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My New Blue Lensed Chloe Shades

I’m utterly obsessed with bold accessories: statement necklaces, tasselled earrings, gold chunky bracelets-you know the drill-my dressing table quakes with the weight of it all, my husband is confused why I need one more pair of hoops (what does he know?) But I have to admit to a bit of a chequered past when it comes to shades.

I do have one true love when it comes to sunglasses: my Chanel’s below I was gifted years ago.  They’re my all-time favourites and you’ve no doubt seen me strike a pose in them many times before. I just keep going back to them.

holiday vibes
Yes I’ve bought and been gifted other shades (thanks PRs, blowing kisses emojis to all you lot), but my Chanel’s do have my heart.

They suit me perfectly, they’re huge so make my nose look smaller with white bows on the sides. They’re the George Clooney to me as Amal: smart, classic, achingly beautiful and let’s face it: a one-off.

Now, I had to admit something, I did cheat on my them in duty free last year with a foxy pair of feline style D&Gs from the Sunglass Hut.  I was soon punished though, when they were stolen from under my nose on the tube soon after.

Lesson learnt to keep my big Mulbs zipped whilst travelling.

I miss you forever my pretty D&G’s!


An older love and long since lost pair are these monchrome Polaroids below. I was gifted them whilst pregnant with Xander and fell for their Jackie O style frames which seemed to suit my oval face.

Timeless and chic, I need to look through every drawer to find these as I’m certain they are somewhere!

Vicki wearing sunglasses

…But back to the latest purchase- an impulse buy in memory of these long lost shades- I picked up whilst my Mum had her eyes tested at a local swanky opticians near our home.

They had to be mine,

The opticians tweaked them to fit me properly too. That’s service for you hey.

Chloe sunglasses

The Chloe’s have smaller frames than the ones I’d usually opt for and their blue grey reflective lenses make them edgier too.

Ironically (being reflective shades) they do reflect where I am right now in life. Today.

There are changes ahead, exciting times await, milestones to be met and dreams to achieve. So now’s the time to embrace these changes and start experimenting a little. To being to embrace and importantly, show the world (OK a small part of the world) who I am.

Maybe it’s an age thing (#nearly 36 year old crisis 😉 ) but I’m determined to branch out much more, say yes to quirkier choices and basically stop living in black 24/7 for fear of too many lumps and bumps (mostly on the tummy thanks to kids).

I simply want my personality to shine through more in my fashion choices, to be a little bolder than I have been lately. To feel confident in more colour and print.

So here I am behind my favourite pink wall in York wearing a bold 70s style print top and hoops by H&M, cardigan by Zara, faux leather skirt by Warehouse, Boots by Barbour and chunky statement necklace by Fever London: clashing, a bit loud with bags of personality.


mother and son

And below before a shopping trip at the Designer Outlet in York once more.


What do you think? They’re pretty bad ass aren’t they?

Louis Vuitton neverfull bag

Jeans and top: Topshop, cardi, scarf and boots: New Look, bag neverfull Louis Vuitton.

I’m so glad I got a bit brave and bought them that day.

I won’t be parting with my trusty, slightly scratched Chanel shades anytime soon, but I will be bringing these babies to play every time to sun breaks through the clouds.

They’re pretty wild. I suppose, like me. Even if my wild side doesn’t get out as much these days. I’ll simply channel it in my fashion choices instead…I have a feeling this is just the start…

To be continued….

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My New Blue Lensed Chloe Shades

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