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Now that more people are travelling once again and flights and holiday packages (including premium ones) are cheaper than ever, it might be time to travel like a lottery millionaire. Below, I share some luxury travel tips in case you’re planning to treat yourself for that trip of a lifetime, especially now as it’s likely to be 18 months since your last trip pre-pandemic. 


Fly first-class or business

If you’re looking for a luxury travel experience then flying economy isn’t going to cut it. The first-class and business-class options are a dream come true and offer you spacious and comfortable seats (and even beds in many cases) that ensure you’ll travel and importantly, arrive well-rested and refreshed. Some top-end flights will even offer you mini-suites for extra privacy enabling you to sleep uniterrupted on long distance flights. 

Equally, these luxurious travel options come with Michelin-worthy meals on board served by world-famous chefs as well as refreshments of your choice and expedited boarding. You won’t have to queue or feel crammed in a busy airport and will no doubt feel like a VIP. We, as a family, luckily flew to Finland a few years ago to visit Santa in Lapland on a chartered flight a brand arranged for us complimentary. We definitely felt like the Kardashians for a hot minute there and the trip was magical from start to finish! We even had a private waiting area in the airport and the whole journey and experience was seamless. 


Hire a chauffeur for the transportation

Why not consider a private chauffeur for the trip to and from the airport/ your accomodation. Convenient, often a similar price to a taxi service but with a more luxurious ride, refreshments and added comfort, why not make some enquiries and book a pleasurable journey on both ends.


Stay in a five-star hotel

Five-star hotels offer dreamy suites, stunning rooms, as well as gyms, swimming pools and spa facilities in most (some 5 star London hotels don’t due to being old buildings) and often private beaches. You’ll also be offer a personalised experience with home comforts in an exquisite setting and your every need met from Personal Trainers who can train you in the gym to scooters and bikes available for yourselves and your children.


Hire a private tour guide

A private tour guide who knows the country and area you’re visiting is utterly invaluable. Having an expert on hand, saves time and energy and enables you to unlock the most beautiful and informative of attractions and experiences from must-see landmarks to the very best restaurants, theatre shows, beaches and beyond. You won’t have to wait in queues either or start looking for passes as these will be arranged by your guide, and you’ll also receive exclusive access to most places including art galleries and museums.


Befriend the hotel concierge

Make the hotel concierge your best friend. They have special knowledge on the area and hotel, and of course, contacts as long as their arms. They can also help with any issues you might have and they can make bookings on your behalf. 

Are you planning a trip soon?


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