Life Lately: A New Family Car, Quality Time With Friends And A Bit of Fashion

Life lately has been an utter whirlwind. When is it not with three kids spanning a teen, a tween and a toddler?!

Florence’s allergies have flared up again and now eggs (as well as dairy) are firmly off the menu. Her appointment with a Consultant in Paediatric Allergy is coming up thankfully so we’ll hopefully have more answers soon.

In the meanwhile, restarting Omeprazole has meant we’ve collectively lapped up more sleep in the past few nights than we have in months.  Thank goodness for coffee and finally, finally feeling a little more human again.

Despite the prior sleep deprivation, Florence and I enjoyed some precious experiences together from daily coffee shop visits (coffee is giving my life right now, literally) to park time now the weather has brightened up and starting Toddler Sense classes which can only be described as the most fun and engaging weekly toddler parties imaginable with inflatable slides, ball pits, sing alongs and arts and crafts.

Florence was in her element and even climbed on the stage in the Church Hall it was held in in a bid to entertain the kids below. She’s definitely got Main Character Energy in bucketloads! Watch out world!

Florence has also flourished thanks to our gifted sessions at Little Gym North Leeds and seeing her become so fearless as well as physically agile and confident has been a priviledge!

On the subject of brilliant ways to entertain toddlers, I recently discovered Kith & Kin, a Montessori Stay and Play in the heart of Wetherby, that’s  so far removed from the usual Soft Plays, it’s almost unbelieveable. The dream. We’ll be back.

We’re sticking to a routine of activities daily we both enjoy for more structure to our weeks and I feel truly grateful I get the opportunity to experience life with a little one again.

We’ve made the best of times despite the challenges, and these really are the best of times.

I’ve been able to squeeze my workload into shorter windows on some mornings with filming and photo shoots on alternate weekends, freeing up my time for the kids during the week. Working smartly is the only way here, especially when I’m driving all over Leeds and beyond most days.

I’m relieved my 20 mile round trip school runs are over for the Easter holidays to be honest. We’ve just bought a new family car, an Audi Q7 which everyone I know with threee kids plus recommended as it’s the most spacious car on the market before you move to a 9 seater! It arrived last week and we’re in love!

What a babe.

What else is new?

I manifested more quality time with my besties a few months ago and it’s been non-stop fun with my girls. Florence’s godmother Rachael and I headed out for an early dinner at San Carlos’ Flying Pizza last Saturday night and it felt so good to get dressed up in a spring-worthy floral frock and have a girlie night catching up!


I want to end with a few thank yous to businesses who’ve been super kind to us recently (they didn’t request coverage here but I wanted to give them shout-outs)!

The Hangbag Clinic totally restored my iconic Mulberry Bayswater I discovered in storage recently which I treated myself to when Xander was a few months old, a whole decade ago. Doesn’t it look brand new?

They’re UK-wide and revamp all sorts of designer pieces, and sell too.


Thanks too, to:

Bibs x Liberty for their new pretty floral collection of bottles, bottle warmer, blankets, toys, pacifiers and bibs.


My Baba for a hamper filled with wellness goodies for kids and parents.

Dukeshill for its delicious hamper of artisan chocolate Easter eggs.

Onaie for my new snuggly slippers (first photo and below).

And my fabulous friend Emma, TV Jeweller and founder of The Jewellery Makers for this exquisite engraved charm necklace featuring all of my children’s names and a butterfly which represents my baby which didn’t stay.

Beautiful businesses which won’t disappoint.

Right, Florence is waking up from her nap so I’m off for now! Catch you soon x

Life Lately: A New Family Car, Quality Time With Friends And A Bit of Fashion



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