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Coming to the end of nursing, if you’ve breastfed, can be an emotional time. I know it was for me.

Reaching that last feed is a symbolic moment as your baby enters the next stage of its development.

I breastfed both of my sons and while I believe in pro-choice and understand breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, it worked for us.

I combined-fed my second son too.

While my youngest boy, Alexander, is 3, I have a lot of friends whose breastfeeding journey is coming to an end or who are seeking toddler milk that will offer their growing children the nutrients they need, making it the perfect time to collaborate with SMA® Nutrition.

cute baby with a spoon sitting in his high chair

Photo by Kirsty Mattsson.

To help simplify nutrition for toddlers, I’ve teamed up with the experts at SMA® Nutrition to provide a comprehensive guide to nutrition for toddlers.


Aged 1-3, children have very specific dietary requirements but with careful planning you can ensure your baby has the best diet to aid development, health and growth.

Here are the tips:


Ensure your baby has a diet rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for toddlers’ growing bodies yet studies repeatedly show that UK children’s’ diets are deficient in this vital nutrient, especially during the winter months. Vitamin D assists with calcium absorption so is crucial for healthy teeth and bones as well as supporting the immune system, insulin production and cell growth.

Of course one of the best sources of Vitamin D is sunlight, however, protective sunscreen blocks out the sun’s rays meaning the safest way to ensure your toddler gets their recommended daily allowance is through their diet or using Vitamin D supplements specially designed for babies and toddlers.

As your kid moves onto solids, great sources of vitamin D include oily fish, egg yolk and foods fortified with Vitamin D such as some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals.

2 x 200 ml servings of SMA ® PRO Toddler Milk provides 100% of a toddler’s daily Vitamin D requirement for normal growth and development of bone.


The Importance of Calcium

We all know how important calcium is for healthy teeth and bones but this vital nutrient also helps your toddler’s heart, muscles and nerves to function properly. A calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis in later life.

One 200 ml beaker of SMA ® PRO Toddler Milk is an excellent source of calcium for children aged 1-3 years. We’re also huge fans of yoghurt based smoothies which not only provide calcium but also the vitamins and goodness of fruit. My 3 year old Alexander loves my delicious Mixed Berry Smoothies made with natural yogurt and also toddler milk.

We’re also huge fans of yogurt-based smoothies which not only provide calcium but also the vitamins and goodness of fruit. My 3 year old loves my delicious Mixed Berry Smoothies made with natural set biopot yogurt and also toddler milk.


Mixed Berry Smoothie-perfect for families


5-A-Day Every Day 

When it comes to diet, 5 is the magic number and all of us – from toddlers to adults – need to get at least 5 portions of fruit and/or vegetables each day.


5 a day


Ensuring your child gets their 5-a-day from a young age, will help instil good eating habits in later life.

Veggies have always been a tough sell for my eldest Oliver – especially when he was a toddler – so soup was my saviour! Especially this soup-er (sorry) yummy pumpkin, ginger and carrot recipe! Yum!


pumpkin and carrot soup-ideal for little ones


Essential Fatty Acids

Toddlers have a high demand for essential fatty acids i.e Omega 3 & 6 LCPs (which stands for Long Chain Polyunsaturates), so it’s important to ensure their diet is rich in these important nutrients.

My kids love fish and from a young age have been enjoying this prawn and salmon teriyake broth with noodles-it’s a soup meets a main meal- which is simply bursting with omega-3 fatty acids whilst being full of flavour. Perfect!

salmon and prawn teriyaki broth


Opt for SMA PRO Toddler Milk to Support Your Toddler’s Diet

SMA® Nutrition has continually invested in early life nutrition research. SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is their most advanced formula to date. It contains NUTRI-STEPS which offers a unique blend of ingredients including vitamin D and calcium for normal growth and development of bones; tailored to help support toddlers nutritional needs now, and as they grow, every step of the way.

SMA PRO Toddler NutriSTEPS

I hope you’ve found this post useful.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SMA ® PRO Toddler Milk is suitable for young children from 1-3 years, as part of a healthy balanced diet and it is not a breast milk substitute. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible.

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  1. Anet E Johnson

    Great Tips ! I breast fed till my children were six months old and then they had a bottle till they were nine months, that is when I started teaching them to drink from a straw.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing tips !
    Anet E Johnson recently posted…11 Best Portable Grills For CampingMy Profile

  2. Blake

    Wow ! Nice post. I received a word which is my heart word . That is we know how important calcium is for healthy teeth and bones but this vital nutrient also helps your toddler’s heart, muscles, and nerves to function properly.
    Great thanks for sharing this helpful article !
    Blake recently posted…Tuscan DecorMy Profile

  3. Lisa Smith

    Wow ! very very useful and informative post ! when i was breastfed really that was emotional time for me also ! Great thanks for this useful post !
    Have a nice day !
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  4. Ella newton

    It’s such a lot of amazing tips that I have found! I now know that fatty acids are necessary for toddlers. And the most interesting thing in this post is the 5-A-day everyday tip. It really helps. Thanks for making posts like this.

  5. One Messy Mama

    It’s so true.. 5 A Day! Luckily my kids love fruits and veggies. Especially Broccoli.. Don’t ask me how. I had nothing to do with it. Raw or cooked! x
    One Messy Mama recently posted…When teething & drooling strike – Ikkletots Bibs ReviewMy Profile


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