Mathpid Maths App To Help Your Child’s Learning

Paid Collaborative Post: Mathpid Maths App to Help Your Child’s Learning.

Mathpid ( is the perfect Maths app to help your child improve in Mathematics, proving a useful, free educational tool when it comes to supporting home learning and/or completing Maths homework.

Xander, 10, has been using the app for a month now and has found it’s helping him in several ways: one, reinforcing what he’s learning in school lessons through repetition and practice, two, explaining and teaching him new maths concepts and 3, helping him problem-solve in ways he hadn’t thought of, helping build his confidence.

In just a few weeks, he’s quicker at mental arithmetics as well as square numbers and multiplication, and his memory recall of the harder Times Tables (such as the Twelve Times Table) has improved hugely, thanks to the app.

I’m so proud of his progress.

I admittedly wasn’t a superfan of Maths myself at school (bar my favourites: Times Tables and Fractions) but I use Maths most days as a business owner, number-crunching and tracking my accounts. Despite this however, there are times I find my son’s Maths homework a challenge, mostly because it’s taught in a totally different way from when I was at school. My peers feel the same, with friends even taking refresher Maths courses in order to help their children with their Maths homework. With Mathpid there’s no need to do that.

Mathpid is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven app that has been created with over 300 teachers and tutors with over 42 years experience. What’s more, they developed the app with Professor Minhyong Kim, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford University and the Edinburgh Institute for International Mathematical Sciences to create an efficient tool wgich supports learning from Pre-school age to Grade 9 (GCSE level).

It’s been a huge help to us both as it makes Maths easy to understand for both parent and child.

There are step-by -tep explanatory maths videos making the app simple to use for even the most Math-phobic of users. Yay!

On first use, Mathpid assesses the student’s level with a diagnostic test composed of 10 questions to start with before creating a bespoke course, honing in on the exact areas they need to improve in, offering an engaging, educational and importantly fun and rewarding way to learn.

Your child creates their own character of choice (Xander called his Bob) who guides them through the course, (an on-hand tutor, if you like) and who provides feedback on the challenges.

The avatar also awards badges and gives lots of praise to retain the child’s attention and keep them motivated.

The app is constantly updated so it’s always relevant and with weekly Missions, your child’s overall performance will quickly improve. Beta users of the app in the US found that their children’s learning level increased by an average of Level 7 after using Mathpid. Amazing.

The student can also focus on specific areas they might be struggling with or they want to improve on such as Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Decimals, Fractions and Equations too.


Below is a breakdown of what Mathpid covers:

✔ counting, composing & decomposing numbers

✔ addtion, subtraction, mutiplication, division, fractions, decimals

✔ equations, factorization, square roots, proportion, functions, statistics.


Mathpid helps students, parents and teachers in many ways:

✅ For students

✔ Reduces unnecessary time for math learning

✔ Improves arithmetic skills efficiently through personalized learning

✔ Helps to build the right habit of studying on their own

✅ For teachers

✔ Serves as a tangible example of the personalized learning

✔ Offers a NotePad function for convenience

✔ Useful for non-face-to-face classes


Another of the app’s USPs is its unique Maths camera which allows you to take a photograph of a handwritten maths problem it then demystifies, explaining the concept and assisting in problem-solving. It also offers similar topics to help reinforce the learning. So smart.

The Mathpid app is a digital Maths teacher in the palm of your child’s hand, how genius is that!

You can download Mathpid from IOS and Google Play Store for free:

Mathpid maths app

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