black rose tea

My New Obsession: 8 Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

black rose tea

There’s nothing a good brew can’t fix and especially Black Tea, which when drunk on a regular basis can have surprising health benefits!

I start my day with a cup of black tea and a second mid-afternoon. I love its rich flavour and I’m currently obsessed with Betty’s China Rose Black Leaf Tea which is bursting with beautiful floral flavours.

So will a black tea a day keep the doctor away? Here are a few of the health benefits of this miraculous drink-


Black tea cab help with weight loss

Ever get to 3 pm and find your mind starts wondering towards the cookie jar? Well black tea can help curb these carvings by helping to regulate blood sugar levels. The caffeine in black tea can also help stimulate weight loss by boosting metabolism and burning body fat more effectively.


De-stress with black tea

Studies by University College London shows that daily cups of black tea can help you recover more quickly from the stresses of everyday life. The study found it helps cut levels of the stress hormone cortisol circulating in the blood.


Reduce the signs of ageing 

The anti-oxidants in black tea can help reverse the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and reduced elasticity leaving you with younger, more vibrant skin!


Improve bone health 

Black tea helps improve bone strength and mass and reduces the risk of fractures. Some studies have found that people who drink teas regularly for six or more years have stronger overall BMD (bone mineral density) than those who don’t normally drink tea


Recover after a workout 

If your muscles are aching after a big workout then make sure a cuppa is your drink of choice. The ‘theaflavins’ (which are powerful antioxidants) in black tea have been found to significantly reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness.


Enjoy stronger teeth and fresh breath

We all have cavity causing bacteria in our mouths which is prevented by regular brushing, mouth-wash and yup you’ve guessed it…black tea! It also prevents the bacteria that is there from producing acid. Studies show that tea drinkers have healthier teeth than their coffee drinking counterparts.


Sleep Better

If you can’t live without tea and coffee but are affected by the caffeine, black tea may be a good alternative. Although it does contain some caffeine, it is much less than many other drinks.


Boost your immune system 

Black tea is a great source of antioxidents which boost the immune system and improve overall wellness. It disables free radicals and improve cardiovascular health, fights harmful inflammation and can provide protection against chronic disease.

Pretty amazing huh?! Now someone pop the kettle on pronto!

benefits of drinking

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