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I Love You Natty Book Review and Competition

I Love You Natty BookMy wonderful friend, the award winning internationally renowned blogger and advocate Hayley Goleniowska of Downs Side Up has produced a groundbreaking book I Love You Natty she helped her nine-year-old daughter Mia write, to inform and support other children who become siblings to a child with Down’s syndrome.


When Hayley discovered notes and poems around the house written by Mia to her little sister, Natty who has Down’s syndrome, she collected them, soon realising that they were the basis for a book that could help many families.

The first of its kind, this vibrant book is heartwarmingly written with beautiful family photographs of Mia and Natty together playing, writing and sharing loving moments. Mia tells others how Natalia is fun but sometimes annoying too like any sibling!

A feel good book which all kids would love, this is an honest sibling’s uplifting introduction to Down’s syndrome.

Hayley’s aim is to get this given to every new family and the book is garnering lots of media interest, proving greatly popular since it’s release last month with television appearances and press worldwide. (You can read an interview on my blog with Hayley here).

The book is not only touching but it importantly normalises and naturalises Down’s syndrome and as with all of Hayley’s incredible work, is gently changing the perceptions of the condition with her words and images.

…Mia, who lives with her family near Truro, Cornwall found it difficult to understand why her baby sister Natty had to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Treliske Hospital, Truro, when she was born. Natty was born with Trisomy 21, commonly known as Down’s syndrome, which was accompanied by a heart condition.

Her parents, Hayley and Bob, did not know that their new baby would have the condition before she was born, so the whole family went through a steep learning curve of what life would be like with a child with additional needs.

Mia writes, “I love you Natty and you are the best sister in the world and so precious to me. You are so important to me and if you weren’t in this world my life wouldn’t be the same.”

I love Mia’s list of things she loves doing with Natalia too:

“I like it when Natalia takes photos of me. I like it when she kisses my sore knee better. I like it when she pulls funny faces. I like it when we read other stories. I like it when we dance in the kitchen. I like it when she hides in my bed….”

Mia’s drawings and family photographs complete this beautiful first introduction to Trisomy 21, which has been endorsed by eight leading UK charities.

Hayley said, “This is exactly the kind of book I searched for when Natty was born, to read with Mia at bedtime. I believe it will have a positive impact on new parents as well.”

The book I Love You Natty is available from Amazon at £5.99 + P&P

ISBN 978-0-9929251-0-9

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