My beautiful and very courageous friend, the blogger Tamsyn Wood found herself  a ‘single mum’ with four kids (aged 4 to 8), after her husband Alex suffered a massive head injury playing rugby on October 4th 2011. You can read about how her life went on her blog Manic Mum’s Blog before Oct 4th to now.

After two life saving brain operations, three and a half months in ICU, Alex is now in neuro-reeducation. His recovery will take years, and one thing that they say will not come back is his sight but they all live in hope.

Tamsyn’s life is now all about being determined and positive and holding on to the hope that he will, one day, be her Alex again…The family lost their income when Alex was injured, and are now dependent on benefits and the support of family and friends. Tamsyn is simply incredible, taking the children off to school before making the two-hour round trip to see Alex in the care home, before returning for homework, tea, bath and bedtime.

Earlier this year, Tamsyn and her friends organised a fundraising ball at the local football club where they raised over £12,000, which has been paying for her to be able to have Alex in the house, with a carer, at weekends, but the money is running out.

Tamsyn is raising money through the Making Waves for Alex campaign, to continue his rehabilitation,  and fund the conversion of their house so that he can live at home with her and the children, with the help of a carer:

You can buy one of these gorgeous T-shirts to help here and please do donate here, whatever you can.


You can read more about Tamsyn and Alex in this online article from The Daily Mail’s You Magazine.

Photo of Tamsyn and family by Steve Hill©You Magazine.

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4 Responses

  1. Sharcasm

    Wow, what an incredible story of courage and determination. Am reading this whilst sitting in the waiting room at the dentist grumbling about him running more than half an hour late. Puts things in perspective. Love the T-shirt too. Will check the donation link. X

    • honestmum

      @Sharcasm totally and utterly and really puts life into perspective. The T shirts are wonderful so would mean a lot if you ordered one or could donate x


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