This is an essential list I feel have been life-changers for me. No, not the obvious: children, partners, friends, career etc but a list of the essentials JUST FOR ME: the things that have helped my health, well being and happiness.


Photo by Jessica Henderson on Unsplash

Life changers:

1.  Evening Primrose Oil. These golden capsules of loveliness have changed my life. No word of a lie. I take 1000ml a day, bursting them on my tongue as I hate swallowing big tablets- and goodbye PMT (OK not total adios but definitely, massively improved PMT going from a week (at least)  to a couple of days). What’s not to love? My GP also advised if I double the dose (so 2000ml) the week before I’m due and take Vitamin B6 too, that should help take me from 2 days of PMT to no days. I’m not a doctor so please ask yours, as medication, breastfeeding and pregnancy might affect whether you can take it or not. It has also changed some of my friends’ lives too and is recommended from the age of 12. No more chronic period pain, mood swings and crap cravings. Don’t worry you can still indulge in chocolate. See number 5.

2. The treadmill. I’ve mentioned my best friend, my dependable, rock solid mate in the form of a treadmill before and I’ll mention him again. That machine has improved my life. Not just cause I get into a UK size 10 skinny jeans now (although that’s awesome) but because it makes me brim with energy,  ready to take on the world. That release of endorphins is better than sex. OK it isn’t but it’s up there as one of the great highs. I thank my gorgeous Canadian friend Vanessa for giving me my mechanical friend (*concentrate) every day.

3. Krispy Kreme donuts or any donuts for that matter. Because I love my treadmill so, sometimes, just sometimes I can love me some of those rings of splendidness too. Now please Krispy Kreme, open a shop closer to my Yorkshire home. Ta. (picture above courtesy of Krispy Kreme).

4. My miracle, anti wrinkle collection of cremes from Creme de la Mer to Nivea anti aging night cream and bio oil, makes me utterly obsessed. My bathroom looks like Boots but as long as the face has halted to age, I’m happy.

5. Dark Chocolate. And only if it’s 70 percent or above, I’m smiling. Dark chocolate makes life better. Fact. And it’s not fattening. Errm, don’t think it is.

6. The Lake. I have a beautiful one near where we live and I walk round it with my little one several times a week. We feed the swans, they try to bite us, we laugh, we feed them some more, the seagulls attack, we have good times. Any lake, or country walk makes me feel amazing. I like to be close to nature and although I’m a city girl at heart, I know I need my country fixes too.

7. Low GI diet. I tend to eat this way (mostly) as it regulates my blood sugar, moods and makes me happy.  What it means basically is I cut out white bread and pasta and eat wholemeal varieties and tend to eat balanced meals, always including lean protein in my servings and not a lot of sugar. Easy. Why not try it?

8. Rescue Remedy. A concoction of (magical) flower remedies I stumbled upon in good ol’ Boots again, aged 11 which have so far got me through my GCSE’s, A levels, BA, MA, quite a few driving tests (*cough), my English wedding in South Africa, my Big Fat Greek Wedding in Leeds (to the same man), flying across the world solo, a screenwriting and directing career and last and definitely not least, having a baby.  Now if that doesn’t encourage you to purchase them, nothing will. Rescue Remedy is most definitely a life changer. The flower extracts relax, reduce anxiety and make the world a better place. Honest. I like the spray on your tongue Rescue Remedy variety, but they’ve cottoned on to how great they are and you can now buy everything from drops to pastilles and creams.

9. Tinie Tempah. That dude makes me happy. And my child. Yes I have to bleep through a few of his songs but Oliver and I could dance to him for eternity. My dream is to get him on the soundtrack to my movie. One day. One day, I tell you.

10. My iPhone. I know it shouldn’t be on here but who we kidding. It’s not just a phone and all that. Twitter, FB, errmm phone calls (remember those?) connecting me to my friends and family from India to LA.  Simply brilliant.

What are your life changers?

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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12 Responses

  1. ebabee likes

    Hello – I need to know more about this flying around the world solo thing… sounds fabulouso!

    I’d add travel to my list of essentials – I need to see new places as often as I can.

    • honestmum

      Hehe, well I was lucky to travel the world when my short films Broken and Rifts screened at film festivals. Was a fabulous year on tour. To watch some of my work go to: Enjoy x

  2. Brian

    Life Changers eh!…

    Got me back into art and design and began my career change.

    Glued to my head…love my music and podcasts.

    One day it won’t be possible so i’m making the most of it.
    Really hate young fit healthy things who step onto escalators and suddenly stop…WTF!…it’s not a ride you lazy gits…MOVE IT!!

    Love em all…even the crap ones

    Taken me places i could of only dreamed.

    Still hang out with the same dudes as i sat next to at em ta bits

    Definately No1 life Changer x

  3. Sharcasm

    Loving these essentials. I can identify with at least some of them and may need to try some of them I haven’t yet (krispy kremes, yeah!). I take Evening primrose oil to keep my eczema at bay and it works! Never knew it could reduce your period though so i’m def going to look into the double dosis in combo with vit B6. Dark choc – no brainer!! Right at the top of my list of essentials as well. I also hear you on the treadmill, though I haven’t seen one in months, I really should get on one, it seems to be the only machine at the gym that I can actually stomach, it’s just the gym environment that I cannot- so maybe i should invest in one.

    I’d like to try a low GI diet, but it’s hard, bread is our staple food here and lunch is provided, maybe I should start by cutting it out on the weekends and look for alternativves.

    Here’s some of my life essentials as well:

    – HBO drama’s: From Nip/Tuck to Sex and the City, quality assured!
    – My BlackBerry: Def not as good as an iPhone but it’ll do and really a smartphone seems to be the only way to really stay in touch with friends all over the world these days and sustain the FB and Twitter addiction -;)
    – Social media: can’t live without it anymore.
    – Avocado: healthy, versatile and good for your skin, what’s not to love!
    -My DSLR camera
    -Cheese: My real guilty pleasure, up there with dark choc, albeit less healthy.
    -Music: Thank god for Spotify, for only five euro’s a month I can legally download any song I want and make endless playlists. CD’s? What’s that.

    • honestmum

      Love these Shar my dear. HBO does equal quality, love their productions, real risk takers. Evening P is super, strongly recommend it! Cheese is one of my lovers too. Not doing the French any harm is it? Avocado is another favourite. In fact after spending some time at Planet Organic in London, I really want to do a detox for a week- and avocados good for those!

  4. Honest Mum

    Haha, health and sleep guru. Wow, I need one of those, never mind me being your’s! Lol! Rescue Remedy is simply amazing. x

  5. julesey10

    Love all of the above bar the treadmill unfortunately hence why a bit squidgy muffin top size 12. lol or maybe that the donuts. You are now my health and sleep guru. Am off to buy recue remedy tomorrow. Loves ya. xx

  6. Alexander Residence

    Def with you on eve primrose, rescue remedy and running. Been in a forest today too, my 2yo ended up Barefoot, then naked, (long story). But it reminded me that getting back to nature is so important. Couldn’t cope without a monthly trip away in our caravan.
    My blog keeps me sane but can also drive me mad in equal measure. Writing keeps me sane, as do cups of tea.
    Great idea for a post, so imp to remember this stuff.

    • honestmum

      Thanks @aresidence, I would definately take Evening Primrose and Rescue Remedy to a desert island. And the monkey of course (my monkey Oliver!). The trip to the forest sounds incredible, I will need to tag along on one of these country trips one day x


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