Mary J Blige had it right when she sang of no more drama. MJ, I think I’ve had my quota for 2013. A close family member has been very unwell, I then slipped with my baby on a wet floor the other week and tonight, my friends, my toddler chocked on freshly made popcorn.

I know many people are far worse off than I and I don’t mean to complain but seeing my 3 year old choking and looking at me in fear is pretty far up on things I don’t want to experience again, ever. I know these things happen often and thank goodness he was OK and it went down leaving him a little shocked and tearful, but I wanted to write this as a warning if you like.

Yes you can’t wrap your kids up in cotton wool (at least not all of the time) but you can leave the more dangerous foods such as popcorn, nuts (obviously if allergic) and grapes off the menu until they are ready.

I never thought of grapes as particularly dangerous (or popcorn really for that matter) but I know friends whose kids have choked on whole grapes so do cut them in half if you can and when your adorable, doe-eyed little boy wants to put off sleep for another hour and requests hot, homemade popcorn, just say no…or distract him with your best impersonation of Mary J…

“No more pain (no more pain)
No more pain (no more pain)
No drama (no more drama in my life)
No one’s gonna make me hurt”

Please 2013, no more drama. Listen to Mary.

Photograph © Peter Broadbent.

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16 Responses

  1. Babes about Town

    Wow how did I miss this one! You do keep us on our toes, Vicki. Singing Mary J right along with you. Hugs to al of you xoxo

  2. Notmyyearoff

    I once got so scared at looking at z choke on a Lolly I’ve banned them for life. He wasn’t actually choking (he’d turned it upside down and tried to put the stick down his throat!) but it scared the life out of me 🙁 hope you have no more drama!

  3. Aimee

    Oh god! One of my worst nightmares there, hope he’s recovered and that you have too! xxx

  4. I Am Into This

    Oh Hun, how terrifying. You poor thing, I’d have been so scared. Sending you a massive hug – so relieved the gorgeous man is OK. Let’s hope things pick up for you soon…spring is round the corner, fingers crossed the sunshine brings you lots of happiness xxx

  5. Franki

    Jeez, your year isn’t getting off on the right foot at all!! They do say things come in 3’s though so hopefully that’s you done for now. Fingers crossed!! X

  6. Sharcasm

    Omg, sweetie that’s so scary, poor you and poor little boy. Is he okay? You’ve really had your fair share of it lately. Stay strong. Big hugs. X

  7. julesey10

    OMG honey. Ugh. Hope he’s ok. Bless you and much love as always xx


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