DNA test

My DNA Test Results

DNA test

This post feels a little bit Jeremy Kyle-esque or Who Do You Think You Are? doesn’t it, but truth be told, I’ve been pumped to discover more about my heritage for years and years.

I was contacted by My Heritage DNA in the US recently who kindly offered me a complimentary DNA test without any obligation to post or share my results.

I accepted and of course wanted to reveal the findings here on my blog, as much for myself and my own family as an archived memory here on my blog, as well as for you guys…Because DNA, origin and history are truly fascinating right?!

After registering on the site and being sent a tool kit in the post with easy to follow instructions, I took a swab with cotton buds provided from both of the inside of my cheeks twirling for a minute or so, and posted the package back off to the US, receiving my results within two weeks. It might take longer for your own results, depending on where you post from, but mine arrived promptly.

My results literally blew my tiny mind and chatting to my parents about the findings, makes complete sense geographically, historically and culturally. Both my parents are originally from Cyprus and are Greek Cypriots having moved to the UK at 10 and 18 respectively, meeting at university and settling here having my brother and I.

I knew about my Greek Cypriot background, am fluent in Greek but wasn’t aware of my full ethnic background.

The DNA test showed that I’m mostly South European with me being 30.8 % Greek and also 19.9% Italian (this makes sense historically as from 1489 until 1570/1 Cyprus was under Venetian rule), 19.1 % Mizrahi Jewish – Iranian/Iraqi, 10.4% Middle Eastern, 8.5% West Asian, 7.7% North African and 3.5% Ashkenazi Jewish too.

DNA test results

Cyprus is close to the countries/religious populations listed, so again, the results make complete sense when it comes to ancestry and my blood line.

The site also matches you up with other relatives you’ve done the test and I’ve been notified of cousins on the system. How cool is that?!

Honest Mum's DNA results

I’ve always said this: there’s only one race, the human race and I know that if the entire world were to take a DNA test, there would be less racism and xenophobia. We are all mixed and are universally one. It is the faux concept of difference which divides people.

Funnily enough people stop me in every country I’ve ever visited, assuming I’m a local be it Italy, France, the Med and beyond…now I know for certain why, they were able to connect the dots in that moment of meeting me, I didn’t know existed, and I couldn’t be more proud of my heritage, and who I am.

Have you had a DNA test too?

I’d love to read your thoughts.

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My DNA Test Results

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