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My Love For Love Island

My best mate Carlie, has historically ALWAYS introduced me to the BEST of things which started with a little-known site back in the day called Facebook, when I initially told her I couldn’t see the point to it when I had MySpace and that would never use it-bahahahha. Famous last words…Then there’s Neom’s Scent to Make You Happy hand cream she kindly sent me after my recent thyroid operation which literally gives me life every single day and saves me from lingering garlic scented fingers as I put it in everything, and was a lifesaver post-op too when I smelt weirdly medicinal…. Oh and Carlie also introduced me to all MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE TV show EVER, Love Island (thank you, thank you, thank you)…. That’s what best friends are for right? Unconditional love, support, laughter, awesome smelling hands and reality TV recommendations for telly you literally wait for all day, every day!

I can’t remember life before LI and I certainly don’t want to imagine it after.

Now, I’ve read the commentary and criticism of late about the show and I agree that there needs to be far greater diversity in the villa, and I’m utterly baffled why the stunningly beautiful and talented Samira was bypassed by the boys for so long at the start, and I’m grateful we, the readers have a voice and hope our views will be reflected when it comes to casting the next series…

What I do LOVE about Love Island however, is how genuine the format and contestants appear to be, mostly because the cameras are so discreet and they’ve lived there for long enough to forget them and let their guards down which makes for GREAT television.

In a world of fake news, we crave this genuine emotion and honesty on screen and Love Island gives us that in bucket loads. We yearn for sisterly friends and real romance- and love (hi Jack and Dani) so rejoice in it when it’s delivered.

Feeling ‘at home’ in the villa also makes it’s easy for the people in there, to forget they’re actually on TV (remember they don’t get play-back in there so have no idea how they are coming across) which is probably why ‘doing bits’ happens so frequently and doesn’t seem so absurd to them.

This is why we invest in the people on camera. We feel we know them. We’ve seen them at their worst, best, strongest and most vulnerable. We relate to them (even if my booty HAS never looked as good as the girls’ in there).

It’s appeal is in the fact we (millions of us) collectively watch the show, something that only tends to happen with big sports games and finals of talent shows.

We tend to watch most material on Catch Up or schedule telly in when it suits us, but when it comes to Love Island, we don’t want to miss the action or receive spoilers online if we miss it so we feel like we must stop everything at 9pm and tune in. I don’t know about you, but it’s my ‘me time’.

I usually watch the show with one eye on the telly, the other on my Twitter feed as I follow the hashtag #LoveIsland and love that I form my own opinion while checking out the commentary from others.

Yes I’d rather not see underboobs and naked bottoms in those crazy thong like bikinis (WHY?!) and yes, I’d like to see more ethnic and body diversity please but what Love Island have got right with the casting is a bunch of girls and guys who seem like decent human beings…You say sorry for their mistakes and seem to want the best for one another. It’s the antidote to these tragic, uncertain times. People doing the right thing, even when they’re wronged (hi there Laura).

We need more love, right, and I truly believe that’s what the majority of people are in there for.

Love is all you need huh? and Love Island is all I flipping need! Even if my own love, Peter hates it!



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My Love For Love Island - Honest Mum


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