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Nava Hair Straightener Review & Competition

I love experimenting with my hair and deviate from super curly or soft waves to poker straight hair from week to week.

curly hair-Honest Mum
I was born with straight sleek hair that turned curly at 13 with hormonal changes; the exact same thing happened to my Mum so I suppose bizarrely both straight and curly are natural styles for my hair!

Vicki-Honest Mum

I have always had long hair too and can’t ever remember it not being long. My Mum said I was born with lots of hair, never lost any as a baby and had long hair by 3 (below)! It only looks a little wavy here as I had it in plaits the night before!

Vicki as a child-Honest Mum

This is all my own hair too by the way ( I do sometimes get asked), no hair extensions, just thick locks prone to frizz without lots of silky serum!

Here I am with a wavy style where I’d blow dried it with brushes and set with hairspray…

 Curly hair-Honest Mum

Then it was time to wash and sample my gifted Nava straighteners…

Nava Straightener-Honest Mum

With a quick wash with Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner and lots of hair serum (loving this Primark Hask Argan Oil one) it was time to towel dry then blow dry through.

Once nearly but not 100% completely dry, I brushed through my hair using a GB Kent & Sons (Royal Warrant) hairbrush then set to getting the straighteners on and hot. I went for full heat. You can adjust the temperature though with a nifty dial taking you from 140F to 450F depending on your hair type.

straighteners-Honest Mum

The Nava straighteners provide a great outer grip (and I love the hot pink shade they come in) so you don’t even need a brush when straightening your hair, giving you more control.

What I love most about them though, is the volume they apply to your hair, I don’t like the flat look some straighteners can give you but these are perfect at volumising, offering you a more natural straightened look!

Nava-Honest Mum

Plus my locks were left silky smooth-these are powerful yet gentle straighteners that are kind and gentle to your hair. My hair didn’t feel dried out by the end of the treatment and I was so pleased with the end result!

Time wise, I have a lot of hair so it took 35 minutes but that is still a whole 10 minutes less than a blow dry with brushes and it stayed straight for days!

Et voila-my straight hair style!

straight hair-Honest Mum

I’d go as far as to say they are the best straighteners I’ve used! And what’s more, when I spritzed my hair through with a fair bit of water on my straightened locks a few days later, I got sleek curly blow-dry look sans frizz! Genius!

More about the straighteners in detail:<

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed with 100% solid ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly across the iron.
  • Uses FAR-Infrared Technology which is a type of heat that doesn’t damage the hair, leaving it gorgeous, healthy and strong.
  • Adjustable temperature from 140F to 450F.
  • Normal retail price of £99.99, UK intro price of £79.99.
  • Free shipping & handling in the UK.

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Open internationally!

Good luck!

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