Work hard, play hard I say. And by play hard, as a mum of two, I mean mostly, retail therapy. Although not shopping with kids, now that’s anything but therapeutic.

…I do love the odd designer handbag and pair of leg-lengthening heels (those who follow me at Mummy’s Got Style might be familiar with my style crushes), oh, and I’m a little bit obsessed with Chanel lipsticks- but sadly children can be quite the money-suckers, so life’s little luxuries need to be budgeted for and waited upon, and don’t pop up every day of the week.

Which I suppose is a good thing really, that way I truly appreciate them when they do, right? ( I bet Beyonce hates feeling so spoilt).

Here I’ve made a little list of the 5 things just for me, the things I covet then work hard for, that really make me smile.

A little materialistic maybe but they make me happy and you know what I always say, happy parents, happy children, right. Right?! *Cough, I know my kids are much more joyful when I’m carrying my beloved Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 :)! They literally glow when they see me with it on my arm. OK, they don’t.

Anyway, here’s the hot list:

Bags and shoes


I’m a huge advocate of ‘head to toe high street, baby’ (nothing wrong with that-hello Zara) but carrying a classic designer bag (and some stunning heels/boots/brogues) can really take your outfit to fashionista heights instantly.

You don’t need a Mulberry Bayswater or Jimmy Choos to look good, hell no, I just like to save for these precious investment pieces which will no doubt last a lifetime and that make me feel a little bit proud. I look at those items and see the thousands of words I blogged to buy them.

Beautiful Make Up

Chanel Roussy


A self proclaimed beauty addict, I love everything from Rimmel  to Chanel and Saint Laurent. My latest lipstick crush is CHANEL ROUGE COCO Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in Roussy which wakes me up and makes me feel a little bit like Alexa Chung (or her older sister or something)…

Facials and Massages

after a massage

Sleep-raiding kids means tired skin most days (yay) and carrying toddlers around (and sometimes even 5 year olds), makes for cranky, bad backs. Argh I bet anyone reading this without kids is feeling super broody right now!

I never book in enough facials and massages but every time I’m lucky enough to treat myself to them (a few times a year really), I promise myself to make it a more regular thing. Look how happy I am above after an eyelash treatment and massage.

I love a Swedish massage, tough with the smooth, and like my facials revitalising and nourishing. Decleor products are a favourite. The French know their facials.

And their champs…



Prosecco and champagne are my drinks du jour (OK not du jour- I wish). I favour Moët mostly, who generally age the wine for several years, then blend those bad boys to create a consistent house style, year after year. Yum! Cheers!



Ok so these are sweet things are free. There really is nothing lovelier than smooches from my three ‘boys’. Although my eldest, Oliver has decided smackers are not for every day anymore (weep) so they’ve fast become a luxury. I love this picture of me kissing him when he was a toddler.

Oh well, I’m still kissing him even if he doesn’t want to kiss me back. Unrequited love from a 5 year old. Fab.

What are life’s little luxuries you love?

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14 Responses

  1. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Ooh, I loved this Vicki, and you know that I am a huge believer in treating yourself to life’s little pleasures, from kisses, to bubbles (I prefer mine in a glass rather than in the bath personally!), and chats with friends and of course yoga! Brilliant post, thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou

  2. Lina

    Lovely post! I must admit to coveting a designer handbag or two! But definitely the best things in life are free and who doesn’t like kisses!

  3. Morgan Prince

    What a fab post Vicki! I love the designer handbags too and my Louis Vuitton is my prized possession. I don’t know where I would be without my Macbook Air – it allows me to work in all different places because it’s so portable. A must for any busy blogger! And last, but never least, is reading bedtime stories to my Little Prince. He turns 6 in two weeks but he still loves to have me read to him! Fabulous. 🙂

    • honestmum

      Oh that is so sweet, love reading to my kids too, precious times. I’m a PC girl but my laptop fits into my bags x

    • honestmum

      These are things I own chick, life’s little luxuries I really value but of course could live without. The kisses not so much x

  4. Tendre Deal

    You’ve got the same taste as me. I love the colours of Chanel lipsticks & the bubble of Moët Champagne….A little bit of luxury doesn’t harm!

  5. Alo

    I’m off shopping today & in the market for a new lippy so thanks for the suggestion, it’s added to my list! #All#AllAboutYou


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