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My Birthday Party, Blogiversary & Celebratory Vlogs

designer outfit

I can’t believe I turned 35 last Monday! Whoop the whoop! It’s only just over a week in, but so far, so good, people!

35 really does feel a little bit freakin’ awesome.

I know who I am, I’m blessed to have my amazing kids in my life along with supportive, funny, kind family and friends. I feel the most confident and content I’ve ever been (kids, being married to a great man and doing what you love every single day will do that to a girl) and yay to getting older, being that little bit wiser but still undoubtedly 15 up there (*taps head)!

In all honesty, 35 used to be an age I would ponder upon and assume was well, rather ‘old’. Preposterous now as I don’t even think being in your 70’s is ‘old’- and life totally begins at 35 right?!

To celebrate this new milestone (any excuse for a party), my folks threw me a soirée with family and close friends on Saturday at their home, with catering c/o of their award winning restaurants Giorgio’s and The Olive Tree, bubbles galore and a whole lot of cupcakes for good measure (thanks to the fabulous Sprinkled Magic).

sprinkles cupcakes

Cheers! A few of the many bottles we got through (ouch)!


I must share another shot of these dreamy cupcakes. Pretty and oh so tasty, the kids were so desperate to eat them, they tried to chomp them before the food was delivered!

Sprinkled Magic

And did you see my birthday cake folks?

bespoke birthday cake

Mulberry birthday cake

personalised cake Q1kM7ZvMq5nf31NbCVxZJ2TV2VtagNj8YOJYoTw01m4

Care of the incredibly talented Kath of Kath’s Cakes in Harrogate, this masterpiece featured my favourite life size Mulberry Bayswater, my Canon camera, the G7X (a total replica) along with my Google Android phone and exact orange phone cover, and my beloved MAC lipstick (in Russian Red).

Uh-mazing huh?! The detail of the leather, gold clasp and folds in the bag literally blew me away.

birthday cake mulberry bag cake

It tasted utterly scrumptious too with a creamy Victoria sponge filling and chocolate icing for the topping.

I’m not sure I’ve ever owned or tasted a more incredible cake. Ever. Have I mentioned ‘ever’ enough yet?! Ever, ever!

So lifelike, my guests assumed it was actually a bag at first and literally gasped at the sight of it.

Thank you Kath, you total superstar baker, you!

Style wise-I (massively) treated myself to some Valentino Rockstud 100 leather ankle boots so donned them on the day of course. How dreamy though?

valentino rock studded boots

Look at that delicious stud detailing! Swoon.

valentino boots


I’ve deemed my birthday look as, ‘Johnny Depp meets Audrey Hephurn’ (!)

Dress and belt are golden oldies, former from a boutique in London, the label just says ‘Rose’, hat is River Island, bag Mulberry Bayswater (natch).

35 year old

And then it was party time!

Friends of mine, I’ve known for years (so many years, it’s crazy), Carlie, Nicola, Rebecca and their husbands and kids made the day so incredibly special.

Sadly other close friends couldn’t make the day as their kids were ill or they were away.

A great excuse to keep the celebrations going hey?!

These guys xoxo

friends and family

Love this photo!


Cake cutting time and the kids were beyond excited for a taste. Oliver ate the MAC lipstick first and declared it, ‘delicious’!

Funnily enough, I found a photo of Carlie and I aged 15, in the shortest dresses you’ve ever seen! Carlie won’t let me share it-in her defence it is a bit hilarious and it’s safe to say, our taste in make up and clothes has definitely improved with age!


Newer friends who mean the world to me like Lina and Louise made the day too, and my brother popped in from hospital where he’d been staying with my premature nephew Zachary, to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’.

Excitingly, (and the best birthday present ever) Zachy is now home and well.

Born at just 31 weeks, he’s put on weight and has proved to be a strong boy. Having cuddles with him today was the highlight of my birthday. I love him so much, I could burst!

I am so proud of him, his Mama Lucy and my baby (he’ll always be my baby) brother Solos.

…And the party! What a wonderful day, filled with amazing family and friends, gorgeous food and enough bubbles that my head is still sore! I must be getting old!


I vlogged my presents and what I’ve learnt in 35 years if you fancy a watch!

I hope you like it!

Thanks folks and Happy Birthday to me! Cheers *clinks a mug of tea. No more champs for me! *shudders.

My blog had a birthday too as it recently turned 5.

How time flies when you’re having fun, huh?!


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