As it’s the festive season I thought I’d blog about Christmas Honest Mum style!

Christmas pudding-Honest Mum

The Food:

Of course with the food-Greeks are obsessed with food (and bizarrely dieting) so Christmas dinner is the be all and end all of Christmas.

The Christmas feast is always made by my folks (total foodies and award winning restauranteurs) and this usually involves them getting up at the crack of dawn, arguing, cooking, arguing about cooking, cooking some more, topped off with a bit more arguing (they love each other really) culminating in a superb and always mammoth bronzed turkey with all the trimmings English and Greek style-the turkey is probably English, the stuffing definately Greek with rice and nuts and well Greek things…And we’re also having lobster to boot this year too for the non meat eating husband (he’s not Greek of course, like you couldn’t tell with the ‘non meat eating’ bit).


As a filmmaker, movies are a must for me anytime but I really let loose at Christmas-whether it’s the Godfather triology, old favourites Bugsy Malone and Oliver Twist or in recent years Elf with a bit of National Lapoon’s served up for afters, these films truly make the indigestion bearable. I’ve also bought my Dad (read me) a Meryl Streep box set of her classics so we can indulge in everything from Kramer vs. Kramer to Julie & Julia. Bliss.

The Little Man (no not Papa G, my baby):

This year will be extra special as I have a little elf of my own (yes I think I am going to dress my little baby boy up as an elf this year)-if only I can find a costume in time. Cruel perhaps but he’ll only be this little once and he made me vomit for nearly 7 months of pregnancy so it’s pay back time.

Baby O is also going to be 1, 2 weeks after Christmas so we’ve not gone too crazy on gifts for him from ‘Santa’. A walker, a kiddy type car thing I’d like for myself to be honest, some lovely classic children’s books, some beautiful wooden toys as well as a stocking full of wind up toys, a night light etc. etc. OK maybe we went a little crazy.

What Baby O would actually love for Christmas if he could speak more than a few words, would be wrapping paper to rip, remote controls preferably TV remotes (he loves these, why oh why, I ask you-he’s definitely a man), a pan and wooden spoon, my laptop- oh and my make up bag. These are the things he plays with daily and often breaks.

Family and Friends:

These people really put the X into Xmas-OK that’s just my Dad and not in the perverted X rated sense of the word-but the crazy inappropriate behaviour of a 60+man. I look forward to blogging about his faux pas (plural) on Christmas day, soon. Meanwhile I’ll be meeting up, laughing, prancing and playing the fool with my amazing family and friends. A baileys on ice for me please.

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Have yourself a Very Merry Big Fat Christmas x

P.S Baileys did not sponsor this post but if they want to send me some freebies I’m all ears or mouths!

Photographs © Peter Broadbent.

Image © Britmums.

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