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Honest Mum and sons do homework using Exemplar Education

My sons Oliver, 9, and Alexander, 6, are bright little boys (SAYS EVERY MUM, EVER) but they’re articulate, funny, thoughtful and compassionate, and are endlessly thirsty to learn (particularly Oliver). Some of you might well feel you know the boys as you’ve followed them since they were babies, seeing them pop in in my blog posts and videos, and even sometimes on TV with me.

revising with Exemplar You might have noticed how different they are in many ways to one another, too.

Despite being raised the same way, they’re pretty much chalk and cheese.

Oliver, above is a mature child: he was born wise beyond his years, and Alexander is the total opposite, and is pretty young for his age. He’s the baby of the family and admittedly has been baby-fied somewhat by me (guilty). Just look at that baby face! See!

child learning

I love that Alexander is still young in many ways, the fact that he sleeps with cuddly toys and loves nothing more than snuggles with Mummy and Daddy on the sofa, but I equally realise that he has some maturing to do.

When it comes to school and learning, Oliver is thriving. He loves learning and is consistently reaching a high standard in English and Maths.

In contrast, Alexander has some learning gaps after being absent for over three weeks last year because of illness, with the time off spanning a critical period of learning when it came to reading and writing. Alexander has an expansive vocabulary, is incredibly compassionate (he was a rock to me during my thyroid operation last year) and seems to be able to read people- and film plot lines- with ease. We do love a movie here!  He is making good progress thanks to his school and the brilliant online Maths and English home tutor platform, Exemplar Education he works on daily, which has helped him to learn, and revise at home, in a fun way.

Honestmum and family do homework

Exemplar Education got in touch with me last November, at exactly the right time when it came to Alexander’s education.

We received a detailed visit from Exemplar Education representative Satinder in our home where he explained in detail how this teacher-backed home-based tuition tool works, signing us up and showing us the diagnostic test both boys later needed to take in order to assess their learning needs and the course of action and programme of study they would undertake with Exemplar Education.


Before long, Oliver got stuck in, supplementing his school homework with the videos he loves to explore, and Xander has been able to work on catching up on his core subjects.

So what exactly is Examplar Education?

Exemplar Education offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use teaching process which follows The National Curriculum which supports parents and guardians to help their children when it comes to home study.

Exemplar home tuition

I’m a former English GCSE Teacher and University Lecturer yet know nothing about teaching primary school age so watching the videos and working through the study plans has provided us ALL with a basis for working and learning together (parents like myself often feel and ARE ill-equipped to help their children with their homework), and what’s more, it will continue to support my children and I throughout their education. Examplar is constantly updated and promptly when the curriculum is.

Firstly, each child undertook a diagnostic test to establish their learning needs and enabled Examplar to offer each boy a personalised programme of study.


The Exemplar Education system comprises of a number of key components designed to address a specific educational need and offer an outcome in English and Maths. It also provides student and parent feedback, much-needed reassurance and also helps garner confidence. It also offers ongoing support as and when is necessary with a team of teachers on hand to help.

The video and educational online content is visually dynamic, easy to understand and engaging to watch.

learning with Exemplar

Below I’ve outlined even more of the benefits of the platform:

Your Family Benefits –

  • A cost-effective alternative to expensive home tutors or centre-based tuition
  • Covers Maths and English for children aged 5 – 16
  • Fits in totally with a busy family life
  • Designed to be used by all the family
  • Helps develop your knowledge on teaching methods used in schools today

Your Child Benefits –

  • Virtual teacher in your home 7 days a week
  • Boosts their confidence and enthusiasm
  • Programmes based on each child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Builds a solid foundation for academic success
  • Working at their own pace with no peer pressure
  • Courses are fully mapped and aligned to the National Curriculum
  • Uses methods used in schools today so no conflict with school work
  • Individual Study Plan based solely upon their current strengths and weaknesses
  • Progress to each new lesson requires full understanding of the previous lesson.


As previously mentioned, Exemplar Education has the backing of teachers too.

One of the schools they’re currently working with is Invicta Primary School, a National Support School with 2 sites in south London.

This school was seeking ways to support and improve the attainment of Year 6 in Maths, and Exemplar Education allowed them to use the Year 6 programme of study, with a carefully crafted diagnostic test.

Their Vice Principal, Rob Walsh said,

‘There is no doubt that Exemplar Education was a significant variable helping us at Invicta get a set of results that we are truly proud of and seeing children confident and happy with their learning.’

It’s wonderful not to have to nag the children to do their homework along with extra revision via Exemplar Education. They’re finding learning fun and you can’t ask for more than that.

If you’re looking for help to get your children up-to speed, or have queries about how home-based tuition works with the current curriculum, do contact Examplar Education on 0800 1777 999 or via their Contact Us page.

I’m hugely grateful for the help they’ve provided both boys and look forward to continuing the programme for many years to come as both boys grow, evolve and continue to learn.

This is a sponsored post but all words, as always, are honest.

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26 Responses

  1. Mildred Cali

    A great way to support your children’s learning from home. Thanks for sharing the article.

  2. Kim

    Shame you have agreed to post a less than honest review probably for money about this company that lies and manipulates parents into signing up to this trap!! Anyone thinking of joining I would suggest you don’t. Not affordable when they sign you up for finance for £7000!!!

  3. DS

    I was extremely disappointed with the representative who came to visit me today.
    After arriving an hour late and not apologising, he refused to have the meeting because my husband wasn’t there. I felt as if I had been discriminated. After he left, I did some research on-line and found out just in time that the people who run this company are very dishonest, and I will be informing my school about my findings.

  4. Sid

    This is a sponsored post which means its paid by Exemplar, and definitely doesn’t reflect the facts. Shame and mis-leading. All other reviews elsewhere are horrible (even am ignoring financial aspect of it).
    The quality of tutorials, papers, and ease of access from exemplar for clarifying the doubts should be good. I wish someone posts an honest review on these.

  5. Neil Dimapilis

    Thank you for sharing this with us, what are the advantages of home school? considering to do the same as well with out children

  6. Marty

    Found your page when looking at Exemplar education.

    I’ve also found many people who have been signed up to massive credit agreement they can’t get out of and have suffered massive financial hardship – Mumsnet, Trustpilot, etc.

  7. Sharmin

    I love how engaging and visually astute it is. Seems like a really fun way to learn. Also, to ease the pressure of off parents, who might have a completely different educational background. x

  8. Juliet McGrattan

    I think it’s the sharing and learning together in a fun way that’s key. My kids have certainly always responded to learning online with the instant feedback and fun graphics these kind of platforms allow.

  9. Katie Skeoch

    I’m still on the fence about these programmes, but as long as you see your boys enjoying and feeling encouraged about their learning. I’ll continue researching them.

  10. Melissa Lee

    This looks like a fantastic platform for parents to be able to supplement their children’s learning at home.

  11. Joanne Szczyglowski

    I think extra education done at home is a brilliant idea. How ever good your child’s School/Teacher is there will always be gaps in their knowledge. Being able to follow a system at home to top up their knowledge or concentrate on learning outcomes makes for a more confident child at School. Great review Vicki!

  12. Angela Milnes

    This sounds interesting. Sylvia is having tutoring at the moment and I am looking at ways to help her with maths as it’s really tricky for her. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Red Ted Art

    A super way to support your children’s learning from home. Like the fact it’s all based on the school curriculum too and using video is perfect.

  14. Sally Bunkham

    Awww, my kids are the same Vicki – so different, yet so close in age and raised exactly the same. Isn’t it funny how different they can be! This sounds like a fab idea. I have delayed both my girls’ start at school to reception a year after they COULD have gone to school (because they are summer born). I want them to have another year building confidence, but I sometimes worry that I should be doing more in this extra year…this sounds like a great idea x

  15. twirlywhirly

    hi only just found your page,great ideas & help, your boys seem to be learning well,fun as well as eduation..look forward to following you 🙂

  16. Mirka Moore @MirkaMoore

    Love watching your boys growing up. Cannot believe how big they are now! This sounds like great support for any parent, no wonder you love it. Need to check this out as Olivia is a bit behind with reading. Xx

  17. lorraine kirk

    This looks like a great way to expand and consolidate learning in school.

  18. Niki

    What a fantastic idea. As a mum to a 7 year old girl I am actuely aware of the pressures on kids at school. To have something fun and educational that we can do as a family to encourage education at home is wonderful.

  19. KellyAnn Schiavo

    I massively believe that parents ought to be more clued up & prepared to help their children learn outside of the classroom. We live in a different world where life generally is that much more competitive. This sounds like it makes learning fun which for primary years is what learning should be about. Plus, the addition of an actual human coming to your home is brilliant and encouraging that as a parent you too are supported. I love the sound of this, thanks for sharing Vikki, definitely worth looking up!
    Oh and I’ll add… what a great way to bring the use of technology to the children rather than entering into a parent-child device war… sensible use of screen time that results in proper skills! Love it!

  20. Lizzie Roles

    An ideal solution to a problem lots of parents have. I know I was clueless how to help my two, Harry 8 and Katie 5. Like Oliver and Xander they’re chalk and cheese! Gaps in my own knowledge makes it harder, as you said, to support our children in their work at home.

  21. Dara

    It sounds like a very convenient way to support learning. I’ve seen tuition groups advertised in my area before, but they are not near us so this seems a brilliant alternative. And from what you write your children seem to be enjoying it too. Win : win!

  22. Rebecca De Jager

    This sounds like a really great idea. I struggle with maths and I am dreading my boys homework getting any more complicated than it is already. Add to the fact that they learn in a completely different way to how we learnt and it’s just a disaster waiting to happen.
    I love the idea of having real teachers as support because I know how important it is to support learning at home but it’s also an intimidating prospect.


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