My Love For Netflix-The New Season’s Top 10 Shows

I’m a pro-blogger yes, but also an award winning filmmaker and TV director, having made TV drama, documentary, short films, commercials and music videos in my time (you can see my website here).

I was also the editor of a film magazine Film & Festivals which was sold in the UK and US, and a former film critic for BBC Radio Leeds. I know and absolutely love TV and film. I’ve actually just returned from an epic long weekend at the Cannes Film Festival where I saw some incredible films but I’ll be blogging about it all later in the week.

I adore watching, making and reviewing the moving image, and have a whole lot of love for Netflix, producers and distributors who are quite simply making and delivering some of the greatest TV of our time.

I feel honoured to be working with Netflix joining their Netflix Stream Team, so you’ll hearing a lot more about them on the blog over the coming months as I attend film premieres, Q&A’s with cast and crew, screenings and offer reviews of their incredible content.

First up, I’m sharing my Top 10 shows and films from Netflix, 5 for me and 5 for the kids. Engaging, unmissable, emotive programming you and your family will love.


Me Time: 

1. Les Miserables

I can’t believe I’ve not seen this yet so I’m looking forward to curling up on the sofa with a big box of tissues and this 3 time Oscar winner on the box. The Les Mis 2012 musical film set in post-revolutionary France stars the good and the great with Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried.

Jean Valjean, who for decades has been hunted by ruthless policeman Javert after breaking parole, agrees to look after a factory worker’s daughter. The decision alters their lives for ever.

Don’t miss it.

2. The Good Wife Season 1-5

Alicia has been a good wife to her husband, a former state’s attorney who’s now behind bars after a humiliating sex and corruption scandal. Alicia must now provide for her family, returning to work as a litigator in a law firm overcoming emotional and physical obstacles as she does.  Julianna Margulies and Chris North lead in this captivating show. 

3. Orange is the New Black 1-2

I’m officially obsessed with this edge of your seat, utterly original and hilarious series (also produced by Netflix)- I literally gobbled up both series in one week (I might not have slept).

I’m now going to rewatch them all (oh yes) and start the countdown to the release of series 3 in the UK.

With the perfect mix of shade with the light, dark behaviour is delivered with bitingly witty dialogue and laugh out loud moments aplenty, as the we follow Piper Chapman, a smart 30 something who’s sentenced to 15 months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime transporting drugs for her former girlfriend- who just so happens to be banged up with her. If you haven’t already, go watch this NOW!

4. Seven Pounds

I missed this on the big screen (evenings out when you have kids can be hard-hurrah for Netflix), and being a huge Will Smith fan means this is on the list.

So what’s it all about? Haunted by a secret, Ben Thomas (WS) looks for redemption by radically transforming the lives of 7 strangers. Things don’t always go to plan though, as he surprises himself by falling in love when he least expect it, and ends up being the one who undergoes the greatest change.

5. Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me

Another one I missed at the cinema annoyingly, so I’m made up it’s now available on demand.

I’m a little bit in love with Katy Perry and cannot wait to see this candid, critically acclaimed film which unflinchingly follows the star during her California Dreams tour, and a time where she’s dealing with the messy split from Russell Brand.


1. The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 1

The cat who can is back for more swashbuckling, fun adventures. A charming series, adults and kids alike, will love this. A bit of feline Antonio Banderas is always a pleasure! Oh yes! Purr!

2. SpyKids

One of my kids’ favourite films EVER, the off-spring of secret agents embark on the craziest of adventures and will no doubt make your children want superpowers too. Cue jumping off sofas and attempts to fly. You’ve been warned!

3. Horrid Henry (S 1-3)

Horrid Henry’s a real fixture in this house and that loveable rogue has led to many a pycho-babble analysis by my husband and I, on how misunderstood he really is ( I know, we might need therapy ourselves). Horrid Henry really isn’t horrid at all. He’s actually rather brilliant! Check it out for yourselves!

4. Aladdin

A Disney classic we like to dance to on a magic carpet of our own (hello Egyptian rug in the lounge).

Yes I still cringe at ‘A Whole New World’ after Katie Price’s painful version but I try my best to un-think it when I watch this movie. The sweetest most tender of love stories, a kind genie assists a street urchin in winning Princess Jasmine’s heart (which he does). Love-ly.

5. King Julien: Season 1

King Julien is here to party, and this family ‘in the house’, loves shaking their booties to the coolest Madagascan leader of the jungle.

A riot of colour, this laugh out loud side splittingly funny and often outrageously insane series follows King Julien’s adventures as he ‘tries’ to lead his tribe!  King Julien is also a Netflix original so it’s the only place your kids can view it. Awesome!

Have you seen any of these shows?

I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to watch on Netflix this season?

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