Honest Mum x La Roche PosayI’ve spent the summer holidays testing out skincare products by one of my all-time faves, La Roche-Posay and I’m pumped to share them with you (get it #Dadjoke). I know you’re all like, hurry up, give us the juice and let us enter the comp but bear with me! I took the pics at the start of the summer and am pretty impressed with my tan. P.S how cute are these gifted PJs by Cyber Jammies thanks to the Book Trust who sent me them!

Now, first-off, HUGE spoiler, my new GP asked me if I was my son, Oliver’s sister the other day (I know), and straight-faced, as well! BAHAHHA! That’s all you need to know about this range, right there!

La Roche Posay range

Now, if you missed the Instagram giveaway I hosted where you could win all the goodies you see here, this is your chance at another go on the roulette wheel if you enter via Rafflecopter below. You’re welcome huns!

First up though, let me walk you through the products (and there’s a cheeky Sanoflore addition too), giving you the low-down on how to get your skin super soft, nourished, protected and dewier than dew (!) for the glow-up you’ve always wanted.

The kids products are fab too (you’re in for a treat)!


LA ROCHE POSAY TOLERIANE ULTRA 8 Daily Soothing Hydrating Concentrate Face Mist (100ml)

Face Mist by La Roche Posay

A soothing and hydrating concentrate, it says to use daily but I’ve been using it several times a day. Plus, it’s so light, you barely feel it on your skin. It took me back to the facial water spray craze of my teen years I loved (did you even go to school in the 90 s if you didn’t use one?) and I sprayed the mist on mine and the kids’ faces to refresh us in the heatwave and noticed it reduced and even prevented heat rash when I used it.

Free from alcohol and fragrance, this spray is perfect for my super frustrating reactive self as it’s been formulated for allergic or ultra-sensitive skin and dries in milliseconds of applications leaving a velvety finish. It repairs the skin’s barrier and relieves itching, burning and stinging skin, alleviating redness too. Composed of Thermal Water and eight essential ingredients, it helps hydrates your skin, and I even felt it tighten it a little too. It’s so gentle, it can also be used around the eye contours, too.


SANOFLORE Organic Reines Elixir Des Reines Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Glow Serum (30 ml)


This dermatologist-tested cell-renewing pure royal jelly serum is suitable for the most sensitive of skin as with the ROCHE-POSAY products and is my go-to morning and night pre and post cleansing.

SANOFLORE is a legacy brand who’ve been sourcing ingredients from a botanical garden in one of France’s best-protected organic regions since 1972. They know their stuff.

With access to 350 aromatic and medicinal plants, SANOFLORE transform their formulas into high-performance complexes of essential oils and organic floral waters which smell OUT OF THIS WORLD (I implore you sniff one and soon, it’s kinda life-changing). The result of their flower empowered products like this one here is soft and supple skin that smells of a wild flower meadow. It tightens pores to boot, and illuminates the face. Filter? What filter?


LA ROCHE-POSAY Pure Vitamin c10 Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Oxidant Renovating Serum (30 ml)

LA ROCHE-POSAY Pure Vitamin c10 Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Oxidant Renovating Serum

Pure Vitamin C 10 prevent and improve ageing skin and coupled with the above products I feel like my entire skin routine has notched up a gear and it shows. In my pics, IRL and it’s given me a real confidence boost. I use this on a weekend for an extra boost and after a more thorough cleanse (I wear more make up on weekend) but I’m going to start using it daily as the fine lines on my forehead are barely visible now and my mum described me as radiant the other day. I’ll take that, mama, thanks!


LA ROCHE-POSAY Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repair Balm (100 ml)

LA ROCHE-POSAY Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repair Balm

As per, I use products designed for my kids on myself and chatting to other mamas, I know you do this too.

Bath products, skincare, even vitamins (ha), you name it, if it’s gentle enough for the little ones, it’s kind enough for me!  This Soothing Balm is a must-have.  With a healing double action formula to soothe and protect sensitive, irritated skin you can apply it to body, face and lips (it sorted Oliver’s chapped lips out) and can be used from babies 3 months old +. It’s 100% hypoallergenic skincare and non-comedogenic. Apply twice daily to pre-washed, clean and dried skin applying a layer. I used it on my elbows.



La Roche Posay anti itch stick

La Roche-Posay Lipikar AP+ Stick is the first stick dedicated to atopic eczema, and can be used whenever an itch is felt. With myself and my kids suffering from eczema, this helped relieve dry areas on elbows, behind the nears and on the ears. This really does work and meant less scratching and more playing this summer.


LA ROCHE-POSAY Anthelios dermo-pediatrics 50+ SPF Lotion and Ultra Resistant (250 ml, 50ml and 30 ml)


All SPFs here are lightweight fast-absorbing sunscreens for dry and sensitive skin free from preservatives, parabens, colorants and fragrance. My skin often reacts to sunscreen but not with these. I have a visible scar on my throat post thyroid-op which is delicate and prone to sunburn so along with other sensitive areas, I applied this liberally. The kids were covered in them all over these summer months, with lots left over in the 250ml.

Providing a broad spectrum defence against damaging UVA, UVB and infrared radiation, these creams combat inflammation and prickly heat while protecting your skin from the sun’s dangerous rays. Again, they feature the brand’s exclusive Thermal Spring Water. I love the mini 50 and 30ml handheld ones which are ideal in hand luggage when travelling or in your mama bag on day trips out.


LA ROCHE-POSAY Baby Cleansing Oil (200 ml)

La Roche-Posay Lipikar AP+ Cleansing Oil – a cleansing oil that helps reduce dryness and the symptoms of eczema-prone skin. Specifically formulated for uncomfortable skin, this coupled with the stick meant we could forget about itchy skin and enjoy the summer.

A super collection that deliver what they promise!

These items were gifted. All words, as always are honest.

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La Roche Posay

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  1. Hazel Rea

    I’d love to win because my skin is very sensitive and could do with some help at the minute.

  2. Joanne B

    I’d love to win these products, I have tried LRP in the past and love it but I can’t afford to buy it often!

  3. Susan Willshee

    I’m like you in as far as my skin comes out in a rash at the slightest provocation. I’d love to win this because I can’t find a product that both soothes my skin and also gives it a cell nourishing boost

  4. Samantha Heap

    I’d love to win because I’ve always wanted to try La Roche Posay skincare range! I’ve heard great things, and would love to get a chance to try them out myself 🙂

  5. Angela Thompson

    La Roche-Posay skincare has done wonders for my teenagers difficult skin, I have never tried the sun cream but we are going on holiday soon so this would be ideal!

  6. Debbie Burfoot

    My hormones have been hit hard by peri menopause and my skin has suffered. I would love to give this a try as the reviews are great.

  7. Anneka Davies

    i would love to win this to give as an amazing gift to my mum for Christmas 😍 thanks for the chance 😁

  8. Karen R

    I’ve love to win these products because my skin is very sensitive and these products sound perfect for me xx

  9. Kat C

    I love La Roche-Posay products, they feel like expert care for my sensitive skin!

  10. Sandra Jo Siddall

    I would love to win so I can gift it to my sister because she really deserves such a fantastic prize for being so brave recently.

  11. Sheila Reeves

    I recently had a reaction to the sunscreen I took on holiday so woudl love to try this range to see if it works for me – also the Pure Vitamin c10 Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Oxidant Renovating Serum sounds amazing!

  12. georgina sudron

    Heard of lots of great things about la roche posays products but never tried them eager to try them out


    I have only ever tried la Rpche osay anti redness creme and was very suprised by the results. I would love to try more items in the range.

  14. Stephanie Crimes

    I have heard of La Roche Posay before but never tried them. They look amazing! The children’s products would be passed on to my new grand-daughter. Share the love! 🙂

  15. Deanie Gillies

    The reviews look amazing and its perfect for my skin type… it would definitely are the happiest Autumn skin pick me up!!

  16. Lynda Jones

    I’d love to win as I’ve heard such good reviews about these products.

  17. JAN COX

    Love to win because all these products look superb and great for sensitive skin xx

  18. Nicki Simpson

    I adore skincare products but not actually tried this range! Would love to!

  19. Ursula Hunt

    I have dry skin and love good quality products so this prize would be perfect

  20. Hazel Rea

    I’d love to win because my skin is very sensitive and these products would give it the tlc it needs.

  21. Kristyn Harris

    I would love to win because these products would be great for all the family!

  22. Janis S

    The best skincare – I have never had any issues with using it (I have sensitive skin), so this will always get a thumbs up from me.

  23. Danielle Sedgebeer

    I’d love to try these products for my dry & sensitive skin!!

  24. Susan Smith

    Would be thrilled to win, as i am getting to that age, where my skin needs all the helps it can get

  25. Sarah Roberts

    l would love to win as l find their products are great for Eczema prone skin so would be great for my hubby and son.

  26. Shelley Jessup

    I am a huge skincare addict & I know that La Roche-Posay is a super brand and it would give me chance to try more from them. Thanks!

  27. kim neville

    Would be nice to try on my dry skin to see if helps. My mum likes using these products 🙂

  28. Karina Goodwin

    Omg! Yes! This giveaway is giving me life!
    I absolutely love la roche posay.
    Well, from the few products I’ve tried.
    The shaka fluide 50+ is my go to for sunscreen! It’s one of the only brands of spf I’ve found that doesn’t break me out or irritate my dull, sensetive skin.
    I’d love to try more of their products, French pharmacy brands are the absolute best.

  29. cheryl hadfield

    it would be lovely to win, so I can pamper myself for once instead of the madness that is home and work life

  30. DJK

    I want to help my skin to be as good and possible and I am going to Madagascar soon on a trek so need some protection for my skin please.

  31. Megan Kinsey

    I travel to quite hot climates a lot for work, and am always on the look out for sun protection that doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I would love to try La Roche Posay’s range!

  32. Emma England

    I’d love to win because I’m always on the look out for ways to treat my skin. Also those pyjamas are amazing!

    • Zoey H

      I’m struggling to find a brand I like at the mo, I’ve read recently good reviews for this so would love to try


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