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Living in Windsor and Feeling Part of a Community

neon heart light representing a community in WindsorSince we moved to Windsor a year ago, I’ve found myself surprised and touched by quite how welcome we’ve all been made to feel, here.

I always thought that the South was meant to be far colder than the North, in demeanour by the way, not the weather (this 3 extra degrees is very much noted) and while we’re close to the Metropolis that is London (30 minutes by train to Paddington), this small Royal town has transformed our lives and happiness, and it’s truly thanks to the community we’ve been embraced by here.

Yes the castle and shops of dreams help but without a community, you could be anywhere in the world-and lonely.

It takes a village to raise a baby and a village to raise a mumboss, right?

Well, it takes a village to feel content, that much is for sure.

Especially when you are far from your oldest friends and family. I’ve realised as I become older that friends become your support system, your everything.

…My sons thankfully attend an outstanding primary school near to where we live whose culture is founded on deep respect, pastoral support and unconditional kindness, and those values extend to the parents as much as the children.

I’ve never experienced a school quite like it if I’m honest, and after a dire experience at the school my eldest attended in Yorkshire, I’ve never felt more grateful for the teachers and parents who have taken us under their wing. I’ve literally found friends for life here.

When I was ill, post-op at a school party recently, one of the wonderful mums there drove my eldest son home so I could take my meds and lie down asap. Another amazing mum friend came over and fed my kids wen I was suffering from acute tonsillitis and struggled to get out of bed.

I feel truly enveloped in this supportive, sisterly set of friends I’ve made with at the school and who I gel with so easily. It’s the school mum set I always wish I had. No one is cliquey or unkind, everyone is welcome to sit (or stand) with us in the playground and my only wish is everyone could experience a school like this.

That kindness encourages involvement too and despite a busy schedule, I try and attend as many assemblies and school events as possible (but never feel pressured if I’m unable to). I’m active on the PTA donating items for raffles, and helping where I can too. Saturday was the school summer fair, a roaring success despite the roaring sun that was brilliantly organised with the best of stalls (I was manning the bar, my happy pace-ha) but what was so prevalent and clear and the reason for its success was the sheer positive energy and GOODWILL of everyone there. Team work makes the dream work.

It’s the people who make the school: the head teacher, the staff, the parents and the kids.

I once attended a wedding where it was obvious no one wanted to be there. It killed the mood and extinguished the joy. To make a happy day takes more than a happy couple.

Everyone wants the best for the school and one another I’ve found, and that energy is both rare, precious and vitally, contagious.

Those good vibes don’t just stop at the school gates either.

I’ve made friends with shop owners and assistants in Windsor, and like-minded neighbours too. I feel safe entrenched in this community and I never feel alone…and that’s the secret to a happy life. We all want to feel valued, understood and those who share our values.

Thank you Windsor peeps, we’re so grateful to have you x


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Living in Windsor and Feeling Part of a Community - Honest Mum


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