Life Lately (Dad’s Big Birthday and Florence turns 20 months old)

Life lately has been busier than ever. I’m forever chasing my tail when it comes to deadlines, writing on an evening when the kids are asleep and shooting campaigns (for the most part) on weekends when my husband, Peter, can help me, which works well overall, for our family.

It means my weekdays are free for Florence and of course, for running around after my other two older children with a 23 mile roundtrip with school runs, and weekends are divided between work hours and fun slash life admin time.

Parenting three kids really is more than a full time job.

I’m PA, taxi driver, carer, counsellor and cook.

Peter takes over the minute his workday ends and shares the load/ gives me a break but it’s a constant juggle for us both as we’re outnumbered by offspring!

We wouldn’t change the chaos for anything of course but we’d definitely appreciate some more sleep.

Florence still isn’t a fan of slumber at 20 months old and probably never will be *wail (my Mum says I was the same at her age)!

So life here is full and hectic but also incredibly fun a lot of the time, too, and I feel settled and deeply happy being back in Leeds close to my folks.

I miss my Windsor and London friends madly but returning North was the right decision for us as a family (the boys adore their schools thankfully and made firm friends, fast) and I feel lucky to have so many of my oldest, closest friends here so I didn’t need to start again. I’ve also made some new wonderful toddler mama mates too. Yay!

…The house hunt continues but we’ve seen some absolute beauties recently so hopefully the search will be off soon!

So, what else have we been up to?

We attended a wonderful charity garden party (pictures above) in aid of my friends’ late son and my brother’s close friend Robert, for The Robert Sinclair Davidson Foundation, a charity offering financial support to young couples and families who have been affected by life threatening or terminal illness.

Robert was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2015, at the age of 33. A sports fanatic, Robert used to go to the gym four times a week with his wife Sariet, and loved playing squash and football. Despite the loss of mobility in his limbs, and no longer being able to speak, Robert used his wheelchair and computer to continue working as a lawyer and remained socially active as ever. Within a year of his diagnosis, Robert and Sariet were blessed with a beautiful baby daughter, Maya Belle. Robert passed away in December 2016, after an illness fought with great courage, dignity and humour.

The charity aim to fulfil Robert’s enduring wish to help other young couples and families going through similar circumstances to take back some control in their life.

Living with a terminal illness, or caring for someone who is, can put a strain on finances. A serious illness or terminal diagnosis can affect everything. From help with money worries and grants for specialist equipment to providing some much needed respite, The Robert Sinclair Davidson Foundation exists to provide financial support to those who need it the most.

The Robert Sinclair Davidson Foundation believe passionately that life doesn’t end when illness begins.

Please consider donating here.

Xander entered the charity’s cake competition pn the day, with this impressive Marble Cake he made by himself. He didn’t win as the competition was stiff but he didn’t mind a dot (that’s Xander) and he even said he felt proud to have entered, bless him.

Last week saw Mum and I attend the launch of stunning new Phase Eight store in plush Victoria Gate in Leeds city centre where we had a chance to check out the new season drop which is bursting with colour, prints and statement accessories (bright dresses, straw hats, espradrilles and heels galore) and were gifted some gorgeous pieces. Glorious!

Florence had a ball, herself. Peek-a-boo!

What a lovely treat!

Dad also celebrated 57, I mean, 75 years (!) on planet earth on the 10th, with Florence, his youngest granddaughter and pocket-sized (!) best friend, Florence, turning 20 months, the day after. You might have seen the funny Reel we made together on Instagram.

Papa G was totally spoilt at our second fave restaurant (after his own: Giorgio’s) San Carlo’s Flying Pizza!

(Florence’s bespoke cardigan is a gift from The Little Lamb Store and the cardigan in the photos from the garden party feature a cardigan I bought from them too).

We’ve only just stopped celebrating, days later.

…After years of contemplation, I opted for microblading a few days ago by the wonderfully talented, calm and importantly, highly-experienced microblading artist, Victoria, of Cosmetic Artisans who put me completely at ease throughout and created my brows of dreams! 11 year old monobrow me is definitely doing a happy dance, right now. P.S there was zero pain, it just felt like my eyebrows were being tweezed.

I love them!

(Dress gifted by Phase Eight).

So, what have you been up to?


Life Lately (Dad’s big birthday and Florence turns 20 months old)


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