Peter and Alexander-Honest Mum

Photo by Kirsty Mattsson Photography

My husband Peter has always been a big Braun fan and although I love him to have a little bit of ‘beardage’, he trims with his trusty Braun shaver every few days, to keep things neat and smooth. And isn’t he handsome!

He’ll actually hate me using his picture for this post but sadly that’s the life he has to put up with being married to a professional blogger! Fear not though, Braun have sent him their Series 3 Shaver (tough on beards, smooth on skin) to make up for it! Yay!

It’s an award winning shaver to boot with The Braun Series 3-340 W&D, Braun Series 5-530’s and the Braun CoolTec all being garnered with a Which? Best Buy 2013 accolade after extensive assessment. And Peter’s beard deserves nothing less!

And the husband is impressed. With its Triple Action Free Float System, he can cut short and long hairs in one stroke and it’s proven to work on 3 day stubble, perfect for this lazy shaver. It also has a wet and dry functionality so he can even shave in the wet room if he wants. Get him!

Oh and being gentle on the skin, it’s also got my kissable seal of approval! Mwah!

Peter and Alexander-Honest Mum

Now with Father’s Day fast approaching, Braun have launched a campaign which aims to celebrate the nation’s Dads and pay tribute to their brilliance. My husband Peter shares an equal role in our kid’s lives and is the most loving, patient father they could ask for. He’s also rather talented at making lego towers and prawn and black bean stir fry. He’s a keeper!

Papa G and Vicki-Honest Mum

Photo by Kirsty Mattsson Photography

Now Papa G, my actual Dad (above) must also get some credit-another bearded lovely, he is hand on heart the most loving Grandad I’ve ever seen. He helps with childcare one day a week when not at the helm of his award winning restaurants and is utterly besotted with my boys. He’s a pretty amazing Dad to me and my brother Solos too, always pushing us to be our best and instilling morals in us from a young age! …

Now Braun want you (and you at the back) to tweet about why your Dad or husband is a true champion and what his dream day would be. Entrants will then be in with a chance to give their Dad a dream experience on Father’s Day courtesy of Braun.

My entry would be in 140 characters:  Dad’s a champ because he taught me the value of hard work. He’s an inspiration His dream would be to fly a plane.  .

You must include the above hashtags to be considered.

Now go do the same for your Dad/partner.

Simply celebrate the men in your life with Braun!

Good luck!


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