Honest MumI’ve wanted a Smart Home for soooo LOOONG!  You see the ads don’t you, where all the cool families are commanding their tech to turn on their lights or their Amazon Echos to play their favourite songs and I’ve honestly, always wanted to be those people….Well, now I am(!) whoop, whoop *shakes booty, (literally), and it’s all thanks to EDF Energy’s Smart Home Store, which you too, ABSOLUTELY NEED IN YOUR LIFE.

EDF Energy have cleverly taken the stress out of finding the best products on the market which can be a complete minefield if you’re anything like me (and wants everything but isn’t quite sure what everything IS), carefully curating smart products that will make life not only more joyful (yay) but also less stressful too. We’re all busy as can be, so being able to use voice recognition to play Classic FM at night when you need to sleep and KISS FM to give you a boost when you wake, or lights which change colour to get the vibe just right, you start to realise life can be enhanced and for not a lot of money or hassle.

You can see me unbox the products I chose which were gifted by EDF Energy in the video below. They were easy to set up and use and make entertaining the kids easier, too.

EXCITINGLY you can use the code SMARTMUM to receive 15% off the entire smart home home store. It ends on Wednesday 12th at 11:59pm.

Order HERE.

My boys have certainly become more engaged in the home since feeling they’ve got greater control over the tech, be it asking Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot endless questions (no, she won’t do your homework and NO, she doesn’t want to marry you-not until Mars is inhabited anyway) or having discos in the lounge thanks to the music on demand the Echo provides… and it’s even helped us when it came to drama homework as we dimmed the lights thanks to the Philips Hue LED Lighting Starter Kit (wireless control with a dimmer to change the ambience) and made the yellow light ‘the sun’ and the blue light ‘nightfall’ thanks to the Philips Wireless Multi-Colour bulbs.

disco in the lounge

We’ve even discovered radio channels we’d never even heard of (Fun Kids Radio Station anyone?).


It’s truly smart to switch to a smart home, people, I’m off for a dance in the kitchen!

Watch our video

This is a sponsored campaign but as always my thoughts and words are honest.


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24 Responses

  1. smart home systems

    Connecting all of your appliances to your smartphone is an obvious and it means that you can run your laundry while you’re at work, or save money on your energy bill by optimizing your heating to only be on when you’re home

  2. Karen Howard

    Love this!! My boys went crazy over the colour changing light bulbs and they didn’t realise alexa could turn the lights off as well as play Music and answer their whacky questions!
    Looks like id better get ordering! X

  3. Lauren Jobling

    Such a great post! I’ve always been interested in a smart home but have loads to sort first. Love how the kiddies want it to do their homework for them! Hilarious!

  4. The Ealing Mummy

    Lots to think about here! Really interesting post, I especially liked the colour changing bulbs and being able to control your lighting. Saving money by turning off or dimming your lights really does add up over time, plus saves the environment too!

  5. Lizzie Roles

    Friends have Alexa too and love it! Hadn’t even entered my head to have smart lighting. The kids would love the colour changing ones! Def we’ll look into that, my husband is always on at us to turn the lights off if we’re not using them xx

  6. Juliet McGrattan

    A smart home – something to dream of, you’ve made it sound very possible here Vicki and I’m up for anything that makes a busy life easier – and cost effective too. I think the kids would want Alexa to make their beds! Super video!

  7. Zaz

    This is so cool and I loved the video! It’s funny how the things that seemed so futuristic and avant garde when we were younger are all coming to fruition now. The light colour changers are just genius for mood too! Such a clever package – thanks for letting me know where to find everything!

  8. Lucy

    Oh I so need to get this sorted! Am just in the middle of a renovation and we’re with EDF. Thanks for the idea! We were talking about getting an Alexa once the speakers are integrated but this is an added bonus! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Honest Mum

      You will love the Alexa. EDF Energy are fab aren’t they. Love that everything you could want or need is in one place in their home store. There’s 15% off until Wed too with my code x

  9. Swanny

    I would love to move to a smart home. You’d think being as I to tech, as I am, this would be old news. But, I think we get used to what we know. Seeing it in practice has inspired me to make this happen in the new year… Maybe a Xmas pressie!

    BTW, Xander’s face when the Jaws song came on, precious!!! “it’s the shark son! ” Love his energy!

  10. sally bunkham

    wow, this feels like one of those projects into the future we used to do in the 80s at school where we used to predict what we’d be able to do with robots etc! Love it. My girls would love to make a party by asking to change colours on the lights, looks so fun. Great dancing by the way xx

    • Honest Mum

      Aw thanks Sally, we love a home disco here! I remember visiting a boy’s home whose parents had lights which changed colour in the 90s and have dreamed of them since them! xxx

  11. Michelle Reeves

    Love this Vicki – we have started dabbling with smart home tech and have voice-controlled lights, Echo and dots. I particularly love having a dot in my office to remind me of things I need to do. Yay for any help, right?!


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