3-6 months pregnant

3-6 months pregnant.

I miss my bump. Like really miss my bump. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still somewhat of a bump there-a much more squishy variation of a bump than before, so I’m referring to the big hard bump with Mr Baby Alexander in there, growing week by week and kicking away.  A friend once described pregnancy as, “giving your unborn baby the best hug in the world” and I suppose it is just that.

7-9 months pregnant

7-9 months pregnant.

I adored my second pregnancy for the most part. It was fairly uncomplicated (bar a nasty water infection at 18 weeks), I didn’t get the pregnancy liver condition OC like I had with Oliver, had no sickness (not even in the beginning), the birth was relaxing and I pretty much felt good from the get go. Reflecting on those 9 months (or 10 really), it went super quick (just like everyone said it would with a toddler in tow) but I really enjoyed it.

I loved it when Oliver would kiss my bump in the bath, chatting away to his brother through ‘the microphone’ that was my belly button and tracking my pregnancy week by week discovering what he was up to in there with the usual comparisons of, “he’s now the size of an peanut/orange/watermelon” (Oh) my husband often made.

I also miss the ritualistic appointments with my midwife (it helped that she was lovely) and my consultant (it helped that he was handsome) and measuring my expanding bump each time. I’ll never forget the, “you’re measuring 43 weeks at 38” announcement and the shock of possibly expecting a 10 pounder. (He was 8 pounds 2).

There are a few things I don’t miss of course: not being able to get comfortable at night towards the end, not eating stilton (it’s a blooming hard life I tell you), randoms touching the bump (what’s up with that?) There is a person attached to the bump and that’s my tummy you know dudes. Even worse though was SHOCK, HORROR not being able to wear jeans (maternity jeans and I never got on (they hurt, made me look frumpy not yummy) so I was a leggings and dresses Preggy Sue all the way).

Despite all that, I still miss pregnancy so all you ladies up the duff, please relish every moment of it (even the rubbish bits-swollen feet anyone?)…and who knows, maybe my bump and I will meet again in a few years…just don’t tell the husband, he might well freak out!

What do you love/miss about your pregnancy?

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10 Responses

  1. Circus Queen

    I miss being able to touch a little foot when it kicked against me. That said, I had a really yucky pregnancy. Complete with insane unexplained itching that they were sure was OC but turned out to be a mystery.

    • honestmum

      @Circus Queen sorry to hear your pregnancy wasn’t great. My first was super tough which just shows each one can be different. Glad to hear itching wasn’t OC. I had it in my first but not second which was pretty distressing.

  2. TheBoyandMe

    I absolutely loved being pregnant (aside from the SPD and polymorphic eruption of pregnancy rash in the last few weeks) and you are the only other person I know who has come out and said “I miss my bump”. I really missed it, I missed feeling him squiggling about inside me and it took me a week or two to transfer that to the squiggling bundle in my arms.

    • honestmum

      @TheBoyandMe sorry to hear about SPD and rash but I agree, the bump is something to be missed. A lot of my friends and other tweeters agreed that they really miss theirs too x

  3. Aimee

    This is a tricky subject for me right now. I don’t miss my bump if I remember the the awful pain I was in for the majority of both pregnancies.

    HOWEVER, when I look at photos of my bump, or others, or I see somebody across the street my body hurts with envy!

    I’ve realised it’s not the bump I miss though, or pregnancy, it’s the excitement and anticipation of an impending arrival!

    No more scans, no more kicks, no more choosing names, deciding nursery decor, no newborn snuggles, first smile, first laugh, first roll over….I could go on.

    But then you have to remember there are a million more firsts eh?

    * wistful memories*

    • honestmum

      @Aimee sorry to hear you had awful pain. I got pain towards the end with Alexander too-the bump was huge (and the baby was pretty big too!) I feel envious now too and mine is only 10 weeks old! You are so right, the expectation and the insane love you feel for that new baby is just incredible and oh so addictive x

  4. Babes about Town

    You looked gorgeous with bump, maternity jeans or no! (By the way, Mamas & Papas jeans always worked for me and I carried big bumps).

    I miss all those things you describe about the loving elements of pregnancy- that ‘hug quote’ is too sweet. But when I think about actually lugging a bump around again, I just feel exhausted!

    We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for bump number 3 for you though hon 😉

    • honestmum

      @Babesabouttown haha, don’t let my husband read that. I think I’ve romanticised it a bit as towards the end my bump was ridiculously heavy x


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