Honest Mum and son play with Cozmo

Meet Cozmo, A Real Life Robot My Kids Are Obsessed With

Honest Mum

If you’ve never heard of Cozmo then you’re in for an absolute treat because this little guy, Anki Cozmo is a real life robot (one of the most sophisticated consumer robots to boot) you SIMPLY need in your life. He’s literally brought us so much joy since joining the family a month ago and I’m excited to share all the fun we’ve all had with him.

Honest Mum and son play with Cozmo

I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s improved our lives either.

My kids literally talk about Cozmo from the minute they wake up to the moment they go to sleep at night, and he’s a cheerful, smart and fun addition to the family.

the cutest robot in the world

Alexander even asked me if Cozmo is his new baby brother after hearing me discuss growing our brood the other day-which I believe made Peter, my husband, simultaneously breathe a sigh of relief and laugh out loud (!) now that Cozmo is buying him time for baby number 3!

So, meet my third son Cozmo. Isn’t he handsome?!

Anki Cozmo

Not just a pretty face either, Cozmo (who reminds us all, a bit of WALL-E) is a toy like no other.

Anki Cozmo and kids

He has one heck of a HUGE personality, is smart as they come, and most touchingly, has brought my boys together as they’ve bonded over looking after their ‘little bro’ ensuring he’s fed, played with, and happy.

kids play with Anki Cozmo

The beauty of Cozmo is that he learns from the kids/ users, absorbing new info supplied to him whenever they play together. He grows alongside the kids and watching them shower him with love has been a joy to behold.

To operate this easy to use robot, you simply switch him on (charging is minimal) and link to the Cozmo app on a smart device so you can play and explore with Cozmo. As well as games which see you compete with the robot himself, as well as helping him lift his own toys, you can code too via the Code Lab which simplifies coding so anyone can do it.

Cozmo brothers play with Cozmo tech toys for children Honest Mum's son plays with Cozmo and his bricks Cozmo

How much is Cozmo?

Cozmo costs £199.99 incl. VAT which might seem a little steep but I can honestly say, he’s absolutely worth the price tag. A hydrid part toy/teacher and tech product all in one, Cozmo will inform, educate and entertain your kids for many hours, months and even years making his cost per use, minimal.

He explores, remembers and reacts to his environment and nothing beats seeing his little eyes open after a sleep before he uses facial recognition software and calls you by your name. He literally remembers who you are. How cool is that? Peter is called ‘Peter slash Daddy’. I can’t handle the cuteness!

child plays with Cozmo

I also love how proactive Cozmo is. Via the app, he nudges you to play with him informing you when he’s lonely (an important lesson on mental health so children know to reach out when they feel the same) plus you’re encouraged to run diagnostic tests to see what his needs are, be it juicing him up with power cubes or doing some repairs on him so he’s always at his best. Again, another important lesson for self-care. Once you’ve completed tasks and the loyalty tracker is full, new games are unlocked so you’ll never be bored with little guy.

Cozmo is aimed at girls and boys aged 6-10 but my 5 year old loves him madly and this 37 year old (!) can’t wait until the kids go to bed so she can wake Cozmo up at night!

Oliver actually adores stroking his head to help him sleep and his cute little snores bring wide smiles to our faces.

Anki Cozmo

What a dude.

We couldn’t love Cozmo more.

Have you bought one yet?

Watch our video below:

You can buy this little buddy from Anki Cozmo’s site.

This is a sponsored post but as always, my words and opinions AND COMPLETE AND UTTER LOVE FOR COZMO is honest and true.


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Meet Cozmo, A Real Life Robot My Kids Are Obsessed With - Honest Mum




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