Dear London,

Thank you for a very wonderful weekend. These few days together truly cemented our long standing love affair.

As you know, we go way back. You took me into your arms as a young girl of 10, intoxicating me with your bright lights and promise of excitement from theatre: (Blood Brothers in the West End was a favourite) to shoe shopping and Madame Tussauds; I was addicted at first sight.

You embraced me again as a 19 year old student at Goldsmiths’, University of London, educating and enveloping me with all your hustle and bustle. You never let me down, offering me fabulous career opportunities, life long friends, a husband and finally my own little star: a baby. If it wasn’t for you London, I’d not have had those things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With every love affair, comes adversity though. It’s true, I started to get tired of you once baby O hit the scene. London and kids didn’t seem to work so well. Navigating around, not finding a seat on the tube, fighting to get prams up and down steps at train stations, struggling through shops with the only alternative of hour long traffic jams just to get down the road- does not equal happiness. For singles and couples there is nowhere quite like London, but for me when baby came along, I knew a move away would be better for all, and more so, a move near my family for support. Priceless.

I do love living away from you London yet I find myself secretly lusting after you and sometimes catch myself imagining I’m only away for a little while, only soon to return to your warm if not smoky arms once more and who knows maybe that time will come again. Of course I will still work in London when jobs come up but adjusting to being away from you for long periods is hard. I miss you.

Time apart from you has been good for us though. It’s made me appreciate you again. Like a long lost lover, I’ve rediscovered you now with new eyes. I no longer feel like your long suffering wife.

Staying at hotel by the Southbank was so fun, I was on holiday in the city I called home for so long. Walking for hours across Central London, visiting the National and the Portrait Gallery opened my eyes to Canaletto and his contemporaries and portraits of our modern leaders and stars. Inspired is not the word. Re-energised and revitalised is more deserved. Meals and shopping and friends and hilarity in those short days was so enjoyable and all with baby in tow too.

London, I love you again.

See you soon. You can count on it,

Honest Mum


This post inspired two beautiful posts from Manana Mama and Polish Mama on the Prairie.

Please write your own and I will link here.

Photograph (c) Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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12 Responses

  1. tbirdie

    I’m a new follower & would love to have you visit my blog! Look forward to reading more posts!

  2. Clayton Thomas

    I went to London once as a child but reading this tempts me to take my wife (and maybe leave the kids with grandparents) Ha Ha


    • honestmum

      @Clayton Thomas you should take your wife for the weekend. Wonder if the London Tourist Board might give me some commission for your trip! Lol!. @Kristen so lovely you found me via Bloggy Moms and had a slice of London from overseas! @Mama thank you, loved your own letter. @Superlittlemen thank you for your lovely words, London is magical!
      @Z I agree, great places in London. @Bangs we will always love the Big Smoke!@Amancay I remember a lot of good time in North with you! @Sharcasm that is a plan, we must arrange that weekend soon!

  3. ~Mama

    A lovely love letter–has made me all nostalgic for my BC (before children) London days! So much so, that I’ve gone and written a love letter of my own here:

    Thanks for the lovely idea! Keep up the good work.

  4. Kristen

    Found you on Bloggy Moms and I love what I’ve read so far! Thank you for a walk through London this morning…cheers from NC, USA! – Kristen,

  5. superlittlemen

    Do you know at 26 I was told my research group was relocating to London and my world collapsed. I found every excuse under the sun not to go & managed to avoid it for a year until I had no choice but to join them. I hated the thought with vengeance. I then spent 2 years commuting into London & can honestly say they were 2 of the happiest working years of my life. London captivated me, I too fell in love with it, the diversity, the hustle & bustle, the bright lights. Your post captures the magic of London perfectly & has reminded me of my love for the big city, thank you!

  6. Amancay

    Nice post Vicki, come to Hampstead Heath next. My favourite place and perfect for a family outing.

  7. Sharcasm

    Love this and can totally relate in the sense that there’s nothing quite like moving away from London and visiting it again as a tourist and falling in love with it all over again. I really do miss London a lot but always remind me that spending hours on the tube and spending a lot of money just getting from a-z is not my idea of fun. However, what is fun is catching up with friends, going to galleries, shopping and basically just spending days on end doing fun stuff. I think you are totally right to go back for visits and re-energise yourself with all that the big smoke has to offer and the hotel on the South Bank sounds fab, which one was it? I love the National and Portrait Gallery too. Can’t beat those. We should all do a weekend in London together one of these days. x

  8. Bangs and a Bun

    Ahh I love this post. You know I can relate. It’s funny how once you move away from London, going back is such a treat. I love that feeling of exploring it with new eyes.

  9. Z

    Sigh…yes it’s great falling in love with London again. Distance definitely does make the heart grow fonder. I remember when I came back from living abroad and couldn’t believe my friends weren’t taking advantage of all the free stuff you can do. Southbank, Princi on Wardour Street (not free but great cheesecake), walks around Hampstead Heath and Science Museum just a few of my favourite things. Thanks for helping me reminsce. I might have to take some time away from London again to appreciate it, all over again.x


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