NonaboxWe were lucky to be gifted a 3 month subscription to the luxury baby gift service, Nonabox, a brand new service for parents to be and new mums, for children up to the age of 2.

Working with many of the best loved baby and children brands out there, these monthly delivered boxes are beautifully presented and filled with toys, food and quality items for baby and child including teething bracelets, comforters and sleep aids worth approx £75 at a cost of £25. Brilliant!

opening Nanobox

We received so, so many wonderful and most importantly useful products each month and I loved the surprise aspect of not knowing what would be included, with even my 3 nearly 4 year old loving opening and discovering new items he too could enjoy.

Nanobox items

Alexander with the Nonabox

Some of our favourites:

Cloud b-Sheep

Sleep Sheep Aroma Pillows are adorable plush toys that double as a relaxing sleep time pillow. The removable scent pouch with a soothing lavender aroma calms children to sleep and is the perfect size for at home or on the go. Bliss.
Halos N Horns – Baby Moisturising Lotion

This gentle and hypo-allergenic lotion with a delicate fragrance is the perfect addition to your baby or toddlers’ skincare routine. Non greasy and easily absorbed, it leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

Cloud b – Sleep Sheep On The Go 

Sleep Sheep “On the Go” Sleep Sheep is the perfect night-time companion to soothe little ones to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way. The plush toy lulls one to sleep with pleasant “white noise” sounds including the reassuring sound of a mother’s heartbeat. Velcro tab makes it easy to attach to baby’s crib. Alexander loved him and now goes everywhere with us!

Jojo Maman Bebe – Clutch changing bag

A smart laminated printed fabric clutch changing bag-genius! Easily fits into your handbag or carry solo with enough room to hold all your essentials with two large zipped pockets, padded changing mat and strap for your wrist or to attach to a buggy.


opening Nona box

…So you can pay for a one off box for £25, or take out a subscription with 3 months for £70, 6 months for £130, or an annual subscription for £250.  On average, the value of products in an individual Nonabox is approximately £70 so you are getting a great deal.

Boxes are shipped in the second week of each month.

Now for your chance to win a 3 month subscription you need to Follow Honestmummy on Twitter and sign up to Nanabox’s newsletters at the bottom of their website here.

Please also leave a comment below on why you would want to win the 3 month subscription.

UK entries only.

Winner announced 3 January 2014.

Win competitions at

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53 Responses

  1. Hayley Todd

    I’ve done both steps and would love to win this for my sister who has recently discovered she is expecting her first child x

  2. lynn neal

    I am expecting my fourth grandchild in May and would love to share these goodies out between all four babies!


    Became a nanny again twice in 2013 so this would be fantastic to share between my two gorgeous grandsons
    Have followed and suscribed

  4. Laura Vitty

    I already follow on Twitter and receive the Nonabox newsletter. I’d love to win this as my best friend is about to have her first child in 3 weeks and I’d really like to be able to help her out x

  5. kristy smith

    i would love to win as due soon with number 4 it looks like you get a good variety of stuff and suprises are always nice.

  6. Natalie Gillham

    All Done Thanks. I would love to win this prize so I can give them as presents to my dear friend who is due to have her first baby any day now; she is only 17 so needs all the help and support she can get 🙂

  7. jodie harvey

    also subscribed and following on twitter @jtl1121 xx
    happy new year xxx

  8. jodie harvey

    would love to win as on the 18th december i had my 2nd 2013 baby 🙂 my daughter was born 22nd jan 2013 and then my new baby was born 18th december so this would be perfect for them (and me lol) 🙂

  9. Deborah Bird

    I would love to win this to give to my cousin. She has 2 youns babies at 2 years and 7 months, and really doesn’t have a lot, I would love to treat them all with this!

  10. Cheryl Pearson

    following as @cherylpearson09/subscribed also

    i would love to win as I love trialing products prior to buying them, and there are quite a few in this box that my little girl could try. Thank you for the opportunity

  11. Katie Walker

    I would love to win because money is tight and I like little surprises as does the little one. I was thinking of getting one for my sister as it seems right up her street.

  12. Tracey

    I’d love to win because it would be fantastic to get a little treat in the post, (my 5 month old likes to help me open my post) and also be given the opportunity to try things out to see if you like them before you buy them!

  13. Sarah Parker

    I have followed and subscribed @snarepuss – I think the boxes look lovely 🙂

  14. olivia kirby

    Following as @olivia280177 and subscribed to their newsletters.
    I would like to win to try out all the products on my children and niece.

  15. Laura Corrall

    Following on TW @lcorrall88 I already receive the newsletter.

    I’m currently pregnant with my second, these boxes are so useful. Which I discovered them when I had my first baby!

  16. Vicky Robinson

    I also meant to say that I have followed on Twitter as @Vickypinkxx and signed up to Nonabox’s newsletter.

  17. Vicky Robinson

    I would really love to win as I saw them at the Baby Show. It looked a fabulous idea and I really would have loved a subscription! I would just love the surprise of getting new interesting items coming through the post every month to try out on my toddler and expected baby. It sounds such fun and something that I would love! I do think it’s something that I would buy as a gift for a friend who is expecting or with a new baby, but I don’t feel like I could actually justify getting one for myself – so winning one for me would be amazing!

  18. Amy Muray

    I would love to win this prize, I have a 13 month old daughter and I would love the chance to make us both smile each time it arrives!

  19. katherine b

    Followed @kasiabenmailoud . I’d love to win because I’m pregnant and it would be nice to try great things with my baby! x

  20. Hannah ONeill

    Followed on Twitter and subscribed to newsletter by email.

    I’d love a 3 month trial for my friend as she is soon to give birth

  21. amanda walsh

    Following on twitter and signed up for new letter

    I would love to win as I have seen lots of posts about these boxes and would love to try them

  22. Gillian Hutchison

    Would love to win this for my daughter Jennifer who is 7 months old. She is the youngest of 3 so gets lots of hand me downs. Would be nice to try things with her that I didn’t with Andrew (4) and Helen (2).

  23. Victoria N

    I’d love to win this as a new mum I love trying out new baby products for my wee one.
    Follow @pink_lady123

  24. gemma clark

    I would love to win as I have a friend who is expecting her first baby but all her family are in South Africa. She has just emigrated here so hasn’t a clue! this would be so useful for her x

  25. julie

    love to win this for my daughter who’s first baby is due any time now she would love it



  27. Mum


    I would like to win as I have been looking to subscribe for a long time but cannot make a decision as I have not seen enough reviews. If I were to win I would see for myself what comes in the box (I really like what you have got this time) and if anything, at least I can share with others what I got. I would love to get a box and see myself.

  28. Liz ferguson

    Following and retweeted on twitter.
    Following newsletter.
    I’d love to win this subscription because I love surprises.

  29. Rebecca Phillips

    i’m following you on twitter as @x_walter & ive subscribed to nonabox. id love to win as my sister in law is pregnant and i think it would make a lovely gift to her! 🙂

  30. Ruth Harwood

    I want to win as I’m planning a pregnancy and have a lot of young nieces and nephews to pass things on to if I cannot use them xxx

  31. kim neville

    Would like to win for my grandson who has just turned 1 and would make a nice surprise

  32. Caroline Clarke

    I want to win because I think it would be a lovely treat for my 2 year-old son.

    I am following on Twitter and also subscribed to the NonaBox newsletter.

  33. Lauren

    followed as @belledubrighton and subscribed. I’d liek to win a subscription as i’m nearing the end of my SMP so can’t treat my daughter as much as i’d like to! Plus I have a friend due her baby in the spring so would pass on anything useful to her to share the love!

  34. Pete Hitchman

    I’ve liked and signed up for the newsletter. Would love to win because I know my wife would love it – and at 7 months pregnant with a 12 month old boy, she really does deserve a treat for 3 months!!

  35. Jodie burnett

    I have followed @feejee3, and subscribed to the newsletter.
    I’d love to win this subscription for myself/baby who is due Mid Feb. Its my first, so im fairly clueless to what sorts of things are out there to buy, so would be a good introduction.

  36. Sian

    @blacklabfoster would love to win this for an inexperienced nervous first time Mum. Love your blog. Fingers crossed to win.

  37. victoria fisher

    I would love to win this & give it to my sis-in-law as a baby shower gift, she’s due in March! x

  38. Hayley Davies

    I would like to win this as i am pregnant with baby number 4 and have not kept a single thing from other pregnancy’s and this sounds amazing. I have followed on twitter and signed up to the emails 🙂

  39. Robyn Logan Clarke

    Following on twitter: @robynlclarke
    Subscribed to newsletter

    I would love to win as I love trying new products and I love the look on my sons face when a parcel arrives, he gets as excited as me.

  40. Katie Arnold

    I would love to win a three month subscription to NonaBox not only to make me smile each month, but as a lovely suprise for my two gorgeous boys. Though my eldest boy is fond of repeating me in saying life isn’t just about buying things, surely in this case receiving such wonderful things doesn’t count!

  41. Amanda

    Fabulous idea with some great products. Anything that will help my boy sleep would be gratefully received.

  42. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    What a fantastic idea! Love this so much that I’ve decided to enter. Have signed up to their newsletter and am obviously following you sweetpea 🙂

    Think this would make a perfect new baby gift too so I’ll be bearing this in mind for my friends and their future babies! x

    P.S Oh yes and I’d love to win because… well it would be nice for Elsie to have some special post x


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