I’m SO incredibly excited to reveal one of my MOST favourite collaborations EVER in the entire history of this blog (6 years in November)- with the new and delicious line of snacks for kids: The Super Yummies!

The Super Yummies

This new delicious range from Cow and Gate created for children 12 months +- asked my son, Oliver, 6, to create a story and feature in an animated ad film for the brand and it’s been the most marvellous of experiences for all of us, from start to finish.

The Super Yummies

My former career as a TV director and filmmaker saw me dabble in animation despite mostly working in drama and documentary-with a short film currently in development-so being part of this project was an absolute joy for us all-more so because it features my son Oliver’s own imagined story as well as 2D character animation inspired by his own art work.

I could not be more proud of him or the final film-PLUS IT’S TOTALLY HILARIOUS TOO!

WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY then keep reading on and I’ll reveal how it all came into being.

Done? Amazing isn’t it?! Proud Mama in overdrive here!

So back to the beginning. I got the call a few months ago that The Super Yummies range for kids was coming out and they wanted to potentially collaborate with myself and the family.

We were then sent the tasty collection to try for ourselves and it’s safe to say everything was devoured in minutes!

From tomato and herb bread sticks to pear and berries rice cakes (a flavour I’d not tried before and now eat myself, daily) along with veggie slices and fruity yoghurt, we just couldn’t get enough of these tasty snacks.

The Super Yummies bread sticks

We swiftly agreed to collaborate on this exciting film project and the ball soon got rolling.

First up we had a day out in a local park with a bag full of The Super Yummies range.

Here are some snaps-

slide park fun with The Super Yummies

park time

in the park

Taking a rest on the picnic benches we tucked into the snacks, gobbling up rice cakes, bread sticks and banana and yoghurt pieces to our heart’s delight. The perfect refuel after all that fun!

The Super Yummies range healthy snacks

rice cakes-The Super Yummies

rice cakes snack time The Super Yummiestasty snacks for kids

Popping to my parents’ house after a play on the swings, we sat around their kitchen table and let Oliver and Xander (my youngest wanted to get involved too) come up with their own story and drawings inspired by the fruit in The Super Yummies.

While the boys discussed and drew their invented characters, I recorded theirs and Daddy’s voice- attaching a mike to the colouring pencil pot so it didn’t feel intrusive and the boys could enjoy their art session.

child drawing
kids drawing


And soon, Mr Banana and Mr Cococonut (love that)! were born-

drawings Mr Banana drawings Mr Banana

From the first drawing to the final ones (above)- our local park had been swiftly transported to Australia (somewhere Oliver is keen to visit after learning about the country at school)-and (eek) shark infested waters (somewhere Mummy is not so keen to visit!)…Kids’ glorious imaginations huh!

The story you see in the final film was invented wholly by Oliver and the characters are completely Oliver’s creations too-I feel a full feature length moving coming on don’t you?!

The animator of the film even took inspiration from Oliver’s pictures and created these stunningly vibrant and comical illustrations.

I love the playful expressions of the characters and the shading and background pictures truly resemble Oliver’s pieces. Just genius!

animation still


Mr Coconut and Mr Banana

Super Yummies animationSeeing Oliver’s imagination run wild here and be immortalised in film is such a wonder to behold.

Soppy I know, but I literally can’t stop watching the film!


animationShall we watch it one more time?

Go on then!

Now I know what you’re thinking-Oliver and Daddy sure have deep voices don’t they?! Well, Peter was full of cold that day- and I didn’t realise quite how husky Oliver’s voice was until I watched the film. 6 going on 16 me thinks!

Oliver cannot wait to show all his friends his starring role!

What a wonderful project for the whole family to be involved in and for a product we completely love.

The Super Yummies are delicious, original snacks perfect for Oliver’s lunch box and trips out with the kids. I literally never leave the house without a Super Yummies veggie or fruit snack in my bag.

Developed with mums and nutritionists too, they contain only naturally occurring salt or sugars too so get the thumbs up from this health-conscious mum for sure!



I know I’ve said this before (many times) but blogging really is the most ah-mazing job of all in my opinion: creative, varied, stimulating, flexible and most importantly a career which offers my own kids the most unique and memorable of experiences, just as this project has done.

The Super Yummies believe in celebrating the adventure of toddlerhood together and this project totally captures the charm of our own family adventures seen through my son’s eyes!

The most touching moment in the whole process was seeing Oliver’s face light up when he watched the finished film for the first time.

Turning to me he gasped in awe, ‘ Wow, that’s me Mummy, it’s my voice-those sharks are hilarious’!

‘Yes they are son and so are you’.

My child, the 6 year old storyteller, illustrator and voice over artist!

Get that boy an agent pronto ;)!

Seriously, do go get your mitts on the gorgeous grub that is The Super Yummies range won’t you?!

The Super Yummies site.

You can also check out The Super Yummies Facebook for more info too.

Search the hashtag on twitter: #TheSuperYummies


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89 Responses

  1. lizzie ( firstooth )

    Definitely a proud mama moment! He was so cute narrating kids are just hilarious I love their creature minds. Your pictures as always are gorgeous well done Oliver! They sound like snacks my little babes would enjoy too x

  2. Silly Mummy

    Well done, Oliver – he’s done brilliantly! All looks such fun, too. & the snacks also sound really nice! #brilliantblogposts

  3. Laura @ The Unsung Mum

    Loved the film so much! Really inventive. My daughter loved it…her only criticism….no princesses. Think she missed the point lol (she is only 3 though) #brillblogposts

  4. Mammy loves

    What a fantastic video and an amazing memento of his musings at 6. That’s one talented boy you better watch out he’ll be after your job next.

  5. Mel

    Oh gosh, that’s absolutely brilliant, Vicki! Isn’t it amazing to be able to involve our little ones in our projects. Oliver’s story is really special and I love how it’s been turned into the cute animation. Amazing! He must be so so proud. We love those little snacks. I always have a couple of packs of freeze dried fruit in my bag. Even Jumpy can have them despite her allergies. Win, win!

    • Honest Mum

      Oh aren’t they delicious snacks Mel and it was the most amazing project for us all to be part of. Oliver is so proud!

  6. Cydney

    What an amazing experience, it’s so nice to be able to work with brands you love and get the whole family involved. I must try these snacks!

  7. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, love the little video, Mr. Banana and Mr.Coconut met pretty grizzly ends, maybe if they’d had a packet or two of Super Yummies the story may have ended very differently!

    Oliver must be so chuffed that his story has been bought to life and hearing his own voice doing the narration must tickle him pink. What a wonderful collaboration this was for you and your family.


  8. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I love that Oliver set the story in Australia which is the best place on Earth (I *may* be biased there). And don’t worry, if you ever do get here to visit, the sharks aren’t really something to worry about – truly!

  9. Nicky Kentisbeer

    That is so lovely and refreshing. What a wonderful opportunity, (seized with both hands, clearly) by your budding stars. I love the banana and coconut animation. They also happen to be two of my favourite things! #notjustforpinacolada!! Nicky #brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Aw what a lovely comment, thank you, I love banana and coconut too and the snacks are so delicious. It was such a wonderful experience for us all

  10. Petite Pudding

    That is super cute and I love the coconut he is cool! What a great opportunity and a fantastic memory of when they were young #brillblogposts

  11. Sarah and Louise

    Totally awesobe. It’s so great because it’s natural and authentic. Well done Oliver! What a creative little boy you are xx #brillBlogposts

  12. Ebabee

    Oh my god! How great is Oliver. I absolutely love the story, the characters and everything about it. What an imagination he has. Just LOVE this post so much. So well done to Oliver and of course to his proud parents who have clearly passed on the best genes to him. xxx

  13. Mess and Merlot

    OMGeee how cute?? Your boys are gorgeous and what a lovely thing to have to look back on too! (Quite fancy the snacks for myself actually). #Brillblogposts

  14. Susan Mann

    That is awesome. Well done Oliver what a little star. No wonder you are proud hon. He has such a great imagination and a natural. Hugs xx

  15. Mirka Moore

    Oh my word, absolutely loved the video, and was great to hear Oliver reading the story! Of course you must be proud as this is just amazing. And look at all the drawings! This has made my day lovely xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Hey darling, he wasn’t reading it, we recorded him coming up with the story, the complete story is his, he invented it! Amazing huh, you’ll have to show the girls! x

  16. Lisa @NotThoseMums

    Good for Oliver! And you too…he’s certainly following in your creative footsteps. What a lovely project to work on 🙂 My 16 year old is currently filming a comedy zombie movie for her Media Studies GCSE so she may be in touch one day in her capacity as a budding film-maker for some pro-tips! Fab work from you and your gorgeous babe! xx

  17. Babes about Town

    Vicki this is vying for my favourite post of yours ever. I just lOVE it, and I’d already watched it twice before I saw the video replay at the bottom of your post and watched again. I can’t wait to show the babes 🙂

    Oliver’s handiwork is brilliant, from his imagination, to the underlying morality in the tale, to his sense of humour. Daddy and son are a natural double act – I laugh out loud each time I watch the video. What a clever way of collaborating with kids on such a fun project, great idea to stick the mic on the pot to record naturally. You must be bursting with pride and so should Oliver. Fantastic job! xoxo

    • Honest Mum

      Aw thank you so, so much Uju, that means so much-it is one of my all time favourite collabs and such a wonderful, creative way to work with The Super Yummies. Oliver’s face when he saw the film was so emotional-he was so happy! Really is so funny isn’t it, can’t wait for you to show the boys xxx

  18. Mama and More aka Zaz

    This is too cute! I love Oliver’s voice correcting Peter that the story “only” has 3 sharks! Wonderful imagination, and how fun to see it develop into this animation. I like the sound of the Super Yummies too, so important that the sugars and salts are naturally occurring and not excessive. I think it’s valuable that our kids will grow up appreciating that healthy foods can be delicious too! Xx

  19. Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods)

    Wow you really are doing it all! I don’t know how you have the time. Somedays I barely have time to dress myself lol. Congratulations once again on such an exciting opportunity especially as this one is doubly exciting as your son got to be a big part of it too. He looks very pleased with himself (quite rightly). You have every right to be super proud. Well done both of you.


    • Honest Mum

      Oh thank you so much lovely, this was months in the making lovely and if it makes you feel better I am only just out of my PJ’s at 2pm! So proud of my little boy and we will treasure this experience always x

  20. becca farrelly

    How amazing is that! You must be so proud! Apart from the snacks looking great and something Mia would love, Oliver looks like he had great fun and created some lovely pictures! 🙂


  21. Lisa - The Sequinist

    WOW! How brilliant to have your child involved in such a fun project! I agree with Laurie, maybe he’ll end up making films with Mummy one day. The drawing of the three sharks at the end kills me, wouldn’t that make great wallpaper for a child’s room? Or a T shirt? Bravo!

    • Honest Mum

      It absolutely would, just simply gorgeous, I will have to print some stills and frame them for Oliver’s bedroom! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  22. Laurie

    That’s so cool, the imagination of the young ones huh? Will be making films with mummy me thinks x

  23. Michelle

    Good job Oliver. He must be so thrilled to see his drawing comes to life and into a commercial no less! Well done mummy too!

  24. Andrea Nine

    Beyond fabulous and oh so precious! Oliver is going to be a huge success and had already started his film and illustration career! Just love Mr. banana and Mr. coconut. I’d probably be watching it over and Iover too, in fact I did watch it twice, so so sweet love the voices

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you so much Andrea, so, so proud of him! The cutest voice! Thanks for watching and for your lovely comment 🙂

  25. Katie

    Well done Oliver. Such a big imagination for someone so young. Clever young man with a bright future ahead taking after mummy
    Not surprising that you are so proud hun x


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