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My blog is born!  I’m going to attempt (I said attempt) to keep my blogs short and sweet as if you’re a mum and reading this, it’s likely you’re balancing a baby on one knee and your laptop and/or phone on the other with only a few minutes to spare before the next million things that now consume your every waking and sleeping hour begin again on the wonderful roller coaster that is motherhood.

For non-mothers, or filmmakers and everyone in between, the less verbose I am, the better so it’s a win win for all!

So why now? To blog or not to blog, that was the question and one I perused for a long time. As a so called ‘professional’ writer/filmmaker/former magazine editor there was a quite a bit of gentle pressure from well meaning friends for me to start documenting my first foray into motherhood and up until now I politely declined.

This was down to a few reasons: a pretty difficult birth, the overwhelming tiredness of new motherhood, a colicky baby, a lack of brain function and most importantly, the pressure to be me when I really didn’t feel like me any more.

Becoming a mother often means putting aside who you once were for a while, at least at the beginning  while you become accustomed to your new role and this took some getting used to.  Being a ‘Mum’ , me a Mum, had to really sink in. It’s a rights of passage. Suddenly you’re the adult in the room and you’re the responsible one, no more pretending any more. “Hello grown up, hello Mummy”.

I went from being a freelance full on filmmaker/director working up to 16 hours a day, no job too hard or manic- to a full time mummy with the view to getting back to directing one day, around her number one boy. So ten months on with an amazing little man by my side, a chance to remember who I was and then some, a super supportive husband and a desperate urge to get back to writing, I realised there’s never a right time to start a blog and that time is now.

So here I am, a 30 year old filmmaker whose won several awards to my name yet my biggest achievement is being first time mum to ‘little O’ as he’s affectionately known. Owner of one remarkable husband, in between cities making the move back to live near my Big Fat Greek and sometimes crazy family after one emergency c section, 2 house moves, a super active, entertaining baby and a whole lot to say with very little time to say it in! I hope to share, laugh, probe and discuss the many joys and tribulations of motherhood and many, many other subjects in between as I navigate my way to supermumdom slash filmmaker extraordinaire, so let the good times begin!

To be continued….

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

Returning to edit this in celebration of 13 years of blogging my heart out, reflecting on over a decade of experience and 3 babies! WOW! Old me is proud of present day me *cry.

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