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Where do I start with my London book launch party?!…With the word ‘magical’, that’s where. I endlessly referred to every aspect of the day and night as magical because it felt like my wedding day (eat your heart our Meghan and Harry ;), my literary dream realised and feeling as if I was floating on air.

Mumboss book launch party at The Royal Garden Hotel

There was such an overwhelming outpouring of love and support with so many incredible bloggers, creatives and social media mavericks present, (sorry I wasn’t able to tag or link to everyone as it’s already taken me 3 weeks to get this live), I couldn’t have felt more grateful or humbled by the positive energy on my special day.  Thank you all so much!

Mumboss book launch party at The Royal Garden Hotel

When I arrived at the hotel and was mid-change darlings (see sports leggings with heels), my incredibly beautiful and gifted close friend and GURU Harriet Thorpe, star of stage and screen visited me to celebrate. Here we pose together with the book before Harriet had to rush off for a matinee in the West End. Harriet features a lot in my book and her many pearls of wisdom are a joy to behold and now share within its pages.

Thank you sweetie, darling for everything!

…Every single detail on the day and night was utterly perfect from my dream team glam squad including my Jason Collier doing my hair, and make-up artist Michelle Courtney getting me ready to the thoughtful staff at the Royal Garden Hotel including the pastry chef who kindly surprised me with an epic book cover cake below and not forgetting Marketing Manager Sian who made ALL of it possible.

As the resident blogger at this luxury 5 star hotel, I had visualised this day before even getting a book deal. Talk about manifesting your dreams. I’d seen in my mind’s eye a book launch in that very hotel. A whole lot of hard work and determination later and my dream was realised, and it was  a dream more vivid and moving than I could have ever imagined. Corny af but true and from the heart af too!

The day kicked off with breakfast tea and homemade biscuits at the Royal Garden Hotel before a Q & A with the brilliant multi-award winning Acting Deputy Editor of Marie Claire, Andrea Thompson (Mumboss was recommended in the May issue) with an audience comprised of mostly Digital Mums’ grads who had won a competition to attend.

A whole lot of honest talk and laughter later where I shared the highs and the lows of my digital career to date and of course the tears, trauma and love that went into the book made time seem to fly on wings. I could have chatted all day (which won’t surprise any of you, I’m sure). As with most public events, I was moved to tears, and touchingly, others told me they had been too. Motherhood and work-life is so emotive isn’t it, but a highlight was seeing my sons, Oliver and Alexander in the audience lapping up the day with wonder only kids can bring to proceedings.

I’m stating it again but there was a wonderfully connective magic in the air that came from everyone’s shared experiences, and the will to overcome adversity and achieve. I wish I could have bottled it to drink up on the tough days.

The Royal Garden Hotel

…Next up, it was a book signing of dreams with the images of my kids bursting with pride and Xander even signing copies of my book himself that will be imprinted on my mind forever.

My dedication in my book reads, ‘For my kids, who made me a mum and a boss’.

All this is for them after all and to share it with my little family was just the icing on the cake.

I asked Xander what his favourite part of the day was and he replied without hesitation, ‘When everyone was taking photos of me’-bahaha!

Huge thanks too to Dara Ford for my made to measure bespoke red dress and fitted jacket with vintage kimono detailing, that she kindly gifted me for publication day. An outfit I will treasure always, I felt confident and ready to seize the day in it, despite endless throat problems (I’m still enduring)- and I have Dara to thank for that.

I also want to thank Jack Freud at IP Publicity and his team for all the behind-the-scenes activity that went on, to ensure everything not only ran smoothly on the day and evening, but also exceeded my expectations. I’m truly honoured to be working with such pioneering, creative and vitally, caring visionaries who never fail to believe in me and my potential, and make all that I do a complete joy every single day. Who could ask for anything more?

…But back to the day’s events..

After a quick rock ‘n’ roll rest upstairs in my dressing down and a visit from girl crush, columnist and author Polly Vernon (and Jason Collier’s client), it was time to change into the most divine blue DHELA dress I’ve ever set eyes on, oh and Christian Louboutin heels sent to me (ooh lala, indeed). Told you it was basically my wedding day! My stunning crushed velvet silver clutch was c/o of Dara Ford.

Vicki Psarias

Strike a pose!

What a dress!

Posing done, it was party time with a speech to thank everyone first, and a chance to hang out with literally hundreds of readers, colleagues, friends and members of press for a night to remember at Mahiki Kensington who kindly hosted the party complimentary from drinks to the venue and staff. I couldn’t be more grateful to theirs, and the Royal Garden Hotel’s kindness.

Huge thanks too to Portobello gin for the finest gin in town on the night too. Cheers!

Portobello Road Gin

Pics taken, a zillion books signed and sold (love you guys), it was time to shake my booty before my throat conked out at 10pm and my bed was calling. I lasted all day from 7am and most of the evening at least without pain (yay) and felt enveloped in a blanket of love and goodwill.

Here are some of the pro pics I was sent from the press on the night too (I ended up being in the Sun three times that week then on Good Morning Britain not long after about the Royal Wedding and later a debate on parenting where I mentioned my book).

P.S. So sorry if your pic isn’t here and you came, these were the ones sent to me.

Sergie from Dad Lab.

My pal, blogger Bianca.

Glorious gorgeous honorary little sis, red headed Lucy and her best pal!

Fellow Leeds queen Nell McAndrew.

My best Daddy blogger pal John from Dad Blog UK.

My amazingly talented movie and tv star actress friend (and the inspiration behind my Wonderful Women feature as I asked her to kick it off in the first place), Manjinder Virk.

Natasha Courtenay-Smith, bestselling author of Million Dollar Blog (with my quote on the cover) and fab friend!

Blogger Jo and Olympian, yes, Olympian, Michelle!

This one: the love of my life.

Another love of my life, one of my besties Caroline who came all the way from Leeds with her hilarious husband Jonathon. Couldn’t love those two more!

Amancay, the one who encouraged me to start Honest Mum to begin with and whom I will forever be indebted to. I love you lady!

Sharmin, my sister from another mister, my uni pal, who flew in all the way from Amsterdam especially for my day. My babe.

One of my oldest pals, gorgeous Julie who I’ve known since I was 14 and who along, with her folks, hasn’t missed a milestone yet. Thank you.

Here with the inspirational bestselling author Shola Kaye who is quoted in my book.

My oldest blogging pals. The A Team. Picture left to right: Uju, Mirka, Zaz, Michelle, Jacqui and Nomita. My queens.

Papa G who couldn’t quite believe how many people recognised him on the day and who ADORED being told he was famous! Had to remind him we’re only Z list! He’s only waited his whole life for this-bahaha!

So many of my former film colleagues also came out to play too as did friends I’ve not seen since I was 19. How special is that?!

More than anything, the reviews and response to Mumboss from people I’m not related to or know (ha!) have blown me the heck away.

To know my words are helping mobilise mums and dads to carve out a career that works for them and their families, is the single reason I wrote it. WOW!

Thank you all so much, I couldn’t have done any of this without your support.

Now, as always, I’m a giver baby as are the Royal Garden Hotel so look what you can luckily win….

Royal Garden Hotel

1 night in an Executive Room-2 adults, 2 children (children 11 and under) and full English breakfast for all.

Reception at the Royal Garden Hotel

king size bed in a 5 star hotel


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eating breakfast at The Royal Garden Hotel

Good luck!

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  1. david cavender

    the parties look really glamorous and fun. I would like to win so that i can treat my lovely girlfriend to a fantastic break at such an iconic hotel.

  2. Cathryn Crawshaw

    parties are a great idea would love to win perfect for my daughter Ava


    Massive respect and well done! You’re not just a Mum, you’re a super hero!

  4. Morrismajor

    Parties look great. I want to win so I can pretend I was a part of it 😉

  5. Chris Fletcher

    The parties looked like fun, the venue’s looked great! Good luck with the book, sure it will be a smashing success!

  6. Natalie Gillham

    Looks like you had a lovely day, you deserve it well done, your family must be so proud of all you’ve achieved. I’d love this hotel stay for me and my daughters so that we could have a much needed day out together and some quality mother daughter time. Thanks for the chance to win x

  7. Sarah Gray

    Parties look amazing – love that blue dress by the way! We so need some quality time together me and my man. Fingers crossed 🙂

  8. Lydia Houghton

    The parties look amazing. You have literally had my dream night out! Did you try one of those freaky Mahiki treasure chests?
    BTW, Your dress is gorgeous – such a pretty colour.

  9. amer zaheer

    Going to parties are fab and doesn’t matter what age you are. I would use this hotel to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

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    When I grow up I want to party every day <3 Adore parties

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    not keen on parties but would love a night’s stay in London

  12. Amy Briscoe

    The parties look epic!!! So much fun! I’m slightly jealous I wasn’t there!

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    The parties look fab – congrats! I would love to win a stay as we have loads of London events this year and the accommodation budget is dwindling fast!

  14. Amy Jo McLellan

    These photos look like you had an awesome time at the party! Congratulations on your book 🙂

  15. linda Curtis

    this really does sound amazing
    i would be chuffed to be your lucky winner x

  16. Teresa sheldon

    You look stunning and your friends and family look fabulous and great fun (loving Pappa G, enjoying his 10 minutes of fame) id love to get glamed up and stay in this fabulous hotel and have a taste of the good life for just a little while good luck with your new book looking forward to another good read

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    The parties look epic, wish I could be there enjoying myself with you

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    My kind of night’s out!! The parties look wonderful, im officially living through you!

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    Check you out looking fabulous! Loving that shade of blue on you too! I’d absolutely love a night away with my husband as it’s been years since we’ve gotten away together x

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    The parties look so much fun! I would love to treat my husband to a trip and stay in London.

  21. Adrian Bold

    Looks like a lot of fun! Great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  22. Kim

    Any party that allows a weary 52 year old to get her glad rags on and let her hair down is to be recommended in my book, and these parties look like they fit the bill perfectly. Lots of glamour and lots of glitz!

  23. Catherine Bullas

    The parties look fab. With 5 kids I never have time for myself so having some time out would be much appreciated.

  24. Heli L

    The parties look like those ‘wish I was there’- kind of parties! Also a night in a hotel would be a lovely Anniversary surprise for my other half. And me too!

  25. Christine Hobbs

    We all love dressing up and getting excited about parties whatever your age. I adore going to London its a fab city with a real buzz. Would love to help you celebrate the book launch and above all meet a down to earth well grounded family xx

  26. Ruth Lee

    looks like you had a fab time, would love to win and take my husband for our anniversary


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