New Year-Honest Mum

New Year’s Resolutions 2011-That Time Again. Really?

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011 you sexy beast.

New Year-Honest Mum

Here are my resolutions:

1. Lose the last of the baby weight. 2011 is the year of the skinny b****. OK I don’t mean skinny. I mean healthy. (I meant skinny).

2. Do more exercise. I honestly love running. That statement was not sponsored by Nike. Unfortunately. I have a treadmill but it’s currently in Bristol and I am not. When we are reunited I’m gonna kick its ass. I know. I can go outside to run but it’s bloody freezing so I won’t.

3. I won’t forget to take my Evening Primrose oil capsules, zinc, vitamin C, Complex B. Boots you sure you don’t want to sponsor my posts? If you do, I promise to take them. I do actually change personalities without EVP so best I take them. See number 10.

4. Grow my eyebrows. Yes this is coming from the girl who sported a monobrow till about 11 and wondered why she wasn’t very popular. I have a real fear of sprouty eyebrows too but I’ve been cheating on my eyebrow threader with a waxing beautician and they’re just not how I like them. 2011 is the year of the eyebrow. You heard it hear first.

5. Bio oil-and I mean bathe in it. Didn’t work wonders for me sadly when I was pregnant but is weirdly now setting to work on my tummy stretchmarks oh and it’s good for chicken pox scars (thank you Kika for the tip) and general burns. Beautiful.

6. Have more girly nights out. High heels and mohitos have been reclaimed and after some truly hysterical nights out in 2010 this girl is back on form.

7. Keep growing the mane. Yes I have long hair and when I wear it straight it’s Rapunzel proportions but curly takes off inches so I will continue growing it. Just wish the kid would stop pulling it. Ponytails just don’t work on me.

8. Enjoy every minute of motherhood and try not complain so much. Yes it’s hard, yes my child is nearly 1 and doesn’t like to sleep but it’s the biggest joy of all isn’t it.

9. Spend quality time with the husband and no shopping doesn’t count he says.

10. Try not to turn 14 around the parents. Minor mood swings and tantrums (mostly PMT) are not just for Christmas it seems and must be curtailed.

Have a Happy New Year!

Photograph of Vicki and Peter ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.


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