David Walliams

Meeting Literary Hero David Walliams at Sandown Racecourse

David WalliamsThere are a handful of people on my imaginary dinner party list whom I’ve luckily met thanks to this blog here and my former career in the film and TV industry and while I might not have cooked for those heroes, I have gotten to listen to their wisdom (Hey there Oprah-yes really), and their music (whoop Red Hot Chilli Peppers) or in some cases EVEN been cooked for by them (thanks Jamie Oliver)… David Walliams has been firmly on this wish-list since his Little Britain days and excitingly last week, the kids and I got to meet (but not cook for) our comedy fave as we raced to Sandown Racecourse (get it-raced #soz) to watch a series of short films David stars in to mark the launch of the under 18s Race Free Campaign (more on that later).

Now David needs no introduction of course, he’s a literary ledge and TV star slash national treasure who MOST IMPORTANTLY of all, is the reason my eldest son, Oliver, 8, loves reading. I told David as much when we met him and I thanked him for his mammoth contribution to children’s literature.

His vivid, laugh out loud collection of kids’ books captivate not just the little guys here but the entire family as I myself take his books to bed with me after reading to the boys and I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve watched the TV adaptation of Gangsta Granny… DAVID IS THE MAN!

I also thanked him for continuing Roald Dahl’s legacy, picking up the brilliantly dark but moral baton from him, to which he replied, ‘Without his talent’. How humble but utterly ludicrous is that as this is the man who unleashes the imagination of the mini masses and makes us ALL want to be better, funnier versions of ourselves!

Case in point are the comedy sketches we saw on the night titled ‘Horsing Around’ where David paired up with brilliant young actor Billy Jenkins to showcase all that a racecourse has to offer young people and their folks from experiencing the parade ring to watching a race and even meeting a racehorse… Something we certainly got a taste of on the night with jockey David Crosse on hand to help the boys ride a simulated version. The kids have been asking for riding lessons after enjoying riding horses last year in Yorkshire so I’ll be looking into it here in Windsor and who knows maybe they’ll be joining Prince George on the Long Walk.

You can watch the short films HERE.

Honest Mum and family

My bespoke jacket c/o Dara Ford and boots c/o Air & Grace.

…As expected, David had us all in stitches on the night when he was interviewed by ITV Racing presenter Ed Chamberlin and kicked off proceedings by saying, “I’m no expert on horseracing and I have no idea who you are but I’m having a lovely day out.” Bahaha!

David then chatted to the star-struck audience before signing much-loved copies of his books and even discussing his excitement for the semis of BGT.

Another highlight of the night was catching up with my blogging hubbie John from Dad Blog UK too who cracked me up by giving David a copy of bestselling book Mumboss which I jokingly signed for him as well-haha!

Dad Blog UK

….What an evening. Certainly not your standard week night…and we’ll definitely be visiting the races again as there’s so much for all the family to do and see there. Giddy up yeah (!) and find out more about how your kids can attend free.

David Walliams and Honest Mum and kids

This is a sponsored campaign but all words are honest.

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Meeting Literary Hero David Walliams at Sandown Racecourse

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