones below-they certainly make up for the squabbles, a million times over!

brotherly love

And this picture below, this magical early capture when Xander arrived on the scene is still my phone’s screenshot! Cuteness overload huh?

toddler kissing baby brother

And how quickly they’ve grown!

brothers…As much as these two argue, when they’re in ‘love mode’, they cuddle, kiss, hold hands and even snuggle up to watch films together, Xander’s head always resting on Oliver’s shoulder.

There’s no one Xander admires or emulates more than Oliver, he’s his shadow, his accomplice, his guru. Xander unflinchingly follows and copies Oliver’s every single move.

And no one makes him laugh more than his big brother.


I feel so privileged to be a mother of two beautiful boys. I’m so proud to be their Mama!

mother of boys

My guys-


I hope with all my heart they’ll always be close.

And I hope with all my heart they’ll look after their Mummy when they grow up, my two strapping boys, there to hold my hand as we walk together side by side.

And now to the day of Oliver’s party-


…On Saturday, we threw a superhero party at the David Lloyd leisure centre in Leeds, their staff (two dressed up as Spiderman and Superman no less) truly went above and beyond to ensure Oliver and his friends had the most fun, playing, laughing, dancing and eating of course, with a winter-warmer of a birthday meal of homemade sausages, fish fingers, sweet potato mash (and chips) for all.

It was so good, even the parents tucked in!

The main ‘men’!

Superhero costumes

In theme with the party, Oliver had arrived dressed up as Robin (he’s been Batman many times before and fancied appropriating the cool sidekick for once) but seeing his first friend arrive sans costume, he promptly changed and refused to wear it again, despite the many pleas of his little friends!

Oliver sure knows what he wants that much we know!

He still looked cute in his favourite stripy shirt!

Children's party disco

…I was asked by many if I made the Batman birthday cake myself- I wish! An accomplished cake maker Andrea made it for us and it was gluten free too!

A superb superhero cake huh?!

Batman birthday cake

Batman 5th birthday cake

The man of the moment was impressed with it too!

Batman birthday cakebirthday boy

I love how my husband Peter caught Oliver’s excitement perfectly here as he chatted and laughed his way through the birthday meal with his buddies!



And then as they played games with great vigour! This action shot makes me laugh. Jump Oliver, jump!

5 year old party…Xander had an absolute ball too!

He was fully in his element running around and playing with the big boys and truly lapped up the party atmosphere!


My toddler is fast-becoming a little boy himself!

He’ll always be my baby though! Bless!

mummy and toddler

Here’s my 2 year old working the dance floor-the kid’s got moves it must be said (he must take after me)!

dancingAnd here, deep in thought he considers the important task of building a Batman Cave from soft bricks (or something)!

toddler deep in thought

-Before getting to work!

play area..And at dinner…Hey, you looking at me?

cute toddlercutieTurning that frown upside down!

smiling toddler…Before we knew it, two hours had flown by Batman style and it was time to hand out the party bags and bid the party-goers goodbye!

5th birthday partyWhat a ‘super’ superhero party for all!

Argh 5 years, what an age-a school boy now, a young man in training, my son, the one who made me a mother.

My friend, brilliant blogger Wry Mummy commented on Instagram on Saturday that it was my birthday too, the day I became a mum. It brought tears to my eyes.

My first born, a five year old.

The one who loves to cook, to paint and draw, to stroke my hair, to sprint across the park, to dance, to invent jokes, to put on plays and hide in dens, to collect shiny things and paint my nails… Oliver George, a born performer, a vivid storyteller, a raconteur, he relishes growing fruit and vegetables, adores to bake and craft, to make us laugh, to have his own way-stubborn, funny, energetic, kind, he’s a boy with so much energy and zest for life, it’s so utterly infectious and uplifts us all…

…And those eyes, I look at him and still, five years on, just can’t believe he’s mine.

Oliver at Christmas

Happy Birthday little one, keep shining bright my son x

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