onoco app

New Parenting App Onoco Ensures Healthy Child Development For Under-Fives

onoco app

A new app titled, Onoco has recently launched to help parents track their children’s key milestones and make childcare consistent as the Covid-19 disruption continues.

Onoco, which is free, supports the brain development of children in their first five years which reflects 90 per cent of total lifetime brain development – so you meet your child’s full potential.

More than a ‘baby tracker,’ Onoco combines a custom daily routine with development tips created by experts in a single app bringing insightful info to you at the touch of a button. Literally.

onoco app

Developed by a parent of two under-fives, Margaret Zablocka, ‘Onoco’ is built around the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) (the respected evidence base used by UK nurseries, pre schools and registered childminders), to record a child’s progress through development areas and aspects of learning as specified by experts spanning 460 milestones in total.

Onoco enables all caregivers to monitor milestones together so that collectively they can give children the best start in life.

‘When my first child was born, I absorbed all the parenting books and social media groups for guidance but still felt lost when I brought my baby home – it was an exhausting time,’ founder, Margaret said.

‘The midwife would ask about feeding and nappy routines but I couldn’t remember anything. Onoco helps with tracking these routines in the first months. Later on, it contines to support you as you structure the day and assists with this transition up to the age of five. When my daughter attended nursery, the structure within the EYFS Framework provided greater peace of mind while I was at work, ensuring my child was safe, her routine was being followed and she was engaged with organised activities which supported her ongoing development. Now Onoco can bring this reassurance to all parents in the form of an app that is safe, simple and easy to use and share’.

onoco app

‘I got to a point where I naturally knew what to expect and what to do with/for my child, but this didn’t help anyone who was caring for her in my absence – such as family members, or the nanny appointed when I returned to work full-time,’ Margaret continued.

‘I work in the tech sector and had expected to find an app to support parents of under fives. There were tracking apps for infants but very little which took into account the different needs over the age of one. Handovers to other carers was often very stressful. I found I couldn’t relax whilst away from my child as I had no guarantee that essential routines were being followed. Parents need this certainty now more than ever as Covid-19 work patterns remain increasingly unclear.’

Margaret developed Onoco to incorporate a child’s critical development pathways at all times and ensure consistency for both parent and child – and help with more productive handovers with carers – especially those without access to the benefits of the EYFS Framework…

onoco app

Onoco is an easy to follow format of seven development areas, 17 specific aspects of learning and 460 concrete development milestones enables parents to:

– Check their child’s individual ‘rhythm’ and record vital information easily such as sleep patterns, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, potty training and weaning.

– Create a baby routine and family plan – based on tracking and family needs.

– Support child development and capture precious moments visually by taking pictures and linking them to the child’s learning journey, following the EYFS Framework.

– Invite their partner and family members to take care of the child together and receive synchronised updates for free.

– Share emergency protocol arrangements, allergy information and GP appointment calendars.

– Receive vital updates and brain building tips and add posts to the family timeline.

– Set reminders for feeds, naps and activities.

– Manage their child’s schedule more effectively to avoid overtired babies.

– Adapt to the changing needs of the child as well as changing carers and ensure carers follow the set routine and plan organised activities chosen to support the child’s development.

– Experience continued assessment and guidance via development leaps through 0 – 5 years of age.

– Benefit from the only app that provides access to profiles for multiple children displayed on one screen.

‘The saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is very true,’ added Margaret, ‘Onoco is designed to build the foundations of that village – of parents, family, carers and professionals. Now, your nanny and other carers can plan your child’s development journey together, bringing trust and transparency and ensuring your child meets their full potential in their first few years.’

I wish I’d had access to this when my children were younger and if I have another child, I’ll be using the app myself.

The Onoco app is currently available for free to all users on the App store or on Google Play.- Just search for ‘Onoco’ in the app stores or follow these links: Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onoco, Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1529620090

Up to five family members and a nanny can be invited to share, at no additional cost.

onoco app

Find out more here https://www.onoco.com/


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