A couple of weeks ago saw me ‘train it’ from Leeds to London to meet up with a fabulous group of blogging friends for lunch and a certain multi-award winning chart-topping singer/MC and TV judge, Alesha Dixon (standard 😉 )!

All aboard!

Le train selfie! (Cringing at the people next to me who were no doubt thinking I’d lost the plot photographing myself on a train, but you know, #blogginglife and all that!

train selfie

Forgetting the train pain, it was soon time to rendezvous for a healthy lunch in beautiful surroundings in the basement of The Riding House Cafe for a few hours of laugh-out-loud fun with Alesha.

Here we are: Alesha’s new girl squad or make that, mama squad!

lunch with Alesha Dixon and bloggers

L-R Sam Mann, Anna Marikar, Emily Leary, Amy Treasure, Jacqui Paterson and Jo Middleton.

Not just a style icon, Alesha’s a super mum, singer, TV judge and she’s also an ambassador for Swisse Vitamins, the number 1 Australian vitamin brand, now launched in the UK (yay) -and the reason for our super-food shindig that day.

And what a day it was.

The energy in the room was totally on point.

A low-lit, intimate and lavish affair, we oohed and aahed at the exquisitely decorated dining table, snapping away at our individual floral arrangements with name places to boot in between sips on our instagrammable smoothies. Lush.

What followed was courses of considered, nutritious and incredibly delicious dishes- and a whole lot of conversation too.

smoothies smoothie

It was rather life-affirming (!) to connect with this dynamic group of women, to simply chat candidly about the things which matter to us all: family, work-life and well-being, as we collectively navigate our way through parenthood whilst trying to retain our identities in the process.

pretty flowers with name card

And before I get too serious on you all, the ABSOLUTE highlight of the day, was getting my new bestie Alesha, MCing!

Ah-mazing huh?!

But first, let’s rewind a bit to when I first met Alesha, a few years back, clubbing-uh-huh (insert dancing emoticon)-

On the first big night out since having my first son, Oliver, back in 2010, mine and my friend’s table happened to be next to her’s at Mahiki-and I distinctly remember her coming over with her mates at one point and dancing with us all.

Such a genuine and sweet gal, despite huge success and beauty, she’s got her feet firmly on the ground and is truly aware of what matters in life.

Anyone who meets Alesha can see how strong and sisterly she is-I loved her passion for her family and career and related to her drive…oh and her contagious laughter had us all cracking up throughout!

I was touched when she asked for my business card at the end of the meal and told me she thought I was a real FORCE! This mama’s certainly got ENERGY and it takes one to know one, huh!

Here I am with my new BFF. I’ve got a serious #girlcrush on AD (can you tell?)- and I’m adding culottes to my style list of must-haves for summer now too!

Alesha Dixon and Honest Mum

…Positively brimming with confidence and good health, (hello seriously glowing skin, hair and nails, natch), Alesha is one incredibly beautiful lady, inside and out.

And what I loved most about her was how happy she is in her own skin.

She revealed that age and motherhood, more than anything, have made her understand and value who she is-and that she REALLY likes herself. YES!

Why is it so rare to hear women talking like this- admitting loud and proud that they LOVE who they are.

We ALL deserve to love ourselves, people.

Strong, sassy and in control, Alesha is the perfect role model for us all.

And looking after your body and mind is the greatest way to feel good about yourself, every single day.

What you put into your body will support your well-being and mental and physical health.

And now for the science bit on how we can all feel good inside and out- with Swisse Vitamins.

Swisse Vitamins

Let me give you some background on Swisse. They are a brand, truly passionate about health, happiness and wellbeing and are at the forefront of investing in science and research for the complementary health industry.

They’re a name you can trust and who deliver exactly what they say on the tin!


Alesha believes in taking Swisse vitamins and supplements to support energy and maintain health, saying that taking them is, ‘… just my way of being kind to myself on a daily basis’.

I love that Alesha advocates that what you put into your body is what you get out results-wise- with wholesome food and multivitamins providing a solid foundation for staying fit and healthy.

I too have been kinder to myself, trialling the SWISSE ULTIPLUS, HAIR SKIN NAILS SUPPLEMENT  and I’ve honestly found my energy levels have rocketed (and I’m pretty energetic anyway as you guys know), my hair is stronger (AGAIN, you lot know my hair is my THING), my nails are longer and stronger and my skin looks flushed in that healthy way that makes me look 21 again (OK 22)!

In all seriousness, nails were my biggest weakness due to me tapping away at this site all day long so I’m super-happy they’re back on top form and I can start painting them again!

The last time I experienced strong nails like this was when I had a bun in the oven (and no, I’m not pregs before you ask!), it’s all down to Swisse Ultiplus Hair, Skin and Nails!

Honest Mum

I’ve also been sent some Swisse Iron+ supplement too, to help with that energy zapping time of the month and look forward to them kicking in and supporting me when I need help most!

Swisse iron

But back to lunch- with the dishes cleverly including some of the natural ingredients found in the Swisse range, such as tomato, blueberry, parsley and papaya- it was an epic feast from start to end.

The oriental style silver mullet with new potatoes and braised cabbage were simply exquisite, complimented by an array of healthy juices bursting with kale and ginger. Yum! Just check out the menu!



20160504-IMG_3214…And the blood orange sorbet I slurped (so quickly I didn’t take a pic #badblogger) reflected the blood orange extract that can be found in the Swisse Ultiplus Hair, Skin and Nails supplements I’ve been taking too.

Sorbet that’s good for you-genius!

…As we relished our many courses, it was a joy to hear Alesha’s wisdom, her words really resonating with me, particularly her thoughts on guilt and how futile an emotion it is.


She shared that she wants her daughter to see her go out of the door and work- and she feels proud to be a role model for her.

Her daughter is happy and settled and while they spend lots of time together, Alesha said she’s grateful her Mum can look after her when she’s working (as my own parents so often do with my own kids), and she loves what she does.

We also talked in depth about healthy eating and how her mum, an animal activist is a vegan, something Alesha had considered at one point but at that time, she discovered she was pregnant so opted for pescetarianism while refraining from dairy.

Alesha told us that along with a healthy way of eating, her energy levels have increased since taking the vitamins, her nails are stronger and she supplements the vitamins with iron too to give her an extra boost, as I’ve been doing.

Swisse vitamins

Candid, open, hilarious and so, SO warm, it was awesome to meet up with Alesha and hang out with the other blogging girls for such a delicious, fun and inspiring lunch.

I’ll be publishing Alesha’s interview for my #WonderfulWomen series too and I simply can’t wait to share more of her kick-ass brilliance soon!

…Swisse Vitamins are exclusively available at Boots. Get yours now!

This is a commissioned post but all words, as always, are my own and honest.

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71 Responses

  1. Silly Mummy

    That looks like an amazing day! I’ve always thought Alesha Dixon seems like a really nice person. So pretty too! #brilliantblogposts

  2. Kate

    sounds like so much fun, and the food looks delicious! It’s so inspiring to hear about people who remain down to earth, even when they’re super famous. And women that brim with confidence. Your posts are always so inspiring! #brilliantblogposts

  3. clare

    Alisha sound like a nice lady! Good to hear.
    My nails are shocking maybe i should try these
    Thanks Cx

  4. becca farrelly

    How exciting! I have been looking at supplements recently as part of my weight loss and general wellbeing and I haven’t yet found one that I’m ‘comfortable’ with, as someone who doesn’t even take tablets for headaches! I will definitely have a look at these as they seem to be really worthwhile 🙂


  5. manstayshome

    Sounds like you all had a great time. I like AD’s confidence in herself; it’s easy to criticise people in the public eye and it must be draining to be analysed endlessly by the media, but she rises above it. Good on her.

    Great pictures too, Vicki! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing #BrilliantBlogPosts

  6. Sally Oddy

    This is such an inspirational post. I love reading about women who are successful, ambitious, grounded, funny and humble. It gives us all hope. I’ll be trying that supplement too!! Great post! #brillblogposts

  7. Pen

    It sounds like you had a fantastic lunch and day out Vicki. Alesha is gorgeous. Is she as gorgeous in person as she is on Britain’s Got Talent? Glad you had a great time. Pen x

  8. Monika Dabrowski

    Hi Vicki, I really enjoyed the video with Alesha, you are a fab interviewer! Alesha seems very down to earth and nice. Your post is engaging and well thought through:)

  9. Eb Gargano

    Great post – really love that menu! Wish all menus were like that so we could make great healthy choices wherever we go! I was in Waitrose Cafe the other day and they actually listed out all the nutritional info on their menu…calories, allergens, everything…so useful! Eb x

  10. Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby

    I like Alesha, I’m a big fan of her too… sounds like you all had great time together. You all look lovely, I think I need to buy myself this vitamins, I know I need to look after myself as well not just the kids. II love the video too! #brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Absolutely Cheryl, so easy to forget ourselves but everyone relies on us to be healthy and strong. Alesha is fab and so are the vitamins xx

  11. Rachel Bustin

    OMG! You have met one of my idols, I love Alesha! Thanks for hosting the linky -it’s been a while since I linked up but I haven’t forgotten the very first linky I linked up to! xx

  12. Lisa

    This looked and sounded like so much fun!!
    Great post
    L X

  13. One Messy Mama

    Lovely luncheon! Decor is absolutely Fab! Love the part where you write! We all deserve to LOVE ourselves! How true! x #brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks, so true isn’t it, we do deserve to love ourselves. The decor, lunch, company and vitamins are all amazing x

  14. Robina -

    Love the picture of all you mummy bloggers with Alesha! You all look great. Alesha is such a stunner! You look incredible in the train selfie too. Swisse supplements sound fab. Great post #brilliantblogposts

  15. Shirley Wood

    A beautiful group of women. It seems like the event was so wonderful. It’s awesome that Alesha’s Mom can care for her daughter as she works. You are so right that we need a good vitamin to boost energy and take care of our bodies, especially with such a busy lifestyle that bloggers live!

    • Honest Mum

      It’s wonderful, I feel lucky to rely on my own folks. Absolutely vits are crucial and these are fabulous x

  16. Nikki Garnett

    It’s funny I’d been googling vitamins for women over 40 yesterday but couldn’t find anything convincing (shamefully I’ve lost a toenail as a result of a night of too much dancing in pointy shoes at a birthday party in January – should know better at the age of 49)! Anyway these look as though they might do the trick – maybe they have an extra benefit of making you dance like Alesha?!?!

  17. Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods)

    Gosh woman is there anything you haven’t done? I mean you’ve even met and had lunch with Alesha Dixon!Not jealous at all!

    I really need to start taking some hair, skin and nail vitamins. My hair has never been the same since having my last two babies. It just splits and falls out all the time and I’m left with hideous tufty patches and my nails get to a certain length and then just start breaking right below the tips of my fingers. Not only do they then look ugly but it hurts. Am definately going to try and remember to buy some of these Swiss hair, skin and nail vitamins next time I go shopping.

    Thanks sharing and for hosting #honestblogposts

  18. laura dove

    Oh wow every week I find myself in awe of your lifestyle, first Anastasia and now Alesha, two women who I hugely admire!! I take a whole host of vitamins and I always hope that they are doing something helpful!! #BrilliantBlogPost

  19. Rach

    Loved this! I just adore Alesha, she is a real role model for us fellow mums – I’m so incred jealous of her beauty too!! You don’t half take a lovely photo too!
    I could do with some vitamins and am always unsure as to what ones to go for so am deffo gonna procure me some of these! Will blog about my experience I think! #brillblogposts

  20. Abiola

    Beautiful women, you all are.

    Alesha seems like a really beautiful person, in and out and I envy you right now. (I only see her on Daily Mail!)

    I wish Swisse is available on this side of the world too, we all need a couple of it in our mum lives.

  21. shaney (Imummyblog)

    I just spat all over my computer screen! “mysteeq with the bump and flex” I can’t breathe. I’m done.
    This blog/vlog has made my morning.

  22. Michelle

    It’s refreshing to see a post that shows a celebrity as being ‘nice’. We hear and see so much negativity – some of it well deserved, some of it not. It’s great to celebrate the positivity that surrounds us, and you’ve done it rather well ?
    BTW if those supplements give me half your energy ship me a truck load!
    Michelle xx

    • Honest Mum

      Alesha is wonderful isn’t she. I worked with a lot of well known faces in my work as a TV director and so, so many stars are just like you and I. I love how grounded Alesha is-sucha beautiful lady inside and out. Haha get those vits quick! x

  23. lisa | The Sequinist

    Like you, I’ve always had a girl crush on Alesha. She seems like she’d be a good laugh, and she’s always got great style. Lucky you getting to do this lunch with her and the Mama gang!

    I take all sorts of supplements, but I could certainly use a hair, skin, and nails one! I’ll check this out. Actually I may look at the iron one as well, because being a vegetarian, that is something I have to monitor.

    • Honest Mum

      Hi Lisa, she is lovely and we had such a laugh at lunch. Do check out those vitamins, really upped my energy xx

  24. Annette

    A healthy lifestyle is essential for me – especially over 50. In addition to my vegetarian nutrition I take some supplements and will have a look at the Swisse range now.
    Fabulous you had the opportunity to meet this powerful group of women!!

  25. Michelle

    It’s true celebs are real people too! Just kidding of course, Alesha is a beautiful woman famous or not I’d take her word for it Swiss vitamins work. After I turned 45 I noticed my nails & hair thinning which has become worse over the years since. I will definitely try taking supplements to improve this problem, I think it’ll just get worse as I turn 50 next year.
    It’s quite frustrating because I had my children late & that thinned my eyelashes as well! After my body recovered from 3 births & breastfeeding lo & behold menopause came a knocking! That’s a whole new set of issues hahaha.
    Thanks for the info Vicki x

    • Honest Mum

      Haha yep, I was a TV director before blogging so I know that only too well and have quite a few famous mates. Really interesting to hear about this, as we are all going to be going through the menopause or nearing it soon enough. I am 35. These vitamins have really helped with my hair and nails and I’ve recently started the iron supplements too. Do check them out x

  26. Sarah - Arthurwears

    Wow what an amazing opportunity! I remember my Instagram feed on the day this happened was a stream of photos of you and a few of the bloggers mentioned above in a selfie with Alesha – I thought then how fab her outfit looked, not sure I could pull it off though!!
    I still struggle with my iron levels 17 months later after having Arthur so I’ll look into these vitamins.


    • Honest Mum

      Such a fun day, I too get low iron (in my case time of the month)-def check the vitamins out. P.S wish I could pull off culottes and a crop top too x

  27. Michelle

    My favourite judge on UK X Factor! You’re so lucky, Vicky. And you look absolutely gorgeous in your train selfie!.

  28. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, since turning forty (further back than I care to remember!) I’ve made sure that we (me and the husband) take supplements. Vitamin supplements are excellent as part of a healthy diet (they aren’t miracle workers, so a healthy diet is important).

    Joint care is my worry, as we are regular runners, which can be a bit taxing on the joints.

    The photos of your meet up look lovely and I particularly like the rustic looking bouquet with your name on.


  29. jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I used to make a habit of taking a daily vitamin, but like many other things to do with my health, have been slacking off. Good reminder to get back into more healthy habits. #brilliantblogposts

  30. jodie filogomo

    Those are the days that make you rejuvenated again!! Good food & friends always do the trick!

  31. Andrea Nine

    What an amazing role model, and I don’t just mean Alesha, I mean YOU too!! What an amazing day and most beautiful girl on a train selfie right there!!

  32. Liz

    Wow! What an amazing day it must have been. Alesha is exactly the sort of strong, working mum to inspire us all. She looks gorgeous (as do you), and it’s lovely to hear she’s as fabulous in real life as she is on screen.
    Thank you for hosting, live Liz xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks darling, it was such a fab day and great to have lunch with the other bloggers too. Alesha is such an inspiration xx

  33. Laurie

    What a fantastic afternoon! I would have loved this.It’s great when bloggers get together too x

  34. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    Vicki I’ve always liked Alesha – she always seem so warm and genuine, it’s nice to hear when celebs really are that nice IRL! I’ve always taken cod liver oil and zinc – I honestly think the claim that zinc boosts your immune system is well founded. Those vitamins must be working a treat on you because your mane is always glowing, hehe!!

    Catherine x

    P.S. Loving Alesha’s hair short, didn’t think she could look any more gorgeous but she totally pulls off a short bob )

    • Honest Mum

      Alesha is so incredibly gorgeous and absolutely the most genuine, grounded and lovely person you could imagine. Thanks for the compliment on the mane, super supplements xx


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