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Kisses and Giggles In #TeamTickly with Braun #Ad



Surrounded by bearded men (my brother Solos is the only clean-shaven guy in our clan), it’s safe to that this family is 100% #TeamTickly.

Furry, giggly kisses are the best and both my sons love nothing more than showing their Grandad (aka Papa G) or their Dad, Peter, affection through tickly kisses.

How heart-meltingly gorgeous are these pics! My kids sure love my Papa G!

kissing grandad cute grandkids family

Shockingly (to us), it turns out tickly kisses can be a little bit marmite and the #TeamTickly vs #TeamSoft debate has divided the nation! Forget Brexit – ‘beard or no beard’ is the big debate of the summer!

So which side is your family on?

If you and your kids love nothing more than puckering up against Daddy or Grandad’s smooth, clean shaven skin then you’re #TeamSoft. However, if like us, you like kisses prickly for extra laugh-factor, then you’re #TeamTickly.

tickling the beard

Surprisingly to us beard-lovers, #TeamTickly is the minority- as new research by Braun reveals that 73% of kids prefer dad clean shaven! 

BUT in favour of #TeamTickly, 73% of kids’ favourite thing about dad’s kisses is that they’re tickly and make them laugh! 

Kissing is such a wonderful way to show sweet love and nearly 40% of kids give dad a kiss or a hug as a way of showing affection.

And we all love cuddling and kissing in this family!

To ensure Papa G’s stubbly chin is perfect for his Grandkid’s kisses, he’s ‘on it’ with the Braun Beard Trimmer.

Braun beard trimmer

I love these shots of the kids kisses her Papu (Grandad). Seeing how close they are melts the heart!

Hilariously,  I distinctly remember the time my brother and I begged my Dad to shave his beard, as young children and seeing him clean shaven for the first time, sent us both crying, We thought he was a beardless burglar who’d invaded our home!

Safe to say he’s not shaved since!

Seriously though, we all know how important facial hair is to men (quite possibly even more important than the hair on their head) so gifting your bearded-wonders the Braun Beard Trimmer is undoubtedly the ultimate Father’s Day gift this year-and the perfect way to show how much you care.

Braun is renowned for its innovative, high quality products.

German engineering is behind each and every product so you can feel assured that by gifting your loved ones Braun, you’re gifting them the best.

Made with the latest grooming technology, the Braun Beard Trimmer (RRP £39.99) offers maximum precision, ensuring papas can sculpt the beard they desire with agility and ease.

The trimmer offers up to 25 different length options, ranging from 1mm to 20mm for extra ticklish fun. This means men can have the length of beard they want and even use the different settings of this feature to create eye-catching gradients.

Braun beard trimmer precision dial

Other benefits include:

  • 1800 hours of trimming over the lifetime of the product
  • Offers 4x more precision styling with easy Click&Lock trimming attachments
  • The two comb attachments don’t flex meaning they deliver even and exact repeatable results.
  • The precision comb cuts hair to 0.5mm steps.
  • The long beard comb trims hair in 2mm steps

beard trimmer

Braun beard trimmer Braun Beard trimmer

You can pick yours up in Boots or on Amazon.

Watch our film too-it’s the cutest!

I’m working with the BritMums and Braun on the #TeamSoft v #TeamTickly campaign about how Braun ensures that nothing gets in the way of kids enjoying Daddy’s kisses this Father’s Day. See the products that work for you whether you’re #TeamSoft or #TeamTickly.

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