Romeo's Sugar Free Bakery

Lunch at Romeo’s Sugar-Free Bakery, London

Last week Oliver and I were in London to meet a Mr Jamie Oliver (which was ah-mazing btw), and before our food workshop with him, we headed to Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery to meet my gorgeous friend Lucy, a PR at Red Consultancy.

We’d eaten there together before, the first time we’d met and had such a blast (with Romeo joining us himself), we couldn’t wait to get scoffing again, this time with a little connoisseur in tow.

Romeo's Sugar-Free Bakery
Enjoying creamy cheese and tomato gluten-free quiche with roasted veg and lentil and quinoa salad for mains, we learnt from the last time, to reserve some space for cake to end!

cheese and tomato quiche

Tucking in to her virtuous but filling salad plate!


Desserts at Romeo’s are always the the pièce de résistance; Oliver announced the brownie his favourite and even sprinkled coconut shavings from his hunk of coconut cheesecake (boy was he spoilt) on top, merging two of Romeo’s creations to create Oliver’s new dessert!

sugar-free brownie
In between bites, he slurped on a sugar-free hot chocolate (he said he’d like honey with it) so his taste buds need to adapt to sugar-free- but all the cakes got the thumbs up from him and he’s one tricky customer to please at the best of times!

sugar-free coconut cheesecake

Oliver was captivated by stunning Lucy too and when we got back home he referred to her as a princess. What a cutie.

…Romeo’s have literally something for everyone (vegan, gluten or dairy-free) and it’s easy to see why little ones love it too. Last time we ate there, a customer told us she dines there weekly with her toddler who always scoffs the lot.

The beauty of the bakery is that you don’t ever feel deprived eating this way.

Romeo’s stand up against any patisserie worth their salt (or sugar) with the finest array of cakes, flans and biscuits as well as breads and main meals, all lovingly made without the white stuff.

You must, it’s an order, pop down to Upper Street to fill your boots.

Romeo's Sugar Free Bakery

It’s the sweetest and first ever no-sugar haven in London!

If you missed my vlog of my first visit, watch it now!

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