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My Top 5 Ways to Wind Down

big blow dry

Guilty pleasures have taken somewhat of a back seat now I have two children but I do believe it’s important to find ‘you time’ when you can amidst the madness of motherhood. When the baby sleeps and Oliver’s at nursery, these are my fave ways to wind down and recharge the batteries.

1. Reality TV

I know, shush, let’s keep it between ourselves, it’s just TOWIE, MIC and the XFactor USA are simply far too addictive and having a TIVO box means I can watch them anytime I like.

Yes I know the former two are set up, basically scripted ‘reality shows’-I work in the industry after all but it’s car crash TV, I can’t look away, can you? Admittedly, XFactor USA is not just entertaining but also pretty moving- when that music swells up as the VT’s play, your heart has to made of steel not to feel for those contestants embarking on their ‘American dream’ right? (Perhaps it’s my hormones!)

Despite the sob stories though, those guys are super duper talented and if you’re still not convinced, it’s worth watching the show for Britney’s facial expressions alone. Poor love.

2. Pampering

For those who follow this blog, you’ll know I love a big blow dry and my manis and pedis when I can. I’m currently going through a Kim Kardashian poker straight or bun on the head kind of do as it’s more practical with kids but when I hit the salon, I love them to create soft, super curls, the bigger the better! I’m currently sporting black talons too which the husband hates but I adore. What do men know anyway!

3. Baking

The Great British Bake Off seems to have ignited a baking flame within me that I never knew existed! Yes I’ve always loved cooking but my signature and only real baking dish was the humble apple crumble yet now I’m throwing caution to the wind and rustling up chocolate cupcakes with the toddler and wait for it…an actual Victoria sponge cake. I know, Nigella must be quaking in her Prada boots.

4. Shopping

Talking of Prada, I love a bit of retail therapy (who doesn’t) but now impulse buying of the past makes me feel a little bit guilty, I’ve started researching key seasonal high street pieces (with the odd bit of designer thrown in) and saving up for them. It actually makes shopping much more rewarding. I’m loving these Topshop dresses and POWER Gold Trim Boots above!

5. Power Walking

I love nothing more than a power walk around the lake near our house, usually with my Mum in tow and a pram to push round! Perfect!

So how do you wind down?

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