Life Lately #2


Maybe I should start a weekly Life Lately series if anyone’s fancies it (Mum, Dad, anyone?) as while I love to blog, I’ve not been reflecting enough lately here as I’ve been swamped with my new digital business which (soft) launche this week all being well so my attention has been spread like butter, a bit like having a newborn, I’ve needed to look after the screaming baby in the corner while the older kids just got on with things. Does this analogy even make sense? I’m so sleep-deprived right now I couldn’t tell you for certain but hopefully all the juggling, dropping of plates, forgetting birthdays and aging 10 years in just 12 months will be worthwhile, not only for my business partners and I but most importantly, for you guys: the many mums and dads we hope to upskill thanks to the Working Mother’s Academy/ The Working Mother’s Company: mine, former news producer and video strategist, Lucy Griffiths, and PR and Entrepreuner, Jack Freud’s new business/baby.

More coming soon (just as soon as we’ve polished everything and are ready to share the biz with the (online) world….

What else is new/old hat?

I’ve been running around (literally) on my daily 7 mile round trip school-run thanks to two kids attending two different schools (oh and today, I wore, wait for it, seethrough-ish leggings on the morning drop-off so was essentially streaking around Windsor, only realising once home when I nearly died at the view of my derriere. You’re welcome Windsor (I think)!

So, that almost marathon-like training plus the daily mental load/being a PA to my kids, not to mention filming all over the country and making deadlines has made me want to sleep for days. Xander has also been crawling into our bed in the middle of the night for what seems like months so a full night’s sleep without interruption wouldn’t go amiss. I adore Xander and his honey-scented skin and warm midnight cuddles but not as much as the zzzzsss. Mama is tired.

Admittedly life has been full and draining at times but it’s been also ruddy good fun.

Take last Monday when I was shooting close to Milton Keynes an actual GIN FARM at Warner’s Gin’s Falls Farm (who grow botanicals in their gardens and distill on site) before embarking on a trip that evening (merry on refreshing raspberry flavoured gin) to Manchester and Media City as I was back on BBC Breakfast on BBC1 at 7.30am the next day.


I totted up I’d travelled ten hours in twenty four hours (in a Jaguar XJ no less thanks Warner’s and my wonderful driver for the day and night, Tony), then slept for just one hour before appearing on the box before travelling back to Windsor in time for the school-run and the dentists I couldn’t cancel as the waiting list is two months long where I proceeded to survive but not live through form filling, teeth cleaning and tea time unaware of who I was or what I was doing. Supermum I am not. I felt frazzled for the rest of the week after the 24 hour dash around the UK as I’m clearly old af these days but it was worth it for the BBC and live TV where I’m always made to feel at home.

I love Aunty Beeb and we must all unite and bloody save it from Boris (sign the petition here).

If you missed me, the last few weeks have seen me discussing tech safety and the The Duchess of Cambridge’s interview on Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby.

The only downside to travelling for work is missing my ‘babies’. I did get some quality time with my cuties yesterday however with a double whammy International Women’s Day/ early Mother’s Day epic lunch at Ask Italian in Paddington after watching feel good film Four Kids and It which premiered in the morning. I cried 4 times and I dont even have PMT! Argh, just look at Xander’s sulky face. We asked him to stop eating cake for 30 seconds at the pre movie party for a photo and he wasn’t happy. Don’t anyone come between Xander and his food.

Or me with my gin.

Honest Mum and kids at the premiere of Four Kids and It

Speaking of which, I’m off for a quick tipple. I need to forget about leggingsgate.

How is your week going?

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