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My model child

So the other day, I walked into my local Morrisons and saw the poster above my head and screamed (sorry to the lady in front of me who jumped)…but I had good reason because there, hanging over me in the Nutmeg clothes aisle was a large, make that MASSIVE poster featuring my son Oliver (4) modelling (far right)!

…You see, he did the shoot months ago and although he was selected from the casting to model for Nutmeg, you never know if his face will make the final campaign plus details are kept close to the client’s chest so I wasn’t even told, hence the huge surprise…I was actually overcome with joy and pride (and here’s me thinking I’m not a stage Mum ;)), I even welled up!

modelling-Honest Mum

…I took Oliver back later as he wasn’t with me at the time and he was a little surprised to see himself too! “Is that me?” he asked before posing with his tongue out below (ha)…then a moment later he’d forgotten all about it and was requesting an ice lolly! No diva behaviour there thankfully!

…He did become a little shy when the cashiers overheard us and came out to meet him though calling him the Nutmeg boy though-cute!

…This was actually the first campaign Oliver has taken part in that I wasn’t directly involved in…as a director he’s featured in a few things I’ve been at the helm of and when I’ve appeared on camera too- most recently some Yahoo films for Fairy Non Bio I featured in discussing parenting which you can watch HERE and HERE playing with his brother Alexander (which took only 30 mins of filming) and an important film I directed on the pregnancy liver condition ICP/ OC below which I had with Oliver.

All fun, quick shoots I was involved in…

His very first taste of modelling was bitter sweet for me though-aged 6 months below on a swimming nappy campaign shoot at Pinewood-I felt uncomfortable as I was in the water with him and I wasn’t sure if we’d return to it, to be honest…you can read my post about it HERE

Oliver baby-Honest Mum

However, since starting the blogs (my style one especially) and seeing how much both my boys adore the camera (Oliver likes to take photographs too) I thought we’d attend the casting and play it by ear-the shoot was a few hours over 1 day for him with tonnes of breaks, lots of food and he laughed his way it all, from viewing the clothes and having a say in how his hair was styled.

I was there with him along with my Dad, Papa G (his Grandad) who was bursting with pride, sat by the monitor. It felt very different to that first baby shoot he had.

Oliver-Honest Mum

Oliver loving a family shoot with Kirsty Mattsson Photography recently.

This time, I felt totally relaxed, comfortable and confident he was happy and enjoying himself.

Oliver made friends with the other kids modelling too, was treated so kindly by all the crew and it was amazing watching his confidence grow from start to finish.

He and Alexander have both been taken on by a major agency but I won’t be going from casting to casting-I’m busy and I don’t want this to be a huge part of my boys’ little lives-it’s fun and every so often, great and I am of course very proud but kids should be kids…

This is a nationwide campaign so you’ll be seeing him in stores across the country that stock Nutmeg and online too. Aw look at my boy! Did I mention I’m immensely proud? Did I?

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