Harriet Thorpe and Vicki Psarias

Lunch at Giorgio’s With Harriet Thorpe

Harriet Thorpe and Vicki Psarias

My gorgeous friend, Harriet Thorpe: all-round superstar actress and one heck of an awesome human being, wasn’t able to make my birthday dinner last Saturday night so she jumped on a train from London to see me in Leeds for a long lunch last Tuesday and we had a ball of a time.

Now, for those who have followed our other meet-ups here, via FB live and YouTube, you’ll know that we are most definitely ladies who like to lunch (whilst juggling crazy-busy careers obviously) because food is everything! So where better to rendezvous than my brother’s Italian restaurant, Giorgio’s in Headingley.

Harriet Thorpe

I do like to milk a birthday and after a WHOLE week of celebrations (what can I say, I was born a diva, baby), this was the finale and a wonderful end to it, it was too!

Embarking on a feast of minestrone soup followed by grilled salmon fillets, golden calamari rings, avocado salad and my favourite: zucchini fries, we actually admitted defeat half-way through and just couldn’t finish it all. Totally my fault for ordering too much food and the kids were happy with their doggy bags!

Argh, what a dreamboat of a lunch it was. So good, I forgot to photograph it! #Badblogger.

We were also having so much fun, I only ended up filming a few minutes on my G7X so my intended vlog didn’t happen either! #badvlogger.

Seriously though, it’s always such a delight to hang out with darling Harriet, she has this unique energy about her that is incredibly uplifting and simultaneously soothing which always makes me feel so content in her company, plus he’s comedy royalty and always has me in complete stitches.

It’s no flipping wonder that whatever is going on in my life at the time, I always leave our meet-ups feeling on top of the world.

Harriet’s been there for me on many occasions since we first met-be it the good times to celebrate milestones reached with my blogging career or the bad, as I’ve had to deal with negativity online.. So much so, my piece What Other People Think Of You Is None of Your Business was directly inspired by Harriet’s advice.

Harriet’s wise words have supported me in more times than I can remember and I’ll be forever grateful to her, for her time, thoughtfulness and inane ability to make me laugh even at the worst of times like when I nearly knocked myself out getting into a taxi. Only me!

There are not many people in the world as fantastic as Harriet, that’s for sure.

I feel incredibly lucky to have met her through our mutual friend, another wonderful woman I love, Michelle Collins..  I can’t wait to interview Harriet next for my Wonderful Women series; this one’s going to be extra special too as I’m going to vlog Harriet’s interview making it my first ever Wonderful Women video.

But back to the babe of a day with laughter, Ab Fab company, putting the world to rights and food as delicious as I scoffed in Rome when I moved over there for approximately 4 weeks aged 21 (true story, for another time)!

Thank you Harriet for being one ah-mazing friend!

Once you find your tribe, you really do feel fearless, people.

I hope you all have a Harriet in your life too x

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Lunch at Giorgio's With Harriet Thorpe

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