Oliver starts schoolOliver starts school!

It’s what we’d been gearing up for all summer…trial days at the end of last term were enjoyed (mostly making play dough cookies and playing in the sand-pit), teachers had visited us at home (manic hoovering followed by a friendly chat with us both) and then finally, FINALLY Oliver was embarking on the biggest milestone of his little life yesterday-starting school!

I’d been up late the night before going over everything, uniform ready, shoes cleaned, sports kit labelled, school bag packed with a water bottle, art apron and drawn worksheets about starting school-phew.

…My baby was going to be starting the first day of hopefully many years in education (he’s already asked when he’s going to University?!). He actually announced his hopes of becoming a doctor aged 3. That would be nice!

…My parents met at University, my Mum became an English Uni lecturer too before opening restaurants with my Entrepreneur Dad and my brother and I both loved uni going on to both receive masters so it would, of course, rock if Oliver went on to Uni (no pressure)…but first let’s get back to his first (half) day of school…

Obligatory pics with the family:

After taking these pre-first day of school pictures (I will treasure forever), Peter and I walked the (literally) five minute walk (Oliver scooted) from our house to the village school and settled him in.

father and son-Honest Mummy

As soon as he entered, a little girl friend of his from pre-school rushed over and grabbed him by the hand leading him to the play dough table- it was adorable.

Little brother Alexander wanted to stay and play too shouting to lots of laughter, “Me start school”.

Rushed kisses goodbye and a happy Oliver was left playing with his friends as I started to feel a little emotional.

On the walk home I shed a happy tear as memories of his first day in my arms to now overwhelmed me momentarily.

I collected him after lunch and we had the most perfect day together, afternoon tea, a trip to buy some lego as a treat and tig in the garden before fish and chips. Bliss!

…The following morning, Oliver woke up tired and grumpy complaining of gravy and not wanting to go to school…(morning moaning has begun already) but as the school bell rang, he raced in full of beans, happy as can be.

Oliver, my eldest son, still my baby has had his first rights of passage, he’s a school boy now- and just like that, his new chapter has begun…

Has your child started school, would love to hear about yours and their experience in the comments!


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26 Responses

  1. Kate


    this brought back some memories!

    My son started his second year at university this weekend. He’s moved in to a horrid little house that looks like “a crack den” to use his sister’s words. I cried and cried. He has been home since May so I am going to really miss him. He’s grown up so much in the last year.

    My oldest (Holly) is a medical student in her fourth year so good luck Oliver in pursuing your dreams. It is useful to have a doctor in the family. Holly is following in her mum’s foot steps!

    On another subject, I have come off Twitter for one reason or another, but I am still here and reading your blogs.

    Kate (life’s luxuries) x

    • honestmum

      Thanks lovely Kate and how wonderful, well done to both your children and you’ve made me feel better-spent the morning crying over my youngest’s first day at nursery-what a few weeks x

  2. Mel

    I am glad it all went well for Oliver. Bless him, he looks as confident as his mama! Before we know it, these gorgeous kids will be taller than us and heading off to uni! x

  3. Franglaise Mummy

    It was quite different for me as we lived in France when L started school – aged 2 & 3/4 as is standard there. I was working full-time, as is standard there, so missed out on so much of it. I’m so glad I’m around for both my girls now to make up for that, and I was really emotional last week when she started in the Juniors. Time flies and they grow up so quickly *sobs*. Lovely post xx

    • honestmum

      Thanks lovely, wow that does sound young but suppose it’s more like nursery at that point? It is emotional when they start isn’t it. Love that my full time blogging career means I get so much time with both kids whiles earning the same as when I was directing, filmmaking just isn’t realistic for me with young kids and being away for long periods at a time, feel lucky x

  4. Franki | Little Luca & Me

    Aww bless little O, he looks so grown up in his school uniform and ready to take on the world. His school sounds perfect just around the corner and I’m so glad he enjoyed his first day! School is a huge part of their lives and it comes around too quickly. Xx

  5. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Oh Vicki, this is such a charmingly, touching written post – it’s such a milestone, and I think even now as adults we all feel that “new term, new beginnings” feeling when September rolls back around. When Missy G started school last year, I remember asking her just before starting her new school whether she minded that none of her pre-school buddies were going to the school we’d chosen – most were heading off together to one of 3 other schools. Her reply was “no way! It means I get to keep all my old friends and make 30 new ones!” Glass half full, love these little people! Xxx

    • honestmum

      That is so adorable Zaz and Oliver and Missy G sound so similar, little teenagers already! Such a lovely sentiment though and her confidence is testament to you. I was proud at how easily Oliver just got on with things x

  6. Michelle at Bod for tea

    This reminded me so much of when Curly Girl started school last – has it been a year already?! – we walked hand in hand, me more nervous than she was. I seem to remember she was fairly certain that she didn’t have to go back again the next week! She loves it now though and has grown up exponentially. These first steps towards the school gates and away from our arms are poignant and you’ve captured them so well x

  7. Ebabee

    Aah… what a moment. Oliver seems to be like you – able to take everything in his stride and do well at it. So I am sure he will have an amazing school career. I remember this moment last year when Anya confidently walked in to her big school without so much as a backward glance and left her father me in tears! It really is a big moment and one I will remember forever. x


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