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I’ve got a special bond with flower delivery brand, Bloom & Wild having bought beautiful bouquets from them for several years and also finding myself the lucky recipient of their blooms too, most notably when I underwent a thyroid operation last summer.

..In fact, the blog post I shared about that period, which took 5 months post-op to write, was illustrated with glorious Bloom & Wild flowers I was sent by a good friend.

Bloom & Wild

During one of the hardest times of my life, I distinctly remember how buoyed up those many bunches of Bloom & Wild flowers, and plants from thoughtful pals, relatives and colleagues too made me feel.

The bouquets received through my letterbox, in all their vibrancy, and succulents too in small tubs, cheered me up no end. Our flat appeared to transform into a florists in those early weeks and months post-op, at a time I could barely swallow, and even a short walk outdoors felt like a mission.

Those scented florals, pristine (packed by hand) and exquisite to boot, brought the outside in for me and touched my heart. Soppy but true.

pink roses

The cards, flowers, gifts and kindness frankly pieced me back together again, emotionally and physically, and remembering the happiness those flowers brought me is why I feel so honoured to have my own Honest Mum Edit on Bloom & Wild’s site in celebration of Mother’s Day, this year.

pretty flowers

There have been several moments in my career that have felt quite significant: blogs posts on mental health and body image going viral and helping many, a book deal with MUMBOSS and seeing my kids look proudly on, as I signed copies on launch day as well as collaborating with Jamie Oliver, interviewing Westlife, speaking in Parliament, bringing out my own bag, and now, working with Bloom & Wild.

And just look at my gifted flowers! A garden in a vase!

Honest Mum x Bloom & Wild

These aromatic blooms priced at £42 in my favourite magenta shades are fittingly named The Scented Garden and boy, do they smell divine.

Designed by the eminent Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart (her flowers adorn Kensington Palace), this majestic beauty bunch will perfume your home (and dazzle your Insta feed) with its farm-fresh stocks and pretty, preserved lavender. Long-lasting stems like waxflower, trachelium and eucalyptus help make it a statement bouquet any mum would fall for this Mother’s Day (and, any day).

Bloom & Wild bouquet

Bloom & Wild are perfect for all occasions: birthdays, christenings, a new home, baby, Thinking of You bunches, Thank yous, weddings and just because. The gift of flowers are a wonderful gesture of self-care too, and I’m going to start a subscription to treat myself monthly. My Mum always say it’s flowers, plants and art that makes a home and I couldn’t agree more.

magenta flowers

What I love about Bloom & Wild is how easy it is to order with them. A user-friendly site makes ordering quick with deliveries hand-packed in a box that fits through your letterbox (making it easy for the recipient as there’s no need to wait in) and arranging the flowers is a joy. Inside the beautifully presented box is a care card for those wanting a helping hand in arranging and caring for your flowers.

arranging a bouquet


Bloom & Wild


Excitingly, you can win 3 months of Bloom & Wild deliveries worth £60, with a competition starting up today and ending on April 25th 2019.

Fear not for Mother’s Day though, as I have a special code for first time customers where you will receive £10 off with the code HONESTMUM on ALL the flowers and plants on the site. It is not valid on subscriptions and workshops.

Vicki Psarias/ Honest Mum with Bloom & Wild bouquet

Go check out my Mother’s Day edit on Bloom & Wild’s site.

Honest Mum flower edit for Bloom & Wild

Happy shopping for the wonderful mothers in your life,

Much love

Vicki x

pink roses

This is a paid campaign but all words, as always are honest.

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66 Responses

  1. charlotte isobelle

    i like the flower teams pick, lovely spring colours! i love how they fit through the letterbox too!

  2. Chloe Taylor

    Gorgeous flowers – that my mum and nan would really appreciate and love. The Charlotte – roses are stunning. Thanks for the competition xxx

  3. Sandra Clarke

    I love having flowers in the house and the scent from them. I would choose the Spring Meadow.

  4. Tracy` Hanson

    The HARPER is gorgeous and roses are very special to us, as my grandparents’ garden was full of them and it brings back many happy memories. Plus my grandmother’s maiden name was Rose. They are the only flowers my ex-bf wouldn’t buy me (he used to buy me some every Wednesday for some reason) as he knew they were my favourites (dumped him for various other things lol).

  5. Stephanie Coals

    I absolutely love the rosie bunch and I’d give it to my mum as a thank you for everything she does for us.

  6. Jen A

    My favourite is the Maisie, very similar style to my wedding bouquet, stunning soft colours. I’d love to win for both myself and my mum to share 🙂

  7. Lorna Ledger

    To help cheer up my daughter and her room, she has mental health issues, so a safe space is vital, and pretty flowers would be lovely – I love the Spring Tulips

    • Rebecca Beesley

      Spring meadow is stunning. I’d love to treat my mother-in-law who has been like a mum to me

  8. Jane Willis

    I love having flowers in the home, it’s like bringing the outside in. I’d choose the Sophia

  9. Fiona Hogan

    I just adore fresh flowers around the house.
    I would choose The Charlotte they look stunning xx

  10. Janine

    I would like to win for myself, fresh flowers really brighten the house. I wouldn’t mind any, I like all flowers.

  11. Lindsey Stuart

    I absolutely love flowers, Bloom and wild have the most gorgeous flowers on their website, I love how they look like they are just fresh picked from a garden. Beautiful.
    I would choose the Evie bouquet for myself, My Mum can’t have flowers in her home because her nuisense of a cat knocks them down every time without fail.
    Flowers is something I never receive but love! They cheer up my home and my mood.

  12. Lisa Flynn

    I’d love to win for my mother in law, and I’d choose Spring Delight

  13. Becky Yeomans

    I like the Maisie flowers, beautiful colours would look lovely in my kitchen!

  14. Jacqui Graham

    I would choose the Relaxation bouquet for my mum, she used to grow flowers. but now can only look at them x I’d love to make her day more special.

  15. Joanne Beale

    Would love to win for my mum and love the Scented Garden bouquet

  16. Helen B

    The Scented Garden look nice. I miss seeing nice flowers, our garden is bare at the moment.

  17. Cherry Lloyd

    If I won this prize I would ask to gift it to my mum, not because I don’t like flowers, I do, but because I think it would bring joy to her.
    I would choose the Relaxation bouquet because the colours are very peaceful.

  18. terri kelly

    they’re all so beautiful and I’d really be happy with any. I particularly like the “Maisie” bunch of letterbox flowers though.

  19. Ruth Davies

    I would choose the violet spring bouquet (my auto correct wants to change that to violent bouquet but I think we’ll opt for calm) and I’d give them to my Mummy who’s 70th birthday is on your closing date! X

  20. Rachel Craig

    Please consider allowing competition entry via e-mail, blog comment, etc. Mothering Sunday is worth Celebrating.

  21. Alice Gilkes

    I love the Charlotte ones as they are lovely pastel colours. I would love to win because I would like to brighten up my home a bit more. And flowers are a perfect choice.

  22. Emma Morgan

    I love fresh flowers , they brighten up my day & would be absolutely thrilled if I won , I think I’d try sunflowers & Lilly’s .

  23. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Rosie is perfect for my beautiful GODMOTHER – always guiding and protecting

  24. Valerie Seal

    I love the colours of the Violet Spring. I carried violets at our wedding.

  25. Kelly Hemmings

    I’d choose The Rosie… such beautiful colours & they really look/ remind me of spring

  26. Rich Tyler

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  27. Catherine S

    I’d love to win the violet spring bouquet for my mum as she’d love it.

  28. Fiona Paley

    I’d love to win for my mum as she loves to receive flowers. My favourite is the Evie because of the bright colours.

  29. Emma

    When I was younger I said I’d always have fresh flowers in the house. I don’t always stick to it but they do make me happy. I love very the Rosie, so spring like.

  30. Peter Watson

    We love to have flowers in the house and tulips are my favourite.

  31. Emma Larkin

    I would love ANY arrangement from Bloom & Wild – their flowers are just breathtaking.


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