My Life Lately


I thought I’d do a short update post on my life lately-a bridge if you like between the tougher period we experienced with Xander finding school pretty un-fun of late and that bonkers moon which made me weep for pretty much 12 hrs straight (if you know, you know)-to how we’re all feeling now.

So, here goes.

What’s new

The good new is Xander is thankfully loving school again. A tutor has started coming over to our home weekly to help him catch up on lessons missed due to illness last year and that, coupled with playing with his brother and friends more during break time (facilitated by the school) has made me happy again. We’ve also finally discovered and addressed his hearing issues which are down to ears blocked with wax, which will be syringed once the wax is soft enough. And breathe. It’s been a turbulent few months for us all as our usually tranquil, bright and breezy boy turned into a tantrumming, tearful and frustrated child who had begun to detest school. I couldn’t be happier seeing this recent change in him. He’s smiling and joking again and I feel like I’ve got my son back. Long may it continue.


Where have we been

We’ve just returned from Lapland, Finland thanks to Huawei Mobile UK who gifted us a trip of a lifetime we’ll never forget. I’ll be writing a dedicated blog post and sharing a vlog in the next few weeks on our long weekend away in the Artic Circle aka Narnia so watch out for that one. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as relaxed than when looking out at the beauty that is Finland with its snow-capped forests and picture perfect sunsets at lunchtime! We’re now about to book our Christmas holiday so please do leave suggestions in the comments of where we should go next as we’re being indecisive dingbats here, and before we know it, it will cost a bajllion pounds to go down the road. Thanks.


What I’m doing

I’ve been filming A HECK OF A LOT recently be it campaigns, the telly box, new ventures for 2019 I can’t even fathom have been green-lit and it’s clear that video is pretty much the name of my game, and as a former filmmaker, I couldn’t be more chuffed. My Vicki bag with Keri Kit is out soon too which has been a brilliant experience. I never thought I’d have my own bag but here we are. Isn’t the internet a beaut?! Start a blog, work hard, have fun and watch the magic happen. Cheesy but true.


How I’m feeling.

Calmer now most of my throat issues have settled (yay) and of course thanks to energy levels being restored, post-trip. The weekend away was an important reminder to prioritise self-care more. I quickly got used to long walks without my phone and sauna time before bed in Finland and after my first run yesterday post-op, I’m excited for more wintry sprints around Windsor to get those endorphins going.

Having finally finished a cathartic blog post on my big thyroid op which took 5 months to publish, along with turning 38, I feel in a stronger place emotionally and physically than I have in a long time. Growing up sure makes you realise what matters, huh.


What’s next

Festive drinks, family theatre trips, book tour dates, more filming, writing and endless plotting.  I’m a typical monkey in the Chinese Zodiac (I jump around wanting to do everything).  Having said that, I’m scheduling more time out, yoga and get this, meditation after trying it pre op and feeling totally zenned. Me, the chatterbox of the century as centred as can be!

There’ll also be more nourishing meet-ups with friends and family and a heck of a lot of vegan mince pies.

Bring it on.

What have you all been up to?

My Life

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