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I was lucky enough to visit LA in 2008 when my short film Broken screened at the LA Harbour International Film Festival and I had my first introduction to the amazing city of Los Angeles.

I saw my gorgeous university friends who now live there, ate a decadent meal at the famous Chateau Marmont, stayed at the uber cool Standard Hotel and even bumped into the Entourage boys on set during our time there (there may have been some flirting but I’m saying nothing).

As well as having my film screen at a super film festival, (picking up a commendation) I also had meetings with some of Hollywood’s most prolific producers including Gilbert Adler (producer of Superman Returns and Valkyrie) and had the privilege to meet renowned director Sir Ken Annakin and legendary actor James MacArthur (sadly now, both deceased) . It was truly a whirlwind of an experience.

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I loved the positivity of the American people (the American dream has a very real effect on folk out there) and its infectious nature…as of course the productivity of the industry…well it is Hollywood darling. Thanks to the festival organiser and my friends, my brother (who came along with me) and I, were able to experience a very glam side to Los Angeles.

la 2Yes it’s strange that nobody walks over there, people do hike though and we enjoyed a power walk up Runyon Canyon which I loved (the views from the top of the whole of the city are breathtaking) but getting from A-B means you need a car. We did try getting on a bus once but were weirded out when it resembled a prison bus (do those even exist?) and quickly headed for a taxi rank.

I adored LA, the sunshine, the ease of getting film meetings and the excitement of it all…highlights included shopping on Rodeo Drive and sipping cocktails by the pool in West Hollywood. It was a perfect work/holiday!

My husband actually wanted us to move to LA when Oliver was 5 months old but it didn’t feel quite right. I would love to work out there for a few months at a time one day but it really wasn’t where I needed to be with a baby, far from home with little help from family.

So we chose Leeds (not quite California) but near the folks, very pretty and I have no regrets…OK maybe when it’s wet and windy for the millionth time,  I dream of a beach house in Santa Monica but mostly, we made the right decision. I currently take so much Vitamin D daily, my body actually thinks I live in LA anyway…and who knows maybe one day I will!

All photographs ©Vicki-Psarias-Broadbent.

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