BritMums Live was a total and utter whirlwind of a weekend of which I’m not sure I’m even remotely recovered from, but I’ll try to articulate my highlights for you here… It was a weekend sponsored by wine (literally) thanks to Lindeman’s Wine so forgive me if I’ve forgotten anything or anyone (hic!)

….Most importantly first up, HUGE, HUGE thanks to my official sponsors, the seriously stylish Swedish brand me&i who covered the whole event for me and also gifted me a gorgeous LBD day dress along with city style shorts and blouse EVERYONE LOVED! I’m now a shorts convert!

Special thanks also to Fever London who gifted me a stunning blouse and pencil skirt! Thanks for making me feel a million dollars guys!

Fever London-Honest Mum

So arriving in London first by car, then by train ( I even considered a plane too at one point), I finally met up with my great friends, the tremendous bloggers that are Kate of Pouting in Heels and Zaz of Mama and More and we started as we meant to go on, with raspberry champagne bellinis and BLT’s in Searcys Champagne Bar at St Pancreas station….


We then made our way to the conference, full of food and bubbles! Perfect!

Here are my highlights:

Vicki and Mirka-Honest Mum

Britmums Live was a great opportunity to meet up with old mates like Mirka of All Baby Advice who’s a blogging sister to me and to hang out with a group of women who’ve become real life friend I feel I’ve known forever!

I laughed a lot over those two days (so much my jaw still hurts), talked non stop, got the most out of the sessions and networking and had fun dining with the ladies for delicious Lebanese food (I think we were the last to leave)!

Cheers (again)!

Bloggers-Honest Mum

Of course meeting up with so many of you (the list is long so I’m honing in and trying to remember) was incredible…the highly competent and lovely cooking duo Franglaise Cooking: Sophie and Ben (with Katie and I below), the brilliantly funny Emma of Me, The Man & the Baby and beautiful baby Charlotte, friend and fellow stylista Michelle of Bod for Tea, the caring, super smart Elizabeth of Mommatwo (who together, we put the world to rights), the generous and clever Rachel from Three Years and Home (who I instantly clicked with) were just a few of the bloggers who made BritMums Live for me!

Catching up face to face with those I follow day in and day out via their blogs and on twitter, right there, in 3D was WONDERFUL !

Elizabeth and I-Honest Mum

I even let Elizabeth, above touch my hair in our annual BritMums hair touching session-don’t ask!


 With Kiran and Zaz! Huge thanks to the fabulous Fiona of Coombe Mill for allowing me to share her picture above!

I also relished the opportunity to meet new friends I’ve gotten to know online over the last year such as Kiran of Mummy Says, Jenny of Lets Talk Mommy (above) and Katie from Hurrah for Gin,(below) -all as kind, smart and witty as you’d expect them to be, from their brilliant blogs!

Bloggers-Honest Mum

…It must be said I was truly touched by how many of you reached out and wanted to meet me, those who praised my blogs (it meant the flipping world to me) and those who also recognised me from the modelling campaign I did for Nova Harley-thanks for all your kindness.

Dad Blog UK-Honest Mum

Here with the lovely and outstanding John of Dad Blog UK! Another highlight!

…Thank you also to so many of you who said after reading my post My Career as A Professional Blogger, you were inspired to change your blog or gained the confidence to take it to the next level, it also meant a lot how many also enquired why I wasn’t on a panel there myself. Fingers crossed, I might be next year!

…I enjoyed meeting so many relevant sponsors who attended too; I made some great contacts with several approaching me who’d done their research, knew who I was and my stats to boot, so hats off to them and I was even commissioned on the spot! Nice.

…I also picked up lots of fab SEO tips and sessions I attended confirmed the importance of Google + my husband Peter, an IT guru informed me of when it first launched, and of course the power of Pinterest and Instagram.

I will be adding a Testimonials section to my blog too from brands and PR’s I work with and I’ll continue to keep doing what I’m doing, pushing my brand and blogs onwards and upwards. You with me?

Talking-Honest Mum

 Love this! Truly captures our non stop chatting and energy! 

What BritMums Live reconfirmed to me too, is how women together are STRONG-a badge inscribed with this very statement was given to me to wear aged 2 by my mother. We as a community mostly made up of women (we welcome and value the Dads that are part of it too of course) prop each other up, emotionally, physically, we read one another’s blogs, we support each other’s ventures, charitable causes, book launches, businesses and beyond.

We are POWERFUL (this I knew) reaching and influencing 8 million people (this I learnt, thanks Emma Freud) every single day and must believe it and own it, unflinchingly, always and forever.

Nadine and Vicki-Honest Mum

 With lovely, fellow Yorkshire lass and award winning vlogger Nadine of Juggle Mum

And to qualify it further, I met an entertainment blogger when at the Cannes Film Festival who told me parenting bloggers as a community are up there with the highest earners as bloggers as a whole with even well known film critics asking me how to monetize their sites.

Furthermore, last year I met with an agency that represents A listers from actors to writers and directors and the like. They were intrigued by my TV project which is in development and optioned but more than that, they were interested in me as a blogger. This is quite how influential we are, not just I, all of us! Own it, believe it, do what you want with it but let it empower you!

Blogging excites me. I’m SO flipping passionate about it!  Not only do I love my job- blogging which is FAR from pocket money and enables me to earn the same as I did as a full time director but it works so well around my family. Which is what I and they need.

And whats more, you are probably doing the same and if not, you 100% can!

Blogging is brilliant. Thanks BritMums Live for reaffirming all of the above. Thanks for the fun, the inspiration and for connecting me face to face again (and for the first time) with so many of you remarkable, giving, game-changing women (and men). You rock. See you next year!



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58 Responses

  1. Emma - Me, The Man & The Baby

    I didn’t think I got round to commenting, think I ran off screaming at the husband that you had mentioned me in your blog post then came squealing at you in excitement on Twitter. It was SO lovely to meet you, you’re exactly how I imagined and you really are one of those people who are actually genuinely lovely just like you are online. It’s amazing the amount of people I chat to on Twitter but they really wasn’t fussed when it came to exchanging words in person! Thank you for being you 🙂 xx

    • honestmum

      That made me laugh, you nutter! I absolutely LOVED meeting you Emma, I adore your blog and you on twitter and you are just how I imagined too, isn’t it amazing when you click offline as much as online, keeping rocking xx

  2. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill (@Businessmum)

    It was gorgeous to see you and I’m so happy to have made your blog post in the photo roundup!!
    You got loads of pictures in there- it was a busy weekend wasn’t it?!
    Fab post hun and can’t wait to ‘do lunch’ soon

  3. Richmond Mummy

    Sounds like it was a great weekend! I gave BM a miss this year, just didn’t fancy it, but sorry I missed the opportunity to catch up with you and others. Next time 🙂 xx

  4. Debbie

    Just reading your post I can feel the energy and passion you have for blogging, which is probably why you are a successful blogger.

    It sounds as if you had a great time at the BritMums Live event. not only mingling with other bloggers, but also enjoying the food too.

    For me your post was insightful as to what goes on at a blogging event or get together. So thank you for sharing that.

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much Debbie, I do love blogging and it doesn’t feel like a job because of my passion for it. So glad you found my post useful, hope you can make another event x

  5. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    What a ball we had, starting with those delicious bellinis at the station!

    I love this post so much and I can’t tell you how touched I am, that you had me under your wing. Spending time with your gorgeous gals was the very best part and like Mirka and Zaz said my head is still spinning from all the endless possibilities and opportunities.

    Love the photos and I love you too sweetpea. Here’s to many future meet ups, collaboration and wine, wine, wine. 😉 Mwah xxx

    • honestmum

      Oh I felt the same about you and the girls, you girls made the event for me. It was so much fun and you lot inspire me, here’s to many more meet up and collaborations, lots of love xxx

    • honestmum

      Thanks Victoria, it’s a friendly event with Butterflies who are there to help anyone feeling a little lost. Shoes are Dune, a recent purchase, thanks for the compliment x

  6. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Amazing post and you’ve captured the camaraderie of the event! There is so much energy there that I can feel from the photos. I wish that I can be there next year to be a part of something great & marvelous =) #brillblogposts

    • honestmum

      That’s so lovely of you to say, there was a wonderful atmosphere there, do go next year, would love to meet you x

  7. mummytries

    I read this the other day and have been meaning to comment ever since! Sounds like you had an utterly fab time from start to finish. You are high up on my list of must meet bloggers when I join in the fun 🙂

  8. Tinuke

    Fantastic post! You looked absolutely stunning at Britmums, wish I’d stopped and had a chat with you, you’ve been one of my favourite bloggers of all time, since I first started blogging! I think I had one of those OMFG its YOU starstruck moments, mixed with, oh I’m sure I’ll catch her in the next session moments, which meant I missed a great op to give you a hug and let you know that I think you as a person and your blogs are all FAB!!

  9. MyLifeMyLove

    I love your city shorts!It looks like such a fab weekend, meeting all of the ‘virtual’ friends that we hear from/chat to all the time. I’m looking at going next year!! eek! x

  10. Sophie at Franglaise Cooking

    It was so lovely to see you again – looking as gorgeous as ever! Did you see that I held myself back from stroking your amazing hair?!? Next time you come to London I will provide you with Franglaise Cooking snacks 😉 xx

    • honestmum

      Oh Rachel thank you so much, I felt the same about you, I really want us to sort another meet up and soon, thanks for being so brilliant x

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, it really was, with so much in common. Hope to see you again you lovely lady and congrats again on your win x

  11. Donna

    I met you after a lot of Lindeman’s wine had passed our lips! Lovely to meet you, and will be following your blog from now on 🙂


  12. WallyMummy

    Awww so an awesome round up. I’m so glad I got to chat to you briefly! You were looking fabulous every time I saw you – I looked like I’d been thrown up on by an orange palm tree… with a pregnancy bump… great. lol! x I am v jealous of your raspberry beelines – I would kill for one of those right now… :/ *sniff* x

    • honestmum

      Oh darling you did not, you looked beautiful with that glow-see you on the other side for a bellini yeah?! x

  13. me&i

    Great write up Vicki, glad is was such a good couple of days! We were delighted to sponsor you and thank you for all the mentions and tweets! As a brand backing mums in business your ‘women together are strong’ really strikes a cord. All Mummy bloggers our there are doing such a great job and it’s a privilege to be working with you and some of your fellow bloggers.

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much, it was an honour to represent you! Everyone loved the outfits and I was proud to rock them for the event!

  14. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    What a fab time I had with you and the ladies, just amazing, my head is still spinning! Thanks for the lovely words about me too xxx By the way I look awful in that pic …. but you look great, don’t you think?

  15. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Well there surely can’t be much more to write about BritMums Live after this terrific roundup! Thanks for the mention hon, absolutely loved hanging out and my sides ached from all the laughter and my soul soared with the positivity and potential of all the things we talked about. That paragraph about the strength of us all as women and as bloggers stands out for me – it is absolutely true and the more we support and cheer each other on the farther we can all go together! Love you chick xxx

    • honestmum

      So true darling Zaz, I feel really honoured to have you as a friend, you inspire me and I love you very much. Together we are so so strong, here’s to soaring and soaring together xx

  16. Kelly Finn

    Fantastic post, it was ever so lovely to meet you after reading so much about you. This is such an inspiring and empowering post!

  17. Nova

    Vicky you are a inspiration to us all. What a fantastic read! I loved hearing all about your Brit mums adventure and your new lovely blogger friends. You are a example of how drive and ambition pay off and you get what you put into life. Thank you for the mention and we are so thankful to have met you! Kind regards always nova

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much Nova, I am so proud to have modelled for you, such an honour. Thanks for all your kind words and support, always x

  18. Mummy Says

    Vicky, thank you so much for including me here. Meeting you was a highlight of the conference for me. I did seek you out (in a hopefully non-stalkerish way), because I wanted to tell you how much I admire you, particularly after that post about making blogging your job. You are a smart, intelligent woman and meeting you was inspirational. Thanks so much for all your advice and tips, it really is much appreciated. I love your round-up here too. Your outfits were AMAZING, and this is a great run down of the conference. Glad you had so much fun. (hic) xxx

    • honestmum

      Thank you so, so much Kiran. I am so glad we connected, knew we would click instantly. You are an inspiration to me too. Please lets meet again soon xx

  19. Jenny

    Oh Vicki thank you so much for the mention. It was so lovely to meet you and get to know the blogger behind the blog. What a fab round up of a fab weekend. It truly was inspiring wasn’t it. So much to think about now as we all are home and facing our blogs. Keep up the amazing work darling!! Glad you had so much fun!


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