My Favourite SPF Face Creams

I’ll be honest with you (good job as I’m Honest Mum, hey), and share that whilst I wear sunscreen when the sun comes out to play, I don’t tend to wear SPF face cream as standard practice.

I live in the UK and frankly feel starved of sun rays most of the year, however, as I get older (37) I’m increasingly more aware of the importance of protecting my skin from the sun, and those pesky ultra violet rays which can be damaging even on the cloudiest of days.

As a means to encourage myself to keep slapping on the SPF, I’ve rounded up some of the best buys I now swear by. I’d love to hear your favourites in the comments too:




Perricone MD More Than Moisture SPF30, £48

I was introduced to Perricone MD when I collaborated with them a few years ago and I’m a total convert. This matte, mineral-based SPF works like a primer as well an SPF moisturiser and you get a lot for your buck. I use a small amount all over and will be taking this on holiday with me soon, too.


Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF25, £38
A Clinique super fan, this is a brand I feel I’ve grown up with. It was one of the first beauty counters I visited as a teen and their whole collection feel and smell so fresh and citrus-ey, as does this. With Vitamin E oil, the holy grail of moisturisers, my skin feels soft and plump (in a good way) after using this.


Elizabeth Arden
Environmental Defense Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF50 50ml. £14.95

I’ve been using Eight Hour cream forever and whilst it has an unusual, almost clinical scent to some (my husband isn’t a fan), I like how medicinal it smells and it truly works making it a must-have on flights and throughout the winter when skin can become drier. Here is the classic cream’s SPF sister offering the same benefits as its sibling but with the added protection from UVA/UVB rays.


Avène Cream SPF50+ 50ml, £13.50

This cream, specifically designed for intolerant skin is formulated without chemical filters for sensitive skin and will suit all skin types. The emulsion SPF50+ covers the UVA and UVB spectrum offering you protection. A rich and creamy texture, I like to use this as a night cream too.


Nivea Sun Anti Age Face Cream SPF50 50ml, 8.49

A family-favourite brand and another I’ve collaborated with before as a Nivea woman on a campaign, this cream delivers exactly what it says on the tube. Helping to prevent premature skin ageing, fine lines and sun-induced wrinkles, it offers long-lasting moisture and reduces the risk of sun allergies. This is the cheapest of the bunch but delivers the goods equally.


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My Favourite SPF Face Creams - Honest Mum


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